In Their Own Words: Students Share What Makes Adelphi Unique

In Their Own Words: Students Share What Makes Adelphi Unique

The Amazon Prime show The College Tour shares real undergraduate and graduate student stories.

What makes Adelphi different? In the Adelphi University episode of The College Tour, we hear the answer to that question from students in their own words.

We hear what drew them to Adelphi, what experiences are shaping their college journey, and what they believe makes an Adelphi education unlike any other.

Guided by host Alex Boylan, you’ll meet Adelphi students and alumni Kezia, Miguel, Sarah Joy, Saira, Sierra, Jason, Zareen, Areeba, Sarah and Isuri. They’ll give you an inside tour of Adelphi’s undergraduate and graduate programs of study, playing fields and theater spaces, student life and location around the corner from New York City.

This episode of The College Tour will be airing on Amazon Prime and other streaming services in the Spring of 2022. The College Tour is a new TV series created by award-winning Hollywood producers to help students and families get an in-depth look at colleges across the country—without leaving home.

Watch the full episode, or jump right to the segments that interest you most.

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Individual Segments

Healthcare Heroes Born Here

Adelphi is known for its top-ranked nursing program. That’s what drew Kezia here. She’s a senior nursing major who is passionate about making the world a better place.

Garden Oasis With a Great Location

Miguel is a bilingual student leader and Newman Civic Fellow who gives tours of Adelphi’s beautiful campus in English and Spanish — and enjoys the quick train ride into New York City.

Solving Real World Problems With STEM and Applied Sciences

Sarah Joy is an Honors College molecular neuroscience major on the premed track. Even though she’s only a sophomore, she’s already doing research in applied sciences. She also works at the campus Starbucks.

Global Thinking and Global Impact

Many students are drawn to Adelphi because of its global thinking and global impact. Saira is one of them. Adelphi has opened a world of opportunities for Saira — like interning at the United Nations.

A Unique Approach to Higher Education

Sierra is a first-generation student majoring in communications. In her segment, she explains how Adelphi’s unique approach to learning is changing her life.

A Warm and Welcoming Community

Biology major Jason was looking for a warm, welcoming and inclusive community, and found it at Adelphi. The New York metro area is amazingly diverse — home to people from every background, religion and culture. Adelphi reflects that.

Top Training in the Professions

Meet Zareen, a physician assistant and mother of two, who’s getting top training in the professions—an MBA in Professional Business Administration from the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business.

Great Outcomes and Award-Winning Career Guidance

Adelphi transforms lives. A good example is Areeba. She loves math—but her professors encouraged her to also explore other directions. Now she’s getting her doctorate in biomedical engineering.

Life as an Adelphi Panther

What’s it like outside the classroom at Adelphi? With over 90 clubs and activities, exciting athletics and intramurals, there’s lots of student life. Sarah, a future teacher, shares her story.

A Perfect College for the Arts and Humanities

Personal coaching from professors and a quick train ride to New York City make Adelphi an ideal place to study arts and humanities. Isuri earned her BFA in acting at Adelphi and is now attending Yale School of Drama.

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