Two programs to help finance your education.

Employer Billing

If a company will pay the University directly regardless of the student’s grades, an authorization from the employer must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services at the time of registration. The student is required to pay all tuition and fee charges not covered by their employer at the time of registration. Students may participate in this program, as long as payment is not contingent upon successful course completion.

Employer Deferment

Students who will be reimbursed by their employer only after a grade is received must present an official letter of intent from their employer, specifying the tuition and fees covered. The student will be required to pay all remaining tuition and fees charges that are not covered by their employer.

Students should ask their employer or union about participation in either of these programs.

The information contained on this site is subject to change without notice.

Employer Tuition Discount

The University currently provides a discounted tuition rate for employees of certain agencies, including Northwell Health, Winthrop Hospital, Westchester Medical Center and Nassau County. Students should check with their employer to see if they are a current participant. Please note that any potential tuition discount cannot be used in conjunction with institutional aid.

The cutoff dates for the request of the discount are: Fall semester: October 15th, Spring Semester: March 15th and Summer semester: July 18th.

Summer II Student Services - Student Financial Services: We have increased our essential employees from 5 to 11 and will continue to bring additional staff back to the office. Our blended approach will have some staff back in the office on a staggered work schedule and some staff members continuing to work remotely. The office is not open to visitors due to the tight office layout not meeting social distancing requirements and the lack of plexi-glass protective barriers necessary to meet with the public.

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