The Equity Lab Institute at Adelphi University is an applied research and development lab that is devoted to questions of equity in schools at the levels of policy and practice.

The research is led by collaborative teams of university faculty and professionals in schools (leaders, teachers and other personnel) who are addressing shared questions to find solutions to the most intractable aspects of educational equity, access and social justice.

Emanating from this lab activity are areas of professional practice illuminated by the research on equity that is presented as experiential learning workshops and on-site coaching/mentoring provided by university faculty and, with participating school professionals, collectively reflect an equity institute.

Currently, the institute houses two “strands” of programming:

  1. equity and social justice
  2. equity and school vision

These strands of workshops and on-site coaching/mentoring offer CTLE credits to participants and can be folded into credit-bearing graduate programs leading to certification in New York State.

Strategic Goals of The Equity Lab Institute


Deep partnerships with schools and communities for the purpose of research and practice in order to inform, innovate and change.

Capacity Building

Capacity building for both organizations for mutual benefit, through professional development and conferences.

Socio-Economic Growth

Freedom and creativity to support students in their own academic and socio-emotional growth.

Community-Based Learning

Equity-shared decision making to reduce school failure, promote positive school climate and broader societal understanding.

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