As you prepare to start your academic journey, we want to empower you and your family to take control and navigate some of the responsibilities of being a college student—applying for financial aid, ensuring your tuition is paid, registering for classes, and more.

Below is a list of all the essential steps you’ll need to take as a first-year student at Adelphi. If you’re unsure of any terms, you can refer to this glossary.


Part 1: Explore Financial Aid (Scholarships, Grants and Loans)

If you have not already done so, complete the 24-25 Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) with our school code 002666. And, if you are a New York resident, complete the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application using school code 0010.  Even if you don’t think you are eligible, apply anyway. It is not too late to be considered for federal and state assistance. Important Note: You need to apply for financial aid every year.

In order to receive a College Financing Plan, you must submit all missing financial aid requirements. New items may be requested before school starts so check your application portal regularly. If you’re missing documents, it will be listed on your portal.

Selected for Verification? Find helpful tips about verification.

Carefully read the terms and conditions that came with your scholarship letter—you want to be sure to keep your scholarship for all four years. Can’t locate your letter? Find the terms and conditions of your award(s).

Complete two key Federal Direct Loan requirements: Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note. You only need to do this once for your undergraduate college years. Complete as soon as possible to be sure these funds are available when it is time to pay your bill.

If you received a College Financing Plan based on living at home, but now you want to live on campus, contact the One-Stop Student Services Center by email as your financial assistance may increase.

Working on campus is a great way to meet new friends and mentors while learning new skills. Sign up for Handshake to check out available jobs later this summer. Once you find a job on campus and start working, you will be paid every two weeks to assist with any miscellaneous educational expenses.

Part 2: Exploring Payment Options

Using the worksheet provided with your College Financing Plan , you can estimate your payment due to Adelphi University. If you need assistance completing this form, contact an advisor at our One-Stop Student Services Center.

Review payment plans offered to assist with paying for any remaining balance due to the University.

Do you know someone, like a parent, who would like to help you pay? Invite them to have access to make payments to your account on your behalf.

This can be done when making a payment on CLASS via eCampus.

A PLUS Loan for Parents can assist your family with educational expenses. It is typically disbursed twice—in the fall and again in the spring. There are many payment options including deferring payment until after you graduate.

Part 3: Exploring Your First-Year Student Tasks/Responsibilities

You can access CLASS via eCampus with your Adelphi email account and password. CLASS enables students to register for courses, make payments, check your grades and view your personal, academic and financial information.

Learn how to enroll.

Be sure to register full-time as most financial aid awards require full-time enrollment. For Undergraduates, full-time means 12 credits. To understand more about the importance of taking 12+ credits each semester, review our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Contact the Office of Academic Services and Retention (OASR) at if you have any questions.

Once you are registered, you’ll receive an email notification to review your billing statement on CLASS.

Be sure to review important payment and billing details. You will be charged by Adelphi University for your direct expenses, including tuition and fees, and room and board if you’re living on campus. You will not be charged by Adelphi for indirect costs, such as personal and miscellaneous expenses, supplies and transportation costs.

Adelphi University provides a comprehensive student health insurance plan that complies with the federal mandates under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and New York State Mandates.

If you don’t need health insurance, you can opt-out or waive this coverage.

To ensure the timely disbursement of financial aid to your account, you need to submit your final high school transcript to the Admissions team at, and email your health and immunization forms to the Health Services Center at or fax it to 516.877.6008.   

Our New Student Orientation will be held during Welcome Weekend in August.

It’s a great opportunity for you to meet your classmates and prepare for your first year at Adelphi. You’ll receive more info about summer engagement opportunities and orientation.

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