While a quality education is of immeasurable value and a wise investment, managing the cost is of critical importance.

The goal of the One-Stop Student Services Center is to help as you make tuition and fee payments and manage other financial and enrollment matters during your time at Adelphi University.

Tuition and Fees

Registered students are billed for tuition and fees and room and board charges (if applicable) in June and November proceeding the start of the fall and spring semesters – in April for the summer semester – and will continue on a 21-day billing cycle with payments due on the 21st of each month.

An email notification will be sent to your University email account when your billing statement is available.

Financial Obligations

Students are responsible for all charges regardless of billing. Your CLASS account makes it easier than ever to manage your financial obligations.

To view your account details, such as your balance, simply log into your CLASS account via eCampus. Select the Billing section to view either your monthly statements or your current account activity.

  • My Monthly Statements (formerly known as My eBill) – A saved history of all current and prior billing statements received by the term and date.
  • My Current Account Activity (formerly known as My Billing) – A live snapshot of your up-to-date account history reflecting current payments and any actual or anticipated aid.

These sections display detailed account activity for the billing period presented and include:

  • Tuition, fees, room, board, health insurance, and other miscellaneous charges incurred from your enrollment activity and/or room assignment.
  • Federal, state, institutional, and other financial anticipated and/or disbursed aid to your account.
  • Deposits and payments made by you or on your behalf.
  • Refund check(s) issued.


Anticipated Financial Aid

This section illustrates pending financial aid for the specified term. Once approved, it will be applied against charges incurred within the current account activity section and in accordance with federal, state, and institutional guidelines.

Aid disbursement schedules will be publicized on the One-Stop website.

It is imperative that you complete all financial aid requirements in order for your anticipated aid to be disbursed to your account. For example: If you wish to borrow your Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility, all first-time federal student loan recipients and Parent PLUS loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling requirements and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) in order for the funds to be disbursed to your account.

Total Balance Due

This represents a summation of all financial activity as of the statement date and is the amount you must pay or make arrangements for by the payment due date. Please note that modifications to your financial assistance plan (if applicable) and/or financial aid disbursement rules may change your total amount due.

Students must make acceptable payment arrangements or officially drop/withdraw prior to the start of classes to remain in good financial standing.

Late Payment Fees/Registration Blocks

Your total balance is due in full by the first payment due date listed on your monthly statement unless enrolled in a semester payment plan. Failure to make payments on time may result in the assessment of late fees.

Payments not received by the first three billing due dates of the semester will be subject to late fees in the following respective amounts: $100, $150 & $200.

It is your responsibility to make satisfactory payment arrangements by the payment due date.

Accounts that are not paid will be placed on a registration block. Accounts that are delinquent or not in good standing will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters or change enrollment for the current semester. 

If your account becomes seriously past due and no arrangements are made, the University may refer it to an external collection agency or law firm, where additional fees and penalties may be charged to your account.

Payment Arrangements

Adelphi offers convenient online and in-person options to pay your account balance due. We offer many different payment methods, including:

  • Check/ACH-Electronic Check
  • Credit and Debit Card
    (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover)
  • Cash (Effective Fall 2023- By Appointment Only)
  • Money Order
  • Online via Flywire (International Students)
  • Wire Transfer

Any payment not honored by the bank is subject to a returned item fee and may restrict your future payment options to certified check, money order, cash or credit card. You may also receive an additional charge from your financial institution. The University is not responsible for fees assessed by your bank.

Payment Online via eCampus/CLASS

You can use your CLASS account to securely pay your balance online using a credit or debit card or electronic check by clicking on the Make a Payment section. From here, you may also set up a payer invitation so that you can authorize a relative, guardian, etc. to make a payment on your behalf.

If you need assistance with making a payment online, please visit the Paying Your Bill and Payment Plans area of our website.

Payment by Mail

If paying with a check or money order by mail, please date the payment appropriately, include your Adelphi student identification number and make it payable to Adelphi University.

Effective June 15, all online and in-person credit/debit card transactions will be assessed a nonrefundable 2.9% service fee which is added to your total payment. This service is evaluated annually and is subject to change based on the current market rates.

Payment Plans

The University, in partnership with Transact (formerly Cashnet) offers convenient, interest-free payment plans on a semester basis to assist students with managing the cost of their education each term.

Students have the option of up to five monthly payments per semester, depending on when enrollment takes place. The earlier a student enrolls, the lower the monthly payments will be.

There is a $35 per semester enrollment fee that is due with your first payment.

Refund Disbursement (BankMobile)

Don’t delay, select a refund preference today to ensure the timely arrival of any refunds that you may be entitled to.

You Have Options

Take advantage of various payment options to assist you in meeting the costs of an education.

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