Was political science what they expected?

Fall 2015 Newsletter Revised 10-6-2015

Political Science Majors were asked: How is the study of political science or being a political science major different from what you expected?

The following responses were gathered by Political Science Majors, Hugo Salazar ’17 and Jonathan Sclar ‘16.

Stephanie Barbaro (2016) As a freshman, I expected requirements that focused more on American government. Some classes are exactly what I imagined while other classes are not. Introduction to the American Political System was more of what I expected.

Cliff Brantley (2016) I never knew the importance of international relations and a nation’s credibility before becoming a political science major.

Luke Colle (2018) I have always been highly interested in modern domestic issues. As a result, right out of high school, I came to Adelphi to study political science. I figured I would become better informed on the nature of these issues before moving on to law school. Although, while I am learning a great deal about current events, I did not expect political science to be such a diverse field. More specifically, within political science are the subjects of political theory, domestic politics, and international relations, each which are influenced by a variety of factors and are specific to particular regions and time periods. As a result, the political science major ends up having to know quite a lot. For instance, I never imagined I would be studying the political philosophy of ancient Greece through epic poems such as the Iliad. However, I am really enjoying it. All things considered, while the wide range of subjects within political science had me feeling overwhelmed at first, I am finding it to be a very positive thing.

Alicia Canas (2016) When I switched my major to political science, I did not expect to be doing fieldwork such as conducting interviews and transcribing data for some classes, such as Issues in Contemporary Immigration or Research Design. Being able to apply knowledge learned in the classroom and see how concepts learned in class apply to real life was fantastic.

Jacqueline Condon (2017) I would say that being a political science major is different from what I expected because the scope of what can be studied is much larger than I imagined. I always understood coming in what the basis of political science was, but I never thought that I would be offered classes where I could apply my knowledge of politics and government learned in my pre-requisite classes to different areas, countries, and time periods around the world. It always struck me more as a US-based discipline, and on the beginner level it is. But as you expand your knowledge of the subject you are able to explore other areas like international relations or the governments of different states, and I never expected to do this. Although the more global side of political science was unexpected by me, it was absolutely a positive for me, and I feel like I’ve been able to learn a lot more and understand the information I learn more comprehensively by being able to apply it to a context larger than just the United States.

Grace Ewing (2016) I didn’t expect to be able to tailor my courses to meet my interests as often as I have. For me, there are a lot of interesting IR/ European-oriented classes to take.

George Giakoumis (2016) The classes offered are a lot more specialized than what I had thought. Coming in, I expected this major to be focused solely around abstract theories or concepts. But the courses offered, especially the higher level ones, often examine very specific and interesting areas of focus (academic or regional).

Mahdiyah Jaffer (2016) The study of political science covered a broader area of study than I expected. From political theory to special regional classes, studying political science has exceeded my expectations.

Jazmine Javier (2016) I had a very different expectation of what it meant to be a political science major when I entered college than I do now. I initially thought that I would be limited to more traditional classes on government structures and economics. I was overjoyed that each professor in our department goes above and beyond to apply traditional understandings to interesting themes and topics. Applying political theory to feminism and understanding the role of art and media in political science are just a few ways in which the major branches beyond itself into other social sciences. I am extremely happy that my expectations of what it meant to be a political science major were exceeded.

Eric Priest (2019) Being a political science major requires students to be knowledgeable about current events, both nationally and internationally. In some classes we don’t discuss any current political events unless the professor instructs us to do so. As a political science major, I expected each class to incorporate current events into discussions. On the other hand, being a political student in the United States, I thought we would study the founding of our country but this has never occurred in class. Other than these points, everything was expected such as the homework, readings, expectations, etc.

Michael Sonta (2019) “I think; therefore, I am”; venerated French philosopher René Descartes was a deeply inquisitive man who strove mightily to inquire; he was a systematic assayer of inherent human knowledge. This hallmark utterance aforementioned, emblazons his belief that human sentience or existence is determined by one’s capacity to think. Doubtlessly, the multitudinous worldviews and ideologies constructed thus far have propelled the human race forward, yet there still exists plenty of issues standing in the way of the achievement of a world in which the propagation of human justice, decent living standards, healthcare as a right, become the rule, and not the exception. Through my pursuit of a Political Science degree at Adelphi University, I feel as though one day, I too can contribute to the betterment of the human race. In my studies at this institution thus far, I have already examined many conceptual ideas that have provided me with an unequivocally dynamic learning experience. What I had initially feared to be nothing more than a long-winded analytical deluge, has been instead been a priceless study of a versatile discipline. Even at this early juncture, I’ve been able to apply my study to real-life scenarios; identifying trends in the news, engaging in debates, and formulating analyses of social issues that I someday hope to tackle head on as I hope to pursue a career in Constitutional law. I fully believe that my studies in this discipline will better equip me with tools I need to face this towering goliath of social, political, and economic inequality facing our world, and one day I would like to utilize our unique political system to help flex the often under looked political muscle which we the people possess.

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