Adelphi alumna Grace Eun Hyung King, a Korean War refugee and the mother-in-law of journalist Lisa Ling, has instilled in her children an appreciation of diversity.

Grace Eun Hyung King

Grace Eun Hyung King, with her granddaughter.

“I believe that if we can expose our children to racial diversity from a very early age, before prejudices take root, just as my mom did for my sister and me, we can help to build a much less racially biased world.”
Paul Song, the husband of journalist and CNN host Lisa Ling, wrote these words in a post on the website Medium. The post is largely a tribute to Song’s mother, Grace Eun Hyung King, a Korean War refugee who attended Adelphi on a full scholarship. King worked for Shirley Chisolm—the first African American woman elected to the House of Representatives—and she rose to become the first educational director of the Newark, New Jersey, Head Start program. 
Song reflects on his own experiences with racism and the ways that his mom instilled in him an appreciation of diversity and a commitment to overcome bias—lessons he and Ling want to pass down to their own children.

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