Q&A with one of Adelphi's international students.

At Adelphi University, our students come from all over the world to gain experience, exposure, and knowledge as they immerse themselves as global learners. Here is a glimpse into what life at Adelphi is like for our international students!

What are the Residence Halls and Dining Halls like?

This is the best experience which one can have, and the best part is you can share a room with a person who is totally different from your culture and country. Also, the residence halls and dining hall are really nice and clean. They have a lot of different choices.

What clubs/organizations are you involved with on campus? How has this impacted your experience at Adelphi?

I’m a member of the Bhangra Team of Adelphi University! The best part of being part of this team is that you meet new people who are totally different from you, your culture and performing with them is kind of stress buster. So, for me it does help because I have learned how you can manage your work, studies, and dance all at the same time.

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