What you need to know about data storage at Adelphi University.

The storage limits are: 

  • 30GB – Faculty and Staff: part-time, full-time and hourly
  • 20GB – Students
  • 10GB – Business accounts: departmental, delegated, guest scholars and associated accounts
  • 1.5GB – All other accounts: including non-matriculated users and alumni accounts

If you want to transfer your files to a personal account use Google Takeout or move files to an external hard drive.

No, Adelphi can not offer additional storage. Please use Google Takeout or move files to an external hard drive.

Sorry no, Adelphi can not change the ownership on content to external accounts. Users must use Google Takeout or move files to an external hard drive.

Only users in the student domain have access to Google takeout, current students and alumni specifically.

Yes. In the past Google docs, sheets and slides did not count against your storage but now in their new pay-for-what-you-use storage model, everything counts. So when you check how much storage you’re using that result will include all storage in GDrive, Gmail and photos.

We have also noticed that sometimes it can take a day before the total storage calculations update after mass email deletions.   You can try logging out and back in to the google account but it usually will recalculate on its own with time.  There is  a separate gmail storage indicator in the lower left hand corner of your inbox that is updated almost real time. 

You can use Gmail’s Advanced Search Operators. For example to find email dated before January 1, 2019, type this in the email search bar: BEFORE:2018/01/01

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