We’re here to answer your questions about Adelphi’s Women’s Giving circle.

We have outlined some frequently asked questions below, but we encourage you to contact Erin Gayron in Adelphi’s Office of University Advancement. In addition to being a founding member of the Women’s Giving Circle, Erin is our liaison to the University. She can help you decide which membership level is best for you. Conversations with Erin are confidential. She can be reached at gayron@adelphi.edu or 516.877.3475.  

The minimum gift is $100. Membership runs September 1–August 31 to align with the academic year. Membership gifts at any level are due each September.

We have tiered membership levels with different benefits. If you’d like to try us out, we suggest the Friendship level, which allows you to attend Circle meetings, our State of the University luncheon, plus our Annual Reception. This level requires a gift of between $100 and $249.

If you are a recent graduate, our Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) membership level gives you the most benefits at reduced rates. If you have just graduated, your first year is complimentary. If you graduated one year ago, you would pay $100. If you graduated two years, ago you would pay $200, etc., up until your tenth year after graduation, at which point you would be at the $1,000 mark, which is our full Leadership level.

Yes. Women who have graduated within the last 10 years have the option to join at the GOLD level or at any other level. The GOLD level allows them to receive full Leadership level benefits for a lower gift amount on the theory that they are just starting out and presumably have less disposable income.

Yes. Of course, we are hoping that you will enjoy the Circle as we do, and see the many benefits of increased financial commitment, but increasing your level is not required.

Yes. We do have members who choose this option. They receive minutes of all meetings, which includes notice of upcoming events, should they be able to join us on occasion.

To the greatest extent possible, members do not know who donated what amount. That is by design and part of the charm of our Circle. Donation amounts are known to the Adelphi Advancement Office staff, which includes our liaison, Erin Gayron.

Members would know at what level someone joined, be it Friendship, Supporter, GOLD or Leadership but would not know the amount of the gift given within those levels. For example, the Friendship level requires a gift of between $100 and $249. Members would be advised by Advancement that a new member has joined at the Friendship level but not whether she donated $100 or $249. This is true for all levels. Importantly, at the Leadership Level where members often give over $1,000, only the Advancement Office knows the exact amount given.

Yes. You may donate to the Women’s Giving Circle without the members knowing your name or the amount of your gift—that information can be kept in confidence by the Adelphi Advancement Office.

No. Naturally, our current membership includes women with an affiliation to Adelphi—be it as alumnae, Adelphi employees and administrators, parents of Adelphi students, and other friends of the University, but we welcome any women who desire to support our mission.  

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