Date & Time: November 11–13, 2021 8:00am – 9:00pm
Location: Online

Hello members! 

Join AUSNA in attending NSNA’s Virtual 39th MidYear Conference. From November 8-10, attendees may view exhibitors and poster presentations virtually in the MidYear Preview event. Then, virtually November 11-13, for the Conference which includes a live NCLEX-RN Review; panels with multiple nursing specialties; exhibits; workshops; and networking with students across the USA. In addition, student leaders will gain skills to manage state and local chapters and meet NSNA leaders including the Board of Directors, Nominating and Elections Committee, and the chair of the Resolutions Committee. Those who attend will also learn about the NSNA Leadership U Honor Society. All online and on demand following the Conference.
All registered attendees will enjoy the Springer Passport powered by Acadiate. All MidYear Conference participants will gain access to Springer Passport on October 15th. Springer Passport is an access to key MidYear activities like the Networking Zone, Student Activity Tiles, and so much more.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in your nursing career early on and become a leader in the field. 

To register: (NSNA members pay a discounted price!) 


** please email if you are planning to attend ** 

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