Date & Time: February 7, 2022 2:00pm
Location: Virtual

Yiannis Kaminis will share his artistic journey and how a healthy connection with creativity can allow the expression of inner and universal values of existence. He will also talk about how having the courage to honor the arts as a service to the community, builds bridges of communication and healing in our societies.

“Everything changes and that’s a good thing! Embracing the power of change in our lives is transformative for ourselves and our communities future”. – Yiannis Kaminis

Presenters’ Bio

The international artist born in Greece is inspired by people, ideas, and phenomena as they are evident in the sphere of conscious and unconscious life. He chooses colors to represent energy dynamics and the paintings of acrylic on canvas emerge as a flow of energy. Usually, each painting has a multifaceted meaning unveiling archetypical signs and symbols allowing the imagery to be positioned and hanged from different sides. Each painting is characterized by free-flowing movement and multilevel 3D layers. The artist is in an altered state of consciousness during the process of painting through specialized meditation techniques and selects music to accompany the energy representation of themes.

The art of Yiannis Kaminis is exhibited in galleries, art fairs, shows, exhibitions and events in New York – USA, Cusco – Peru, Seoul – S. Korea, Beirut-Lebanon, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kiev – Ukraine and Europe. Selected paintings have been used to create items of fashion, jewelry, the covers of books and the artwork of international conferences.

Yiannis Kaminis has a master’s degree in marketing communications (University of Westminster, UK) and a Bachelors in Communication Studies (Communication, Culture and Media – Coventry University, UK). He is the founder of and works as an international marketing communications consultant and trainer for Europe Aid projects funded by the European Union. He has worked as a professor for Master and Bachelor programs. He is also a trained psychoanalyst (Freudian School of Lacanian Approach in Northern Greece), an energy healer (Body Mirror Technique by Martin Brofman), and an author.

The artist is also supports fundraising causes helping communities in need, such as the fundraising events for & in New York, USA. He has also supported children in Kiev, Ukraine, and other charity organizations in Greece.

Keynote Speaker

CaSandra Diggs, President, The Council of Fashion Designers of America; Board Member, Sing for Hope.

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