Faculty Profiles

David Parkin

Associate Professor

Science Building Room 218

General Information



Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, University of Dundee (2003)

Ph.D., University of Nebraska (1981)

BA, Chemistry, Northwest Nazarene College (1975)

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Teaching Raison D’etre

I illuminate and you see
I clarify and you hear
I understand and you learn
I look and see you change


My professorial role at Adelphi University is to create and maintain positive Learning Environments where students, studying chemistry, can become Self-Directed Critical Thinkers. The academic environment presents many challenges and so I feel I must wear many hats in order for my students to be well on the road of becoming Self-Directed Critical Thinkers by the time they graduate from Adelphi University.

My three main roles, in these Learning Environments, are that of

• Gardener
• Guide
• Keeper of the Pitch

All these roles are essential in maintaining Learning Environments, which promote deep meaningful learning.

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