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Ph. D., City University of New York (2007)
B.S., Fairfield University (1997)

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Book Chapters

Fletcher, C. R., Lucas, S., & Baron, C. M. (1999). Comprehension of mathematical proofs. In S. R. Goldman, A. C. Graesser, & P. van den Broek (Eds.). Narrative comprehension, causality, and coherence: Essays in honor of Tom Trabasso. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Refereed Articles

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Donovan, C., Mercier, K., & Phillips, S.R. (2015), ). Investigating attitudes toward physical education: Validation Across two instruments. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 19 (2), 91-98.

Donovan, C., Ashdown, J.E., & Mungai, A. (2014), A new approach to educator preparation evaluation: Evidence for continuous improvement. Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, 8, 86-110.

Maguire, C., Donovan, C., Mishook, J., de Gaillande, G., & Garcia, I. (2012), Choosing a life one has reason to value: The role of the arts in fostering capability development in four urban high schools. Cambridge Journal of Education, 42, 367-390.

Baron-Donovan, C., Wiener, R. L., Block-Lieb, S., & Gross, K. (2005), Financial literacy teacher training: A multiple-measure evaluation. Financial Counseling and Planning, 16, 63-75.

Wiener, R. L., Baron-Donovan, C., Gross, K., & Block-Lieb, S. (2005), Debtor education, financial literacy, and pending bankruptcy legislation. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 23, 347-366.

Wiener, R. L., Block-Lieb, S., Gross, K., & Baron-Donovan, C. (2005), Unwrapping assumptions: Applying social analytic jurisprudence to consumer bankruptcy law and policy. American Bankruptcy Law Journal, 79, 453-483.

Gardner, E.B., & Baron, C. M. (1999), Attitudinal and academic effects of service learning. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, 18, 97-109.

Conference Presentations/Papers

Mercier, K., Gibbone, A., Donovan, C. & Rozga, K. (2016). Longitudinal Study of Students' Attitudes Toward Physical Education Grades 4–8. In American Educational Research Association. Washington, D.C..

Donovan, C., Kang, E. & McCarthy, M.J. (2015). Enhancing Elementary Teachers’ STEM Self-Efficacy and Teaching practices through a NGSS-Focused Professional Development Program. In International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education. Florence, Italy.

Donovan, C. & Hogan, T. (2015). Targeted Teacher Training: Developing Bilingual Science Teachers through Residency-Based Teacher Preparation Program. In International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education. Florence, Italy.

Gordon, D. , Donovan, C., & Hogan, T (2015). Case Studies of Clinical Preparation in Teacher Education. In Association of Teacher Educators. Phoenix, AZ.