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Ph.D., Columbia University; Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2006)
M.S., Teachers College; Columbia University (1992)
B.A., New York University (1990)

Recent Courses

Dysphagia: Evaluation And Management
Speech Disorders In Children

Teaching Specializations/Interests

I have been a licensed speech-language pathologist for 20 years with the following certification and training: ASHA, Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicap, Certified as an Early Intervention Provider in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County, Hanen Program, Compton Foreign Accent Program, Lidcombe trained, FastForward, Prompt trained, Vital Stimulation trained, and Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing with Sensory Testing (FEESST) trained. My clinical expertise are in the following areas: children with preschool language disorders and articulation/phonological disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, TBI, aphasia, swallowing disorders in adults, and stuttering in children and adults. I have worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes (contract), school (contract), private practices (and agencies) and a day treatment program.

Research Interests

Name: The Neural Bases of Speech and Swallowing Disorders Laboratory

Description: This laboratory examines the characteristics and nature of speech and swallowing disorders including, but not limited to, stuttering, articulation and phonological disorders, childhood apraxia of speech and swallowing disorders of different etiologies, in order to develop innovative evidence-based practice techniques for intervention.
The laboratory contains equipment for examining the effectiveness of certain treatment techniques, such as Electopalatography for children with articulation and phonological disorders, and Vital Stimulation for adults with swallowing disorders. In addition to other methods, Electropalatography (EPG) and Electromyography (EMG), which measures the activity of the muscles in order to evaluate motor learning patterns and performance, assist in investigating the neurological bases of these disorders.

Current Projects:
1. Case Studies of Children with Articulation and Phonological Disorders.
2. Living with Aphasia: Perceptions of Long Term Aphasia Rehabilitation.
This project is in collaboration with Dr. Dianne Slavin (Department Chair at C.W. Post), Barbara Lederer and Gail Weissman
3. Examining speech and non-speech movement-related brain activity in children who stutter using lateralized readiness potentials. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Ray Johnson Jr.(Professor at Queens College).
4. In collaboration with Dr. Elaine Sands and a doctoral student, Kaitlin Dondorf, we are examining how the nurturance traits of the caregiver contribute to the spouse’s level of severity of aphasia.

Student Pojects:
1. Examining the effect of EPG on production of the /s/ phoneme.
2. Examining the effect of EPG on production of the /r/ phoneme.
Both student projects are in collaboration with Dr. Larry Raphael

Grants/Sponsored Research

1. Faculty Development Grant, Adelphi University, PI: Renee Fabus; $4,000 Spring 2013
Funding at Previous Institution:
1. New Faculty Fund, Brooklyn College, PI: Renee Fabus; $342.00 for Spring 2010.
2. Diversity Grant Proposal (For Spring Semester 2009). City University of New York; PI: Renee Fabus; $2,500.00
Development of a Mentoring Program to Increase Recruitment of Graduate Students from Underrepresented Populations in Communication Sciences and Disorders - (Collaboration with faculty at BC)
3.CUNY Collaborative Incentive Award (For 2007 – 2008, August 2007); PI: Renee Fabus; - $38,935.00 in collaboration with Dr. Ray Johnson at Queens College
4.New Faculty Fund (December 2006); PI: Renee Fabus; - Received January 2007 ($800.00)
5.Diversity Grant Proposal (November 2006) - Received January 2007 ($2,500.00)
Proposal to Increase Recruitment of Graduate Students from Underrepresented Populations in Communication Sciences and Disorders (Collaboration with faculty at BC)


Artistic/Creative Work

"Complete Speech Smart Palate System, review posted on their website". Collaborated with Dr. Lawrence and Brittany Badke and Sarah Cron. January 2013.

"Case Studies of Children with Articulation and Phonological Disorders". This DVD was created in collaboration with Julia Yudes-Kuznetsov. It illustrates the assessment of children diagnosed with articulation and/or phonological disorders. Plural Publishing. October 2012.

Book Chapters

Eichorn, N. &Fabus, R. (2012). Assessment of Fluency Disorders. A Guide To Clinical Assessment and Professional Report Writing in Speech-Language Pathology. Delmar/ Cengage Learning.

Fabus, R. & Gironda, F. (2012). Assessment of Articulation and Phonological Disorders. In Stein, C. & Fabus, R. (Eds.). A Guide To Clinical Assessment and Professional Report Writing in Speech-Language Pathology. Delmar/ Cengage Learning.

Gironda, F., Fabus, R. & Musayeva, S. (2012). Assessment of the Oral-Peripheral Speech Mechanism. In Stein, C. & Fabus, R. (Eds.). A Guide To Clinical Assessment and Professional Report Writing in Speech-Language Pathology. Delmar / Cengage Learning.

Refereed Articles

Sidavi, A. & Fabus, R. (2009), A Review of Stuttering Intervention Approaches for Preschool and Elementary School-Age Children. Contemporary Issues in Communication Sciences & Disorders..

Longtin, S. & Fabus, R. (2008), The Use of Videotape Self-Monitoring to Facilitate Interactive Intervention in Speech-Language Therapy with Preschool Children with Autism. The Clinical Supervisor, 27 (1).

Fabus, R. (2008), Book Review of Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician’s Guide. Contemporary Issues in Communication Sciences & Disorders., 35.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Renee Fabus (2013, September). Board of Education Professional Development Workshop on Stuttering Assessment and Intervention.

Renee Fabus (2012, June). Review of Existing Instruments for the Child Assessment: Communication. UNICEF Expert Consultation on the Measurement of Child Disability, New York, NY.

Renee Fabus (2012, April). Speech and Language Development in Children. Valley Stream Library, Valley Stream, NY.

Renee Fabus (2012, March). Speech and Swallowing Disorders in Patients with Neurological Impairment. SUNY Downstate Medical Center, for Doctoral Students in PT, Brooklyn, NY.

Renee Fabus (2010, December). Assessment of Speech and Language Skills in Preschool Children. Fordham University - Doctoral Program in School Psychology, NY, NY.

Renee Fabus (2009, April). Supervisor - The Fluency Weekend Workshop. The College of St. Rose, Albany, NY.

Renee Fabus (2009, April). PRAXIS Review Course for Students- Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children. NYSSLHA Convention, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Renee Fabus (2009, March). Speech and Language Development 12 months - 3 years of age. Parent-Child Workship at Brookhaven Library, Brookhaven, NY.

Renee Fabus (2009, March). Neural Motor Processes Underlying Stuttering. SCORE Science retreat at Brooklyn College/CUNY, Brooklyn, NY.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Renee Fabus/ Lawrence Raphael/ Brittany Badke/ Sarah Cron (2013). EPG as an Intervention for Clients with Speech Sound Disorders. In NYSSLHA Convention Poster Session, Saratoga, NY.

Renee Fabus/ Elaine Sands/ Kaitlin Dondorf (2013). A Systematic Review of the Nurturance Characteristics of Carers of Patients with Aphasia. In NYSSLHA Convention Poster Session, Saratoga, NY.

Rene Fabus/ Kaitlin Dondorf (2013). Intervention Techniques for Adults Diagnosed wih Dsphagia Secondary to Stroke. In NYSSLHA Convention Oral Session, Saratoga, NY.

Renee Fabus/ Lawrence Raphael/ Sarah Cron/Brittany Badke (2012). Electropalatography as an Intervention Tool for Clients with Articulation Disorders. In ASHA Convention 2012. Atlanta, GA.

Renee Fabus/Susan Bohne/ Lucille Nielson-Rosander (2007). Evidence-Based Practice Study Examining the Compton Accent Modification Program. In ASHA Convention 2007. Philadelphia, PA.

Renee Fabus/Peter Gordon (2007). Evaluating the Procedural Deficit Hypothesis in Preschool Children with Language and Motor Deficits. In Cognitive Neuroscience Society. NY, NY.

Susan Longtin/Renee Fabus (2006). Discourse Modification Program. In NYSSLHA Convention 2006. Saratoga Springs, NY.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

UNICEF Measurement of Child Disability Second Stage Assessment: Communication Module Fall 2013
In Collaboration with Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, Ph.D., M.S., CCC-SLP/A

Honors and Accomplishments

Four graduate student awards for their projects on Research Day at Adelphi University (April 2013 and April 2012)
Cambridge Who’s Who Registry among Executive and Professional Women (2009)
Teacher of the Year Award at Brooklyn College (2009)
The Salute to Scholars Award from The City University of New York (December 2009; December 2008)
ACE from ASHA (January 2012; January 2008; May 2006; January 2007)
Kappa Delta Pi - International Education Honor Society-Teachers College Chapter

Professional Activities

Editorial Experience
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology- Editorial Reviewer (2011 – present)
Reviewer for Jones and Bartlett Publishers for books
Journal of Motor and Behavior (2011- present) Editorial Consultant
SLP.com—Editorial Consultant (2011 – present)
Associate Editor for Contemporary Issues in Communication Science and Disorders (CICSD) – (July 2008 – January 2010)
Reviewer for CUNy Collaborative Awards (2009)
Editorial Consultant for CICSD (2006 – 2008)
Editor for Hearsay (Quarterly newsletter from LISHA) (2007 – 2009)

Professional Activities
Long Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association (2005 – Present)
Board Position -
President (2012 - present);
Vice President and Conference Chair (2010, 2011); Publications (2007 – 2009); Conference Chair of Exhibits- October 2009; Co-Chair of Exhibits 2008 Fall Conference; University Counselor (2006 – 2007); organized workshops about sensory integration in children, aphasia, phonological awareness for approximately 50 – 90 attendees
NYSSLHA Conference Committee on Neurogenic Communication Papers (May 2009)
ASHA Mentor (December 2006 – 2008)
Chair of the Student Papers Committee for the 2006 NYSSLHA Convention
Chair of NYSSLHA Student Issues Committee & Student Scholarship Task Force (2005 – 2007)
Co- Chair of NYSSLHA Student Issues Committee & Student Scholarship Task Force (2004)
NYSSLHA Student Information Committee & Student Scholarship Task Force (2003 – 2004)
Professional Memberships
Special Interest Divisions (2, 4, and 13)
NYSSLHA Membership
LISHA Membership
National Stuttering Association
Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences
Dysphagia Research Society
Round Table Groups-Expert Witness Testimony
Kappa Delta Pi

Community and Corporate Leadership

Supervising graduate students in the Hy Weinberg clinic with their clients using Electropalatography (2012 - Present).
Invited Supervisor at the Fluency Weekend Workshop at the College of St. Rose (April 2009 and April 2007).
Memory Screenings for the Alzheimer Association at the Diana Rogovan Davidow Speech & Hearing Center (For Spring 2009)
Established The Oliver Bloodstein Chapter of the National Stuttering Association Adult Chapter (Began Spring 2008 and still in existence)