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Thomas J. Virgona

Associate Professor and Director

Nexus Building Room 335

General Information



- Ph.D. / Doctor of Philosophy - Information Studies , Long Island University / C.W. Post Campus (2008)

- Master of Science Degree - Information Systems , Pace University, New York City, New York (1996)

- Bachelor of Science Degree - Computer Science, State University of New York at Brockport (1983)

Licenses and Certifications

Licenses and Certifications

• Class "A" Interior Firefighter – July 2012
• Advanced CPR - August 2011
• New York State Boating Safety Certification – January 2009
• Pace University Teaching Effectively Online Certification – September 2007
• Approach to Teaching and Online Learning Certification – October 2006
• Westwood Certified Instructor – June 2006
• PADI Open Water Diver – June 1994
• New York State Real State Salesman – December 1982

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Learning is the main purpose of education. It is the goal of every student and the task of every teacher to increase knowledge and understanding in the classroom to the best of their abilities. Independent thought is essential to the development of each student. Being able to form unique independent ideas will serve them both in and outside of the classroom. The teacher should also be prepared to lead students in the direction they should go to search for correct conclusions and answers, without always providing the answers themselves. Finally, by using information, students should be able to apply what they have learned to new life or learning situations.

Teachers should also set specific and achievable goals for students. Mastery of information, or subject matter, has always been the goal for teachers. In addition, long term goals for individual students should be set. As a part of this, the intellectual development of each student should continue over time, allowing students to use what they are learning later in life. It is also the hope of all teachers (sometimes unrealistic) that students will develop an interest in the subject area being taught. Although this does not occur in all cases, students should at the very least develop an appreciation for the subject and the material being taught in the classroom.

As a doctoral graduate of Long Island University, a top-tier program in Information Science, I received a Ph.D. Information Studies that was not only methodologically rigorous, but which also sparked my interest and excitement about scholarly research. My research in management information systems is guided by my belief that it is my responsibility and duty to pursue, capture, discover, create, and transmit knowledge about the way that information technology is developed, managed, and used. The purpose and result of this is to enable me to translate what I have learned into information that can be disseminated via professional publications and correspondence, to my students in and outside of the classroom, and to the university and broader community.

I believe that service is key to self-fulfillment and happiness in life. In fact, I believe there is a direct, causal correlation between life satisfaction and service. This is because, as we serve, not only do we find personal satisfaction, we are also able to put our own problems into perspective. I also believe that all members of society who are fortunate enough to have received a university education have a fundamental and even fiduciary responsibility to use their knowledge to benefit society.

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