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Ed.D., Washington State University (2009)
Post Graduate, : Kerala University, India (2005)
MA Public administration, Kerala University, India (2004)

Recent Courses

Introduction To Special Education
Managing Inclusive Environments
Master'S Seminar In Special Education
Practicum/Childhood Special Ed For Teachers Certified In Other Areas
The Child With Special Needs

Personal Statement

I started my career in special education by working with children with disabilities in a special school. After completing a Masters degree in Public Administration, I served as an administrator and teacher for a special school for children with disabilities. After three years of working with children with special needs, I pursued my doctoral degree in special education at Washington State University, where my philosophy of educating children with disabilities changed from emphasizing the segregation of these children for special attention to including them as far as possible in a regular school setting. I strongly believe that no child should be segregated on the basis of his or her disability. It is the mindset of normal people which tells us whether or not to segregate or include an individual. While it takes a lot of effort and often great expense, inclusion of all children with disabilities in a school setting together with typically developing children is crucial for their future success as adults and citizens.

My purpose as a Professor of Special Education is to be a strong advocate for inclusion.
If we were to follow the opposite path, to continue segregating children with disabilities from attending a regular classroom due to his or her disability, we would be building communities that are not inclusive. Educational institutions should serve as strong pillars of every community. We should instill the ideal of inclusion in every child from the earliest age. In this way teachers will build strong, inclusive communities instead of walls of separation. Let's remember that:

Many of the things we need can wait. But the child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his sense being developed. To him, we cannot answer, Tomorrow. His name is (Iyer cited in Siddiqui, 2007, p.163).

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Inclusive Education
International Issues, Laws & Policies in Special Education
Family and Culture
Transition Issues and children with disabilities
Working with children with severe disabilities
Team Collaboration

Research Interests

International issues in Special Education,Parents children with disabilities from culturally diverse communities, Transition issues and students with disabilities, Individuals with Cerebral Palsy in College.


Pavan John Antony (2013). Segregation hurts: Voices of Youth with Disabilities and Their Families in India. Sense.

Book Chapters

Pavan John Antony and Xyanthe Nicole Neider (2013). Multicultural Issues. In Anne M Mungai and Devin Thornburg (Eds.). SCHOOL REFORM IN HIGH NEED SCHOOLS: TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION. Sense.

Refereed Articles

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Antony, P.J. (2013), Medical Professionals and families of children with disabilities: India Practical Tips for Collaboration. A Multi Disciplinary Journal on Holistic health, 1, 13 - 20.

Antony (2013), Special Education System in India History, Current Status and Future. Journal of International Special Needs Education. (CEC), 16(1), 5-16.

Antony, P.J (2012), How to build inclusive communities: Indian context. Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Research, 4, 1-18.

Antony, P. J. (2012), Understanding the History, Current Status & Future of Special Education in the United States. Loyola Journal of Social Sciences, 26(2), 251-265.

Antony (2011), Understanding Families from India Residing in the United States: Implications for Culturally Responsive Services. Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learner CEC.

Antony (2011), Educating the Policymakers: The need for implementing inclusion. International Community International Issues Committee Newsletter.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Pavan John Antony (2012, December). Human Rights and Social Work Practice. Human Rights Day in India, Calicut, KA, India.

Pavan John Antony (2012, August). The significance of Cross-cultural Research and exchange program in Indo-American context. ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL RESEARCHERS OF INDIAN ORIGIN, INC., Elmwood Park, NJ.

Pavan John Antony (2012, January). Transition Issues and Children with disabilities. Mahatma Gandhi University, kottayam, kA, India.

Dissertation Chaired

Yasanthi A. Soans (2012). Narratives of Mothering Across Place, Time, and Generation: Immigration and Motherhood for Two Generations of South Asian Women in the United States. The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University (Committee member).

Avihavy sanders (2012). Siblings of People Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder: Positive Outcomes and Family Dynamics. The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University (Committee member).

Ester Goldvarg (2011). Predictors of Revenge Motivation: An Exploration of Personality Variables, Relational Histories, and Situational Factors. The Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Adelphi University (Committee member).

Honors and Accomplishments

Recipient of International Faculty Development Grant for participation in the CIEE seminar in France (2012 Summer)

Professional Activities

Committee member for thesis:
a.2014:Melissa Felson (2014) Implementing Attachment-Based Relationship-Focused Interventions to Improve the Parent-Child Relationships and Therapeutic Outcomes of Children with ASD and their Caregivers. Honors College Thesis, Adelphi University. Chair: Peter Costello

b.2013: Madeline Dressner (2013) Perceptions of Resiliency with Elementary School Aged Children and Their Implications for Teaching and Curriculum. Honors College Thesis, Adelphi University. Chair: Devin Thornburg

Study Abroad Program (India) Leader(2012) - India Special education. An opportunity for students to travel to India and learn special education. (every other year) . next trip 2014 january.

Editorial Review Board member (since 2010)International Journal of Inclusive Education.

Editorial Review Board member (since 2010) Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development.

Community and Corporate Leadership

Interim Chair International chapter TASH) - an international organization for people with severe disabilities.

External evaluator and consultant for Open Doors for Multicultural Families (Seattle, WA)Community Parent Resource Center Grant.