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Ed.D., Cognitive Studies, Teachers College, Columbia University (2006)
M.A., Teaching: Elementary Education, Johns Hopkins University (1999)
B.S., Marine Science: Biology, Long Island University, Southampton (1990)

Recent Courses

Childhood Math Education For Students With Special Needs
Children'S Play: A Source Of Development And Learning
Development Of Mathematical Thinking In Young Children
Integrated Content For Early Childhood Education
Math And Technology In Childhood Education
Perspectives On Learning And Teaching
S/T: Early Childhood: Sensory Processing
S/T: Exploration And Analysis Of Early Childhood Curricula

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Early childhood education, Mathematics education, Science education, Teacher Professional Development, Autism

Research Interests

Mathematics instruction
Instructional quality and measure development
Use of manipulatives in teaching mathematics
Teacher professional development
Japanese lesson study
Curriculum development
Special education (Autism)

Book Chapters

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Ginsburg, H. P., & Ertle, B. B. (2016). Giving away early mathematics: Big Math for Little Kids encounters the complex world of early education. In K. Durkin & R. Schaffer (Eds.). Blackwell Handbook of Developmental Psychology in Action: Opportunities and Obstacles in Giving Developmental Psychology Away.

Ginsburg, H. P., Ertle, B., Lewis-Presser, A., & Clements, P. (2013). Math curriculum and instruction for young children. In V. Buysse & E. Peisner-Feinberg (Eds.). Handbook of Response to Intervention (RTI) in Early Childhood. (pp. 251-264). Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co..

Ginsburg, H. P., Duch, H., Ertle, B. & Noble, K. G. (2012). How can parents help their children learn math? In B. H. Wasik (Eds.). Handbook of Family Literacy, Second Edition. (pp. 51-65). New York, NY: Routledge.

Brenneman, K., Boller, K., Atkins-Burnett, S., Stipek, D., Forry, N. D., Ertle, B. B., French, L., Ginsburg, H. P., Frede, E., & Schultz, T. (2011). Measuring the quality of early childhood math and science curricula and teaching. In M. Zaslow, I. Martinez-Beck, K. Tout, & T. Halle (Eds.). Quality Measurement in Early Childhood Settings. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co..

Ginsburg, H. P., & Ertle, B. (2008). Knowing the mathematics in early childhood mathematics. In O. N. Saracho & B. Spodek (Eds.). Contemporary Perspectives on Mathematics in Early Childhood Education. (pp. 45-66). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Ertle, B. B., Ginsburg, H. P., Cordero, M. I., Curran, T. M., Manlapig, L., & Morgenlander, M. (2008). The essence of early childhood mathematics education and the professional development needed to support it. In A. Dowker (Eds.). Mathematical Difficulties: Psychology, Neuroscience and Interventions. (pp. 59-83). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier.

Refereed Articles

Lewis-Presser, A., Clements, M., Ginsburg, H. P., & Ertle, B. (2015), Big Math for Little Kids: The effectiveness of a preschool and kindergarten mathematics curriculum. Early Education and Development, 26 (3), 399-426.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Ertle, B. & Minicozzi, L. (2014, January). The Perceptions and Realities of Early Childhood Education. The Children's School for Early Development, Hawthorne, NY.

Ertle, B. (2010, November). Promoting Mathematical Literacy in Young Children. Middle Country Library Foundation, Distinguished Speakers Series, Centereach, NY.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Ertle, B. & Minicozzi, L. (2013). Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of the Knowledge-Base Needed for Early Childhood Special Education. In New York State Council for Exceptional Children (NYSCEC) Annual Conference. Melville, NY.

Ertle, B. & Minicozzi, L. (2013). Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of the Knowledge-Base Needed for Early Childhood Education. In New York State Association for the Education of Young Children (NYSAEYC) Annual Conference. Verona, NY.

Ertle, B. (2008). "How did you get that answer?": How to analyze children's mathematical thinking. In National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ertle, B. (2008). I didn't know they knew that! Using formative assessment to promote children's early math development. In National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ertle, B. (2007). The development of children's mathematical thinking: What it looks like in the classroom. In Observing and Assessing the Preschool Learner. New York, New York.

Cordero, M., Curran, T., & Ertle, B. (2007). A professional development model for promoting effective mathematics instruction in the early childhood classroom. In NAEYC National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development Annual Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA.