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Recent Courses

Dissertation Guidance II
Dissertation Guidance: III
Ethics In Health Care
Evidence-Based Practice In Nursing
Nursing Research: Conduct And Utilization
S/T: Dissertation Development Seminar I: Problem Selection

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Ethics, Complexity Theory, PTSD, Mathematical Modeling

Research Interests

Ethics, Complexity, Coping

Grants/Sponsored Research

Peirce, A.G. “Tailoring for African-American Stress and Coping Support” Pilot
Principal Investigator, National Institute for Nursing Research, Columbia University. S. Bakken Center P.I. (1 P20 NR07799) 2002 ($10,415)

Peirce, A. G. “Building Teams for the Future of Patient Safety, ” Principal Investigator, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (1-D51-HP-10000-01), 2001 ($298,000)

Peirce, A. G. “Jackson Heart Study,” Co-investigator, National Heart, Lung &
Blood Institute, Dan Jones MD, Principal investigator, 1998 - 2001 ($700,000)

Peirce, A. G. “Coping Strategies of Elder Victims of Abuse, Strategic University Research Award, 1993. ($5,000)

Peirce, A. G. “Complexity and Coping Strategies of Elder Victims of Abuse,” Columbia University School of Nursing Competitive Intramural Grant, 1993. ($1,000)

Peirce, A. G. “Joint Curriculum Project,” Stone Foundation, 1992. ($50,000)

Peirce, A. G. “The Columbia Model,” The Diamond Foundation, 1989-1991. ($188,000)

Peirce, A. G. Rudin Post Doctoral Fellow, Columbia University, 1989-1990. (One-half salary)

Peirce, A. G. “Coping Instrument Refinement,” Seton Hall University Research Council Award, 1988. ($3,000)

Peirce, A. G. National Research Service Award, Nurse Research Fellow. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Nursing, #f31 NU-95652-01, May 1985-1987


Peirce, A & Smith J (eds) (2013). Ethical and Legal Issues for Doctoral Nursing Students: A Textbook for Students and Reference for Nurse Leaders. DSTECH.

Lane, G, Cronin K, & Peirce, A (1983). Flow Charts: Clinical Decision Making in Nursing. Philadelphia, US: JB Lippincott.

Book Chapters

Peirce, A & Peirce, N (2000). Change, complexity and chaos. In Creasia & Parker (Eds.). Conceptual foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice. (pp. 421-441). St Louis, NY: Mosby.

Peirce, A (1997). Caring for people experiencing life crisis. In Luckman, J (Eds.). Saunders Manual of Nursing Care. (pp. 1835-1843). Philadelphia: WB Saunders.

Refereed Articles

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Peirce, A.G. (2014), Heretical Thoughts on the Need for Change in Our Language From Care to Protection From Harm. Clinical Scholars Review, 7:2, 175-177.

Peirce, A (2011), Advanced practice nursing and the ethics of transplant. Clinical Scholars Review, 4:1.

Peirce, A (2010), The essential imperative of basic nursing education: An ethical discourse. ANS, 33(4), 320-328.

Peirce, A & Smith J (2008), The ethics curriculum for doctor of nursing practice programs. Journal of Professional Nursing, 24(5), 270-274.

Peirce, A (2007), From intrusive to oscillating thought. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 21(5), 278-286.

Peirce, A (2004), Some consideration about decisions and decision makers in hospital ethics committees. Online Journal of Health Ethics, 1(1), 1-9.

Honors and Accomplishments

Visiting Professor, Jinan University, Guangzhou China, January 2012

Columbia University Glenda Garvey Inaugural Teaching Fellow, 2005

University of New Hampshire School of Nursing, Distinguished Alumni Award, 1998

Mississippi’s 50 Leading Business Women, Mississippi Business Journal, 1998

Nurse of the Year, Mississippi Nurses Association, District 13, 1998

International Who’s Who of Professionals, 1997

Judge, 1997 Maternal-Child Health Faculty Nurse of the Year Awards, Mississippi Chapter of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, 1997

Dictionary of International Biography, 26th Edition, 1997

Judge, 1996 Maternal-Child Health Nurse of the Year Awards, Mississippi Chapter of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, 1996

Who’s Who in the South and Southwest, 1996

Who’s Who in the World, 1996
Trustee, Community Nursing Association, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, 1993 – 1995

University of Maryland School of Nursing Award for Excellence in Direct Nursing Research, 1987

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society, 1987-present

Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, 1974

Professional Activities

Eastern Nursing Research Society

Sigma Theta Tau

Society of Behavioral Medicine

Southern Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing 1996-2001

Mississippi Association of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Nursing Programs 1996-2001

Mississippi Council of Deans and Directors of Schools of Nursing 1996-2001

Mississippi Hospital Association Organization of Nurses Executives Mississippi Nurses’ Association 1996-2001

International Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing 1996-2003

Community and Corporate Leadership

Director, Hillenbrand Industries (NYSE: HB) 2003-2007
Member of Compensation and Financial Committees

Switzer Foundation
New York, New York