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PhD, University of New Hampshire (2007)
M.S., Northeastern University (2001)
B.A., Swarthmore College (1993)

Recent Courses

Biological Concepts And Methods I I (lab)
Biological Concepts And Methods I I (lecture)
Guided Research Crustacean Parasites
Guided Research Parasites And Pesticides
Guided Research Pesticide Impact
Guided Research Pesticide Resistance
Guided Research In Biology Crab Morpho-Species
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Crab Morphos Species
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Impact Of Malathion
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Malathion Resistance
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Panopeids And Pesticides
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Parasites And Panopeids
Marine Biology
Marine Biology Lab
Special Research Problems Kelp Distribution
Special Research Problems Marine Ecology
Thesis Research Indirect Effects Ecology
Thesis Research Indirect Effects Of Ecology
Thesis Research Kelp Biogeography
Thesis Research Marine Ecology

Research Interests

Marine biology, evolution and ecology of marine organisms, biology of invasive species, predator-prey interactions, phenotypic plasticity, trait-mediated indirect interactions

Grants/Sponsored Research

New Hampshire SeaGrant, 2009-2010

Australian Research Council International Fellowship, 2009-2010

Refereed Articles

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A. S. Freeman, A. Frischeisen and A. M. H. Blakeslee (2016), Estuarine fouling communities are dominated by nonindigenous species in the presence of an invasive crab. Biological Invasions.

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Freeman, A. S., Blakeslee, A. M. H. and Fowler, A. E. (2013), Northward expansion of the rhizocephalan Loxothylacus panopaei (Gissler, 1884) in the northwest Atlantic. Aquatic Invasions, 8 (3), 347-353.

Freeman, A. S., Wright, J. T., Hewitt, C. L., Campbell, M. L. and Szeto, K. (2013), A gastropod's induced behavioral and morphological responses to invasive Carcinus maenas in Australia indicate a lack of novelty advantage. Biological Invasions, 15, 1795-1805.

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