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Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis (2009)
The Psychodynamic Program, The American Institute for Psychoanalysis of the Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Institute & Center (2000)
MS, Columbia University School of Social Work (1997)
BS, University of Pittsburgh (1995)

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Foundations Of Social Work Practice II
Social Work And Social Science

Research Interests

My research focuses on intimate partner violence in immigrant communities, in particular Latino communities, and the development and evaluation of culturally tailored domestic violence interventions.

Grants/Sponsored Research

Adelphi University Faculty Development Grant ($4,000 awarded 2015): Women's Wellbeing Study, Bridgetown, Barbados. Stavroula Kyriakakis, Principal Investigator with Co-Investigator, Sadie Goddard Durant.

Book Chapters

Torres, L.R., Kyriakakis, S. Zayas, L.H. (2009). Culturally competent assessment of Latinos. In Rich Furman, Nalini Junko Negi, Derek Kenji Iwamoto, Diana Rowan, Allison Shukraft and Jennifer Gragg (Eds.). Social Work Practice with Latinos. Chicago: Lyceum Books, Inc..

Refereed Articles

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Kyriakakis, S., Waller, B., Kagotho, N., & Edmond, T. (2014), Conducting Safe Research with At-Risk Populations: Design Strategies from a Study with Unauthorized Immigrant Women Experiencing Intimate Abuse. Qualitative Social Work.

Kagotho, N. and Kyriakakis, S. (2014), Disclosure of HIV Sero-status to Community Service Providers and Household Well-Being in Kenya. Journal of HIV/AIDS Social Service.

Kyriakakis, S., Panchanadeswaran, S. & Edmond, T. (2014), Mexican immigrant women searching for a solution to intimate partner abuse: common breaking points and type of help needed. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies.

Kyriakakis, S. (2014), Mexican Immigrant Women Reaching Out: The role of Informal Networks in the Process of Seeking Help for Intimate Partner Violence. Violence Against Women, 20 (9), 1097-1116.

Kyriakakis, S., Araujo, B. & Edmond, T. (2012), Mexican immigrant survivors of intimate partner abuse: determinations and descriptions of abuse. Violence & Victims, 27(4).

Boland, S., Biswas, B., Kyriakakis, S., Edmond, T. (2011), Transcending the Negative: Spiritual Struggles and Resilience in Older Women Trauma Survivors. Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging, 23(3), 1-20.

Hovmand, P.S., Ford, D.N., Flom, I. & Kyriakakis, S. (2009), Victims arrested for domestic violence: unintended consequences of arrest policies. System Dynamics Review, 25(3), 161-181.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Quiros, L., Kyriakakis, S. (2011). Raising the voice: the empowerment of oppressed and marginalized women of color through the qualitative research process. In Seventh International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Urbana-Champaign.

Quiros, L., Daniel, C. L., Gregg, G. & Kyriakakis, S. (2010). Keeping and crossing boundaries: negotiating identities in qualitative research. In Sixth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Urbana-Champaign.

Panchadadeswaran, S., Kyriakakis, S., Chaudhuri, K., Roldan, M. (2010). Straddling the challenges of service provision to Latino/a and South Asian survivors of intimate partner violence in the United States- practitioners perspectives. In Fourth Annual International Conference on Sociology, Mini-Conference on Violence against Women. Athens.

Bunger, A., Hovmand, P.S., Kyriakakis, S. (2010). Exploring organizational roles in domestic violence service systems: a network approach. In Society for Social Work Research January 2010 Annual Conference. San Francisco.

Kyriakakis, S., Fortuna, L. and Zayas, L.H. (2007). Understanding the high rate of suicide attempts among Latina adolescents: the role of boyfriends and dating relationships. In American Psychological Association Annual Convention. San Francisco.

Kyriakakis, S. and Zayas, L.H.. (2006). Suicide attempts among adolescent Latinas in the United States. In International Association of Schools of Social Work Biannual Congress. Santiago, Chile.