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PhD Art Education, New York University (2008)
MA Art and Art Education, California State University, Long Beach (2001)
BAE in Visual Art Education, University of Kansas (1986)

Recent Courses

Introduction To Art And Design Education
S/T: Art And Technology: High- Tech/Low-Tech
S/T: Seminar In The Arts: Art & Technology: High-Tech/ Low Tech
Student Teaching In Art Education
Teaching & Learning Aesthetics

Personal Statement

My belief that education can contribute to a more just society and world provides the foundation of my philosophy of teaching in the arts. My work towards carrying out this vision as an artist and an educator is informed by my teaching, my art practice and a series of core values. These values are comprised of respect for self and others, valuing difference, reflective practice, and social responsibility. While each informs my work as an artist and educator, it is the interrelationship between them that provides the basis for the personal and social transformation I believe possible through art education.

I take an eclectic approach to my teaching, drawing upon different approaches to art education including multicultural, visual culture, community-based, social justice and arts integration. Through a combination of these approaches, my curriculum and pedagogy aims to promote in my students, and myself a deeper understanding of who we are in relation to ourselves as well as to the broader social and cultural landscape in which we live. The arts are often the sole remaining place in the curriculum where embodied, experiential learning still exists � where interacting with materials forms the basis for extended critical learning, risk taking, creative play, and innovative expression. Creating these kinds of spaces as a way of assisting my students with linking theory to practice is a primary aim in my teaching.

Check out my blog at http://www.contemporaryarted.com for more information.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Curriculum and Pedagogy in Art and Design Education, Arts-Based Learning, Social Justice in Art and Design Education, Service-Learning in the Arts, Arts and Community Development, Arts and Human Rights, Fostering Joy in Learning

Research Interests

Social Justice/Restorative Justice and the Arts
The Role of Play in Art and Design Education
Art, Design and Community Development
The Capability Approach in Art and Design Education

Grants/Sponsored Research

Maguire, C., McCallum, R., Gollopeni, R. Principle Investigators (2014). 5th Year Anniversary Retrospective Catalogue: Fellbach-Haus, Adelphi University and ArtsAction Group, Adelphi University Faculty Grant.

Adelphi University Research Release Award (2012).

Adelphi University Technology Grant Award (2011). Action research utilizing Flip Cameras with art education students.

Adelphi University Research Release Award (2010).

Adelphi Faculty Development Grant. Building a Culture of Peace: A Practice-based Art and Design Research Project in Suhareka, Kosovo. Travel to Suhareka, Kosovo to engage children and youth in peace education through the arts with a subsequent exhibition documenting the experience through practice-based research in art. (2009)

Annenberg Foundation, Annenberg Institute for School Reform and New Visions for Public Schools, Systems of Arts Learning. Designed and directed mixed-methods research study looking at systems of arts learning and subsequent impact on capability and youth development in 4 small high schools in New York City (2006-2009).

Arts Education Partnership, Ford Foundation, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, A Study on the Feasibility of Expanding the Ford Foundation's Arts Initiatives in Alameda County, CA. (2008).

New York University, Doctoral Research Grant, Building Community through the Arts at the District Six Museum in Cape Town, South Africa (2007).

Universal Studios, Education is Universal, North Hollywood, CA. Designed virtual art gallery for North Hollywood High School Art Department (2001, 2002).

City of Los Angeles Cultural Grants, Woodrow Wilson High School, Integrating the Arts and Science. Designed interdisciplinary curriculum incorporating scientific methods with art education (2000).

National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, Michael Jordan Grant, Exploring Family, Self & Cultural Histories through Art. Designed multicultural art education curriculum unit for high school art program Woodrow Wilson High School, Los Angeles, CA. (2000).


ArtsAction Group (2015). Imagining and Acting to Change Our World. New York, NY: Blurb.

Artistic/Creative Work

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"Outside My Window: Western Sahara". Camp Boujdour Primary School with Everett, B., Sulaiman, M., Hnizdo, E. Elmohands and including artwork by children and youth from Kosovo and the USA. Camp Boujdour, Algeria. November 2014.

"Outside My Window". Curator. Woodstock Artists Association and Museum, Woodstock, NY. Contributors include children and youth from Kosovo, USA, Western Sahara and Adelphi University students and teaching artists from the Adelphi UG Art & Design Education program. September 2014.

"Family Trade". Clay on Main, Oley, PA. August 2013.

"First Theranda Animation Film Festival". Juror for the Theranda Animation Festival. The festival is an outgrowth of an on-going community arts project collectively designed and implemented by US and Kosovar artists and cultural workers. Theranda, Kosovo. August 2013.

"Western Sahara Human Rights Festival". Collaboratively directed a Human Rights festival with focus on arts and culture that included Adelphi students and students from the Abidin Kaid Saleh Audiovisual School at the Western Saharwi 27th of February refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria via Skype. Festival included visual arts, dance, music and spoken word. Adelphi University. May 2013.

"One Million Bones". Coordinate Adelphi University's participation in One Million Bones, a large-scale social arts practice to raise awareness of ongoing genocides led by artist Naomi Natale. (2012-13). http://www.onemillionbones.org/. May 2013.

"Drawing Threads Triangle Factory Memorial Exhibition". Drawing Threads consists of 146 squares bearing the names of the men and women who perished in the fire. They are handmade by dozens of artists who worked in techniques including calligraphy, needlepoint, quilting, and other fiber art methods. Drawing Threads is curated by artist Pamela Koehler. Rockeville, NY. April 2013.

"Quilt of Aspirations". Adelphi UG Art Education & Mineola High School ELL students' quilt created as part of an arts and literacy project & the Dream Rocket Project. Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, Topeka, KS. April 2013.

"World Savvy Population & Progress Collaborator's Guide". Two digital prints are included as illustration and content for the curriculum guide. (juried). on-line. March 2013.

"Drawing Connections". (juried exhibition, catalog). Fort Worth, TX. March 2013.

"Postcard Project II: Feminist Remix". http://naeawcvoices.wordpress.com/. on-line. February 2013.

"Objective Mediterraneo – Dialogue Between Cultures". (invited artist, catalog in-press). Istanbul, Turkey. December 2012.

"Sharjah International Biennial". Student work from Artistic Noise/Brentwood Residential Center, Office of Children and Family Services, and Mineola High School ELL Program, Long Island (juried exhibition). United Arab Emirates. November 2012.

"Annual Member Show". Blackburn 20/20, New York, NY. October 2012.

"Authors and Artists Exhibition". Swirlbul Library, Garden City, NY. October 2012.

"Change Your Words, Change the World". Collaborative, community art project with children and youth from Long Island. Long Island, NY and Wangige, Kenya. August 2012.

"Exposure". Work by Artistic Noise youth. (catalog). Harlem, NY. June 2012.

"Animating Our Worlds: First Annual Animation Festival Suhareka". Collaborative community animation project with Robert McCallum, Refki, Gallapeni, Dana Helwick, Ana Ferdandez, Emma Exley and youth from Suhareka, Kosovo. Suhareka, Kosovo. March 2012.

"The Sketchbook Project". Collaborative Project with Adelphi Undergraduate Art Education Students. USA, International. February 2012.

"Art Faculty Exhibition". University Center Gallery, Garden City, NY. November 2011.

"Annual Member Show". Blackburn 20/20, New York, NY. October 2011.

"Authors and Artists Exhibition". Swirlbul Library, Garden City, NY. October 2011.

"Made By Hand: Artists and Students Respond to Triangle Factory Fire". Curator. March 2011.

"Mapping Suhareka!". Collaborative community arts project with Robert McCallum and youth from Suhareka, Kosovo. Fellbach-Haus, Kosovo. March 2011.

"Made By Hand". (juried exhibition, catalog). Cooper Union Great Hall, New York, NY. March 2011.

"Creativity, Imagination, Innovation". (juried exhibition, catalog), National Art Education Association Women's Caucus. Seattle, WA. March 2011.

"Postcard Project". On-line gallery NAEA Women's Caucus. Voice Be Heard site. February 2011.

"Snap to Grid". Los Angeles. November 2010.

"Artists and Authors Exhibition". Swirlbul Library, Garden City, NY. September 2010.

"Visualizing Social Justice". National Art Education Association Women's Caucus (juried exhibition, catalog). Baltimore, MD. April 2010.

"Gwangwhamoon International Art Exhibition". (juried exhibition, catalog). Beijing, China. August 2009.

"Convertible Stimulation". (juried exhibition, catalog). Los Angeles, CA. July 2009.

"National Art Education Association Women's Caucus Slide Show". Showcase of recent work with other artist educators at the National Art Education Association Convention (juried exhibition, catalog on-line). http://naeawc.net/exhibitions.html. Minneapolis, MN. April 2009.

"The Multiplicities on Cultural Crossing". (juried exhibition, catalog). Seoul, Korea. April 2009.

"Art Faculty Exhibition". Ruth S. Harley University Center Gallery, Garden City, NY. August 2008.

"Family Ties". Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts. April 2008.

"Anamesa". Journal of visual and written creative work (juried). New York Interdisciplinary Journal. September 2003.

"Remember This: A Collaborative Post-it Installation". (juried exhibition) with students from East Los Angeles, CA. Vincent Price Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. February 2000.

"Community Voices". Group exhibition with students from East Los Angeles, CA. Woodrow Wilson High School, Los Angeles, CA. November 1998.

"Rockies to the Pacific". (juried exhibition). SITE Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. September 1998.

"Living in L.A.". East Los Angeles Metro Customer Service Center. http://www.metro.net/about/art/artworks/customer-center/#2. Los Angeles, CA. May 1998.

"Outside In". (juried exhibition). William Turner Gallery, Venice, CA. February 1998.

"Thread". (juried exhibition). Spanish Kitchen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. September 1997.

"Los Angeles Juried Exhibition". Barnsdall Art Center, Los Angeles, CA. July 1997.

"Graduate Art Exhibition". (juried exhibition). Merlino Gallery, Cal State University, Long Beach. May 1996.

"Devil in a Blue Dress". (juried exhibition). Da Gallery, Claremont, CA. February 1996.

Book Chapters

Maguire, C., T. Lenihan (2014). Social Justice in Art Education: Fostering the Capabilities of Individuals and Enhancing Collective Solidarities. In M. Buffington & S. Wilson McKay (Eds.). Practice theory: Seeing the power of teacher researchers. Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Maguire, C. (2009). Fostering capabilities: The practice of peace and social justice in contemporary art education. In E. Ndura-Ouedraogo, R. Amster (Eds.). Building Cultures of Peace: Transdisciplinary Voices of Hope and Action. (pp. 28-43). Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Refereed Articles

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Maguire, C., Mishook, J., Garcia, I., de Gaillande, G. (2013), Creating multiple pathways in the Arts: A New York City case study. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14(10).

Maguire, C. (2012), Imagining and Acting to Change Our World. Her Circle: A Magazine of Women's Creative Arts & Activism.

Maguire, C., Donovan, C., Mishook, J., de Gaillande, G., Garcia, I. (2012), Choosing a life one has reason to value: The role of the arts in fostering capability development in five small urban high schools. Cambridge Journal of Education, 42, 367-390.

Ascher, C., Maguire, C. (2011), Beating the Odds. Education Digest, 76, Issue 5, 13.

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Maguire, C. (2009), Book Review: Higher education: Shaping a life of the mind for practice. National Art Education Association News, 51(2).

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Maguire, C. (2004), Student Voices in Community Art: September 11th. Journal of Democracy and Education, 15 (3-4), 113-14.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Maguire, C. (2014, June). Social Justice Art Education in Practice. New York University, New York, NY.

Maguire, C., McCallum, R. (2013, November). Arts and Human Rights in Art Education. VII ARTifariti, International Encounters of Art and Human Rights, Wilaya of Boujdour-Sahrawi Refugee Camps, Algeria.

Maguire, C. (2013, January). Imagining and Acting to Change Our World: An International Arts Collaboration in Suhareka, Kosovo. Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA.

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Maguire, C. (1997, April). Teaching Art, Sharing Experiences. California State University, Long Beach.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Ord, T., Maguire, C. (2015). Arts-Based Activism Towards Liberation: The Case of the Western Sahara. In 6th European Conference on African Studies. Sorbonne and Panthéon, Paris, France.

Maguire, C., McCallum, R., Maroulis, K., Pastore, L. (2015). Making Design thinking Visible: A K-16 collaboration. In National Art Education Association. New Orleans, LA.

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Maguire, C. (1999). Installation Art in the High School Curriculum. In NETWORK of Performing and Visual Arts Schools, Crossing the Divide. Denver, CO.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Teaching Artist, Artistic Noise: http://www.artisticnoise.org/

Honors and Accomplishments

Service Learning Award, Mineola High School, (2012; 2013).

Qualitative Education and Research (QUERI) Social Justice Scholarship (2006).

New York University, Tuition Scholarship (2004-2006).

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Summer Teacher Institute Scholarship (2003).

United States Institute of Peace, Summer Institute for Teachers Scholarship, Washington, DC. (2003).

Target Teachers Scholarship for the Study of Spanish (1999).

Professional Activities

Facilitate series of STEAM Professional Development sessions Freeport School District, Long Island, NY.

College Art Association, Education Committee elected member, (2010-2014).

American Educational Research Association, Member, Division B Curriculum Studies & Division K Teaching & Teacher Education, Visual Arts and Peace Education SIGS (2009-present).

International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) (2009-present).

Human Development and Capability Association (2007-present).

National Art Education Association and Women's Caucus (1999- present).

Community and Corporate Leadership

Director ArtsAction Group, international community-based collective committed to facilitating arts initiatives with children and youth in conflict-affected environments (2013 - present). http://www.artsactiongroup.org

Co-Director Creative Art Start,K-8 after-school and summer art camp (2006-present). http://www.creativeartstart.com/

Program Organizer, Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Conflict Resolution: Teaching an International Peacebuilding Perspective Workshop, Adelphi University, March 15-16 (2010)

Cultural Academy of South Africa, Advisory Board Member (2007-2011).

Member, Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Adolescents and Youth Task Team (AYTT) (2006-present).

Loyola Marymount University ARTsmart Advisory Board Member (2002-2010)

Testimony before the State of California's Assembly Committee on Education (February 2002)

Licenses & Certifications

Certification in Visual Arts: NY, PA, MO