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Doctorate: Art & Art Education, Columbia University Teachers College (2008)
Masters: Arts in Education, Harvard University (2004)
Bachelors of Art: Visual Art, English Literature, Elementary Education, Northeastern University (2003)

Recent Courses

Masters Seminar In Art Education
Teaching & Learning Aesthetics

Personal Statement

Art education could be seen as an umbrella field because it reaches out to so many important facets of human development and learning. As a teacher educator, I endeavor to emphasize interdisciplinary learning, craft and sensory experience, equality issues of cultural and gender expression, and critical thinking through aesthetic inquiry. My work and processes as an artist, educator, and researcher are unified and informed by experimentation, visualization, and collaboration. I admire Maxine Greene, who once wrote that the arts should be "wild, accessible, and yet not too easy." This balance may be applied to teaching the arts as well.

Discover more about Adelphi University's Art Education masters program:

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Arts in Education
Arts in Classroom Teaching
Art Across the Curriculum/Interdisciplinary Learning
Gender Studies and Feminist Pedagogy
Sculpture, Assemblage, and Ceramics
Book Arts, Sculptural Bookmaking, and Zines

Research Interests

Gender and Visual Culture
Community Arts
Studio Crafts
Digital Learning Communities
Art Education Research Methodologies

Grants/Sponsored Research

Adelphi University Instructional Technology Grant. 2012-2013.
Awarded a technology grant in support of coursework in graduate art education.

Alfred D. Bell Fellowship Grant: Forest History and Art Education. 2010-2011.
Awarded a travel grant in support of publications, presentations, and artwork addressing ecology and art education.

Hastings-on-Hudson Parent Teacher Student Association Mini Grant in Art. 2011.
Awarded a grant for teaching honoraria and to purchase supplies for high school art teaching.

Adelphi University International Faculty Development Seminar Grant: 2009.
Awarded a grant to attend “Contemporary Mexico through Art, Literature, and Cinema”

Adelphi University School of Education Technology Grant: 2009.
Awarded a grant to purchase and utilize curriculum materials: "AdBusters Media Empowerment and Critical Literacy of Popular Images.

Radford University Art Education Grant: 2008.
Awarded a grant for the Art Education program to create murals at local school sites.

“No Child Left Behind” Artsonia Art Educator Grant: 2003 - 2004.
Awarded school grant to create a web gallery of student art work.


Weida, C. L. (2011). Artistic Ambivalence in Clay: Portraits of Pottery, Ceramics, and Gender. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Artistic/Creative Work

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"Blanket Stories Online Project and Exhibition". Juried online project and exhibition at Teachers College Columbia University: http://www.blanketstories.net/courtney-weida/. Columbia University: New York, NY. May 2014.

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition". http://www.wahcenter.net/exhibits/2014/wahsalon/. Brooklyn, NY. January 2014.

"The Art & Craft of Research". In this exhibit, Courtney explores the relationship between art teaching histories and contemporary community arts projects. Rockville Centre Public Library: Rockville Centre, NY. December 2013.

"Exquisite Uterus Project". Group exhibition of hand-made art based upon the image and symbol of the female uterus, curated by Helen Klebesadel and Alison Gates. Union Gallery at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. September 2013.

"Bound and Unbound II: Altered Book Exhibition". 2nd annual international, juried exhibition of the Art and Exhibits Committee of University Libraries, curated by Karen Bondarchuk. University of South Dakota. August 2013.

"Drawing Threads Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Memorial Exhibition". "Drawing Threads consists of 146 squares bearing the names of the men and women who perished in the fire. They are handmade by dozens of talented artists who worked in techniques including calligraphy, needlepoint, quilting, and other fiber art methods. Drawing Threads is curated by artist Pamela Koehler". Rockeville Centre Library. March 2013.

"Book As Art". Juried group exhibition at Cooperative Gallery. Binghampton, NY. February 2013.

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition". Juried group show. Brooklyn, NY. January 2013.

"Public/Private Exquisite Uterus Project". Juried group exhibition of feminist art. Woman Made Gallery: Chicago IL. January 2013.

"MULTIPLES: Radical Printmaking Exhibition". "A night of art, music, and performance". Bluestockings: New York, NY. November 2012.

"Home Exhibition". Collaborative installation centered on topic of home. Casita Maria Center for Art & Education, Bronx NY. October 2012.

"Grand Harvest Group Exhibition". Juried group exhibition centered around the concept of harvest. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. October 2012.

"Power, Politics, and Performance". Invitational, collaborative exhibition as part of Women's Studies Conference. Madison, WI. September 2012.

"Art House Co-op: Sketchbook Project and Exhibition". Group exhibition and project: http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject2012. Brooklyn, NY. June 2012.

"Cyberfeast III: Kitchen Gallery Exhibition". Invited group exhibition documenting food and mealtimes with hand-drawn napkins. Park Bank National Art Gallery: Battavia, OH. May 2012.

"Paradise Lost Exhibition". Juried group exhibition of works based upon John Milton's poem: Paradise Lost. Brooklyn, NY. April 2012.

"National Art Education Association Convention Exhibition: International Fiber Collaborative.". assistant curator for large group exhibition during annual National Art Education Association Convention http://www.internationalfibercollaborative.com/. New York, NY. April 2012.

"Drift Station Temporary Library Gallery Exhibition: Zine Bookstore". Group exhibition of zines and handmade books. Lincoln, NB. March 2012.

"Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition". Juried group show: http://www.wahcenter.net/exhibits/2012/WAHsalon/. Williamsburg. January 2012.

"Annual Community Art Show". "The community art show is aimed to foster a greater understanding of art therapy as well as to connect and showcase the artistic talents of local high school students, Hofstra University students, alumni, and faculty and community members.". Hofstra University. November 2011.

"DĂ­a de los Muertos Exhibition". Juried group exhibition of recent work. The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs. November 2011.

"Adelphi Artists and Authors Exhibition". Original art, published research, and writing by Adelphi faculty and staff. Adelphi University, Garden City. September 2011.

"Love in a Time of AIDS". Group exhibition and performance benefit event. Le Petit Versailles, New York, NY. September 2011.

"PINK Exhibition". "During the Month of May Studio 659 is featuring the show PINK. All art will feature the color pink and can be anything from paintings, sculptures, installations, photography and more.". Studio 659. May 2011.

"Art From Detritus: Upcycling with Imagination". "'Art from Detritus' continues the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people. This exhibit serves as a creative reminder that trash can be not only recycled, but also reused, to create beautiful and unique objects of art." http://www.wahcenter.net/exhibits/2011/artfromdetritus/. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center. April 2011.

"Paragraph Gallery PAGES: Book as Medium, Catalyst, Venue Exhibition". Juried group exhibition. Kansas City, MO. December 2010.

"Columbia University Teachers College Alumni Exhibition". Practice what you preach: A juried group exhibition of artist teachers. Macy Gallery: New York, NY. October 2010.

"Adelphi University Artists and Authors Exhibition". Group exhibition of artworks and publications. Garden City, NY. September 2010.

"Adelphi University Art Faculty Exhibition". Group exhibition of art faculty. Garden City, NY. September 2010.

"Graphic Novels: Works in Progress". Group exhibition of artists' graphica. New York Open Center: New York, NY. August 2010.

"Serve and Project Cyberfeast Exhibition". Online exhibition of documentation, art, and blogging about food. online. July 2010.

"Art From Detritus Gallery Exhibition". Juried group exhibition of art with recycled materials. Turner Falls, MA. June 2010.

"International Fiber Collaborative Installation: Rocket Project". Group installation of fiber project for Gas Station site http://www.internationalfibercollaborative.com/html/gasstation.html. Syracuse, NY. May 2010.

"Curious Matter “Ecstatic” Exhibition". Juried group exhibition relating to concept of ecstasy. Curious Matter Gallery: Jersey City, NY. April 2010.

"Art House Co-op: Color Project Book and Exhibition". Book and exhibition dedicated to the color red. Brooklyn, NY. March 2010.

"Paradigm Shift: Feminism Exhibition". Digital exhibition of works of art pertaining to feminisms. online. February 2010.

"How to do Things with Words and Other Materials: Artist Books Show-and-tell". Group memorial exhibition of artists books in honor of Eve Sedgwick. CUNY Graduate Center: New York, NY. January 2010.

"Sumei Food for Thought Exhibition". Juried group exhibition resulting from artist salon of local artists. Newark, NY. December 2009.

"Crafting for a Cause Exhibition/Event". Group exhibition benefit event. Express Yourself Studio: Maplewood, NJ. October 2009.

"Adelphi University Artists and Authors Exhibition". Group exhibition on art and publications. Garden City, NY. September 2009.

"National Art Education Association Women’s Caucus Event". Juried group slideshow of artworks at annual National Art Education Association Convention. Minneapolis, MN. March 2009.

"National Art Education Association Artisan Gallery Gala". Artisan group gallery event during annual National Art Education Association Convention. Minneapolis, MN. March 2009.

"Creative Cups Exhibition and Auction". Garden City, NY. March 2009.

"Adelphi University Art Department Faculty Show". Group exhibition of art faculty. Garden City, NY. October 2008.

"Northeastern University Featured Art Alumni Exhibition and Article". online. October 2008.

"Buy This, Wear That Art Group Exhibition". Juried group exhibition. Anton Art Center: Mount Clemens, MI. September 2008.

"Ceramics exhibition". Solo exhibition and artist lecture. Opus 99: Cambridge, MA. August 2008.

Book Chapters

Weida, C. L. (2014). Portraiture, Pottery, and Pedagogy: Examining Portraiture Methodology in the Contexts of Ceramics and Teaching. In Buffington, M & McKay, S. (Eds.). Practice Theory: Seeing the Power of Art Teacher Researchers. (pp. 168-172). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Weida, C. L. (2012). "Soft Stuff": Community, Identity, and Contemporary Craft in Education. In Campbell, L. & Simmons, S. (Eds.). The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration, & Transformation. (pp. 141-148). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Weida, C (2012). Counterculture, Craftsmanship, and Cyberspace Connectivity: Considerations of Contemporary Feminist Zines in/as/of Art Education. In Collingwood, S; Quintana, A; & Smith, C (Eds.). Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogy in Transition. (pp. 33-50). Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Weida, C with Jennifer Marsh (2011). Weaving Provocations for Social Change. In Editor Cheryl L. McLean, Associate Editor Robert Kelly (Eds.). Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change. (pp. 109-123). Calgary, AB, Canada: Detselig Temeron Press.

Weida, C. L. (2009). Subversively Discursive Digital Communities of Craft. In Co-Editors: Elizabeth Delacruz, Alice Arnold, Ann Kuo, Michael Parsons (Eds.). G.L.O.B.A.L.I.Z.A.T.I.O.N: Art & Education. (pp. 111-117). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Refereed Articles

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Weida, C. L. (2014), Black Mountain College Women on Clay, Craft & Nature: Marguerite Wildenhain, Mary Caroline “M.C.” Richards, and Karen Karnes. The Black Mountain College Studies Journal, 6.

Karr, V. & Weida, C. L. (2014), Superhero Comic Books as Frameworks of Inclusivity and Advocacy for Youth With Disabilities. Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, 30, 10-31.

Weida, C. L, Bradbury, C. & Edwards, K. (2013), Guerrilla Girlhood Glitter Guild: Researching Hidden Hoards of Tween Treasures. Journal of Visual Culture & Gender, 8, 7-20.

Weida, C. L. (2013), Feminist Zines: (Pre)Occupations of Gender Identity, Politics, and Digital Cultures. Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 33, 67-85.

Weida, C. L., & Marsh, J. (2013), Soft and Sustainable Studio Work: Recycling Media, Representing Ecology, and Re-envisioning Craft With the International Fiber Collaborative. Journal of Art for Life, 5, 1-26.

Weida, C. L. (2013), Frederick Froebel’s philosophies of drawing: Play, representation and invention. Visual Inquiry: Teaching & Learning Art, 2, 43-54.

Weida, C. L. (2011), Born from Books: Digital Spaces of Adolescent Art and Echoes of Artists’ Books. Media: Culture: Pedagogy, 15.

Weida, C. L. (2011), Wonder(ing) Women: Investigating Gender Politics and Art Education within Graphica. Journal of Visual Culture and Gender, 6, 99-108.

Weida, C. L. (2011), Revising/Revising Art and Home: (Be)Longing and Identity in Out-of-School Art Education settings. Teaching Artist Journal, 9, 145-155.

Weida, C. L. (2011), Gender, Aesthetics, and Sexuality in Play: Uneasy Lessons from Girls’ Dolls and Action Figures. The Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 31.

Weida, C. L. (2010), Flesh Pots and Clay Bodies. Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, 15, 17-26.

Weida, C. L. (2010), Exploring the Book(Cases): The Art of Books, Museums, and Digital Culture. Guild of Book Workers Journal, 2009-2010, 74-80.

Weida, C. L. (2007), Technopotters and Webs of Clay: Digital Possibilities in Ceramics Education. Teaching Artist Journal, 5, 183-190.

Weida, C. L. (2007), Re-searching Ambivalence and Female Potters. Spaces: Arts and Humanities Journal.

Weida, C. L. (2006), En-gendering Clay: Her Stories in Ceramics. Terra Cotta Journal, 1.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Weida, C. L. (2012, March). Notable Women in Art. Long Island Art League, Dix Hills, NY.

Weida, C. (2010, April). Digital and Handmade: (En)gendering Identity Through Crafts(Wo)manship and Zines. Feminism, Autonomy, Diversity, and Gender Expression Festival, Charter Oak Cultural Center.

Weida, C. L. (2009, November). Glimpses of Guanajuato: Art and Culture from an Educator's Perspective. City University of New York.

Weida, C. L. (2009, July). Metaphors of Motherhood in Ceramics. Columbia University Teachers College.

Weida, C. L. (2009, July). Controversial Directions in Contemporary Feminist Art. City University of New York.

Weida, C. L. (2008, July). Images of Women in Popular Culture. City University of New York.

Weida, C. L. (2008, May). Frida Kahlo, She-Ra, and Guerilla Girls: Gender and Art Education. Columbia University Teachers College.

Weida, C. L. (2007, January). Ceramics Studio Lecture and Demonstration. St. Joseph's College.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Weida, C. L. (2013). Frederick Froebel’s Influences On Drawing Education: Reclaiming Invention and Play in Mark-Making. In Thinking Through Drawing Symposium. Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY.

Weida, C. L. and Bradbury, C. (2013). Comparing Pre-Adolescent Female Visual Culture Artifacts with Historic Hoards. In Media In Transition 8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Weida, C. L. (2012). Exploring Nature Through Trees, Papermaking, and Books. In NY State Outdoor Education Conference. Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY.

Weida, C.; Bradbury, C.; & Edwards, K. (2012). Violent Remains: Past and Future. In BABEL Working Group Biennial Conference: The Question of Disciplinarity in the Post/Medieval University. Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Staikidis, K.; Sweeny, R. & Weida, C. L. (2012). Journal of Social Theory in Art Education: Author Roundtable. In National Art Education Association Convention. New York, NY.

Weida, C. L. (2011). Counterculture, Craftsmanship, and Cyberspace: Considerations of Contemporary Feminist Zines in/as/of Education. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Media In Transition 7. Cambridge, MA.

Weida, C. L. (2011). (Un)Masking Artists: Considering Costumes, Performance Art, and Puppetry in Art Education. In Puppetry and Postdramatic Performance. University of Connecticut - Storrs.

Wilson, A.; Lewis, H.; Weida, C.; and Lamour Sansone, K. (2011). Art And Design Inquiry As Part Of The Creative Process. In National Art Education Association. Seattle, WA.

Adeniji-Neil, Dolapo; Concannon-Gibney, Tara; and Weida, C. L (2011). Weaving Story Through Social Studies, Literacy, and Visual Art Education. In Imagination and Storytelling Conference. Garden City, NY.

Weida, C. L. (2010). Gender, Aesthetics, and Sexuality in Play: Uneasy Lessons from Girls’ Dolls and Action Figures. In Women's Studies Conference. Marist College.

Elizabeth Delacruz, Michele Bae, Sheng Kwan Chung, Phyllis Hill, Nancy Parks, Courtney Weida, Ann Kuo (2010). Re-forming Art Education through a Global-Culture Framework: Digital Media and Sites for Creative/Cultural/Educational Practices. In National Art Education Association. Baltimore, MD.

Weida, C. L. (2010). Feminist Arts, Activism & Education. In Annual Conference on Women & Gender. University of Connecticut.

Weida, J. C. and Weida, C. L. (2009). A Declaration of Rights of Women Artists in Academia: The Feminist Canon and Syllabus. In City University of New York Feminist Pedagogy Conference: The Praxis of Feminist Pedagogy. New York, NY.

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Weida, C. L. (2009). Material Cultures and Artists’ Codices: Museum Education through Artists’ Books. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Media In Transition 6. Cambridge, MA.

Weida, C. L. (2009). Ambivalences of Art: Nuance, Contradiction, and Duality in the Words and Works of Women in Contemporary Ceramics. In National Art Education Association. Minneapolis, MN.

Weida, C. L. (2009). Aesthetics of Action Figures and Superheroes: Identity Politics in Popular Media. In National Art Education Association. Minneapolis, MN.

Weida, C. L. (2009). Aesthetics of Action Heroes and Cultures of Comics: Gender Politics in Graphica. In Fordham University Graphica and Education Conference. New York, NY.

Weida, C. L. (2008). Aesthetics and Subversive Imagination in Play: Girls’ Dolls and Action Figures. In Southern Connecticut State University Womens Studies Conference. New Haven, CT.

Weida, C. L. (2008). Considering Controversy in/of Art Appreciation. In Art Education: To What End. New York University.

Weida, C. L. (2007). Gender and Physicality in Ceramics Practice. In National Art Education Association. New York, NY.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work



International Fiber Collaborative, Islands Institute: Artist, Researcher

NYC, LI schools: Teaching Artist

Professional Activities

Editorial Board Member, Evental Aesthetics Journal

Member, National Art Education Association

Member, National Art Education Association Women's Caucus

Community and Corporate Leadership

President, International Fiber Collaborative Board

Board Member, Academic Committee for the Museum of Motherhood Initiative