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Ph.D, New York University (1977)
M.S., University of Michgan (1961)
B.A., Brooklyn College, CUNY (1960)

Recent Courses

Acquired Language Disorders
Current Issues In Speech Language Pathology Audiology
Research Methods In Communication Sciences And Disorders

Personal Statement

My philosopphy of teaching reflects my desire to prepare future colleagues for successful practice in speech-language pathology. I believe in sharing with students, not only texts and materials, but my years of clinical experience and research.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Specialization: Language Disorders secondary to stroke; neurogenic cognitive disorders; Motor speech disorders in adults.

Research Interests

1) Language problems associated with Dementia and other disorders
2) Diagnosis and treatment of language disorders secondary to stroke
3) Use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) in patients with Apahasia and Dementia
4) Apraxia and Dysarthria in adults

Grants/Sponsored Research

Effect of Alternative & Augmentative Communication by caregivers in Alzheimer's Disease (with R. Goldfarb, C. Arrroyo), Faculty Development Grant, Adelphi University, $3,500, 1/1/08. 3/30/09 Extension granted to 8/31/09.


West, J.F., Sands, E.S. (1998). BEST 2. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed Publishers.

Book Chapters

Fitch-West, J. & Sands, E.S. (2011). Chapter 40; Patricia: A Case of Severe Wernicke's (Receptive) Aphasia Due to an Underlying Malignancy. In Chabon,S., & Cohn,E. (Eds.). Clinical Casebook in Speech Languoage Pathology. (pp. 345-350). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Refereed Articles

Fabus, R., Sands, E., Springer, C. & Dondorf, K. (2015), The relationship between perceptions of caregiving and carer contributions in an interview situation with a partner with aphasia. Aphasiology.

Arroyo, C.G., Goldfarb, R. & Sands, E. (Accepted for publication), Use of Alternative-Augmentative Communication by Caregivers in Severe Aphasia: A Case Report. Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; Applied Behavior Analysis.

Sands, E., Freeman, F., & Harris, K. (1978), Progressive Changes in Articulatory Patterns in Verbal Apraxia: A Longitudinal Case Study. Brain and Language, 6, 97-105.

Freeman, F., Sands, E., & Ross, Swain D. (1978), Temporal Coordination of PHonation and Articulation in a Case of Verbal Apraxia: A Voice Onset Time Study. Brain and Language, 6, 106-111.

Sarno, M. & Sands, E. (1970), An Objective Method for the Evaluation of Speech Therapy in Aphasia. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 51, 49-54.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Sosin, A., Schechter, G., White-Clark, R, Pepper-Sanello, Cortina M, Sands, E. (2006, April). "School University Collaboration in the NCLB Era: A Post-Mortem for a Federal Grant Proposal," paper presented at the American Educational Research Association conference. SanFrancisco, CA.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Sands, E., Fabus, R. & Dondorf, K. (2014). Influence of nurturance characteristics of the spouse/carer's communication style on the aphasic spouse. In NYSSLHA. Saratoga, NY.

Sands, E., Fabus, R. & Dondorf, K. (2013). A systematic review of the nurturance characteristics of carers of patients with aphasia. In NYSSLHA. Saratoga, NY.

Schechter, S., White-Clark, R., Papper-Sanello, M., Cortina, M. & Sands, E. (2006). School University Collaboration in the NCLB Era: A Post-Mortem for a Federal Grant Proposal. In American Educational Research Association. San Francisco, CA.

Sands, E.; Invited Presenter (1999). "Ethical Practices in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology". In The American Speech- Language- Hearing Association's annual convention.

Sands, E. (1998). NTE Review Course in SLP-Aphasia and Related Disorders. In NYSSLHA (pp. 1986- 1987; 1991; 1996- 1998). NY.

Sands, E. (1997). Midlife and Beyond: A peek at the future. In Conference on Gerontology. Adelphi UNiversity, NY.

Sands, E., Fitch-West, J. & Guida, D. (1996). Aphasia: Do the labels work? In NYSSLHA. NY.

Sands, E. (1992). Speech and Language problems in the aging. In Education & Civics Forum, LI Federation of Women's Clubs.

Christopher, J. & Sands, E. (1991). Developing treatment strategies for patients with severe aphasia. In NYSSLHA. NY.

Sands, E. (1991). Atypical Case Studies in Adult Neuropathology of Communication. In NYSSLHA.

Zanello, D. & Sands, E. (1990). Use of videotapes in the supervision of graduate students. In ASHA. WA.

Sands, E. & Schneider, H. (1990). Critical areas in the supervisory process of speech-language pathologists. In ASHA. WA.

Fitch-West, J. & Sands, E. (1989). Bedside Evaluation of the Neurologically Impaired Adult Patient. In Connecticut Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Sands, E. (1989). The BEST way to diagnose aphasia language disorders. In LISHA. NY.

Sands, E. (1987). A statewide model for professional educational planning. In ASHA. LA.

Sands, E. (1986). The use of sign language as an alternate form of communication in a severely apraxic/ aphasic patient. In NYSSLHA.

Sands, E. (1985). A model for graduate education in NY. In ASHA. DC.

Fitch-West, J. & Sands, E. (1984). The Bedside Evaluation and Screening Test for Aphasia. In ASHA. CA.

Myers, F., Arroyo, C. & Sands, E. (1979). Strategies for Coding New and Redundant Information by Aphasics. In ASHA. GA.

Freeman, F., Raphael, L. & Sands, E. (1978). Application of Sound Spectrography to Clinical Problems in Speech Pathology. In ASHA. CA.

Freeman, F., Leavitt, N. & Sands, E. (1977). Voice Onset in Apraxia. Experiments in Rehabilitation and Clinican Perception.

Dissertation Chaired

Diane Saulle, Elizabeth Vicarro and Nellyzita Nwosu (2015). Adelphi University.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Past recipient of Department of Education grant ($1.6 million for 3 years) to encourage students to teach math and science in undersolved school districts.

Honors and Accomplishments

Fellow, American Speech Language and Hearing Association, 1981.
Distinguished Service Award, New York State Speech Language and Hearing Association, May 4, 1996.
Honors of the Association, Long Island Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 1999.

Professional Activities

Editorial Board-Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation;
Editorial Consultant- Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research;
Guest Editor- Topics in Language Disorders;

Co-Investigator with Professors Robert Goldfarb and Cindy Arroyo: "Effect of Alternative-Augmentative Communication by Caregivers in Alzheimer's Disease."

Community and Corporate Leadership

Board of Directors and Vice President for Strategic Planning for Port Washington Education Foundation;
Port Washington Teacher's Center
Policy Board

Licenses & Certifications

New York State licensed Speech Language Pathology, #198