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PhD - Management (Tourism and Org Theory), University of Calgary (2007)
MBA - Communications and Strategy, University of Calgary (1993)
JD, University of Alberta (1986)
B Comm (with Distinction) - Economics, University of Alberta (1980)

Research Interests

Business and Society
Innovation and Creativity
The Nature of Business/Capitalism
Organizational Theory especially Culture and Structure
Spirituality and Business
Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility
"The Experience"
Philosophical Hermeneutics
Ontology, Epistemology and Aesthetics
The Future (Studies)
Cultural Tourism

Grants/Sponsored Research

Faculty Development Grant, Adelphi University, 2009

Visiting Scholar, University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business, Tourism Management, June/July 2007

Canadian Pacific PhD Fellowship 2002-2006

Funding for all conferences attended


Stoyko, Peter, Graham K. Henning and Deirdre McCaughey; (2006). Creativity at Work: A Leadership Guide;. Ottawa, On, Canada: Federal Government of Canada: Canada School of Public Service;.

Artistic/Creative Work

"Deeply Deeply Trunk". film. Canada. June 1996.

"What's Out There". film. Canada. October 1995.

"Evolution of the Species". video. Canada. November 1994.

Book Chapters

Henning, Graham (2012). “The Habit of Tourism: Experiences and Their Ontological Meaning”. In Richard Sharpley and Philip Stone (Eds.). The Contemporary Tourist Experience: Concepts and Consequences. Routledge.

Graham Henning (2005). Reference Checks. In Pizam, A. (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management. Elsevier.

Graham Henning (2005). Resume/Curriculum Vitae. In Pizam, A. (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management. Elsevier.

Graham Henning (2005). Executive Recruiters/Head Hunters. In Pizam, A. (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management. Elsevier.

Graham Henning (2005). Coaching. In Pizam, A. (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management. Elsevier.

Refereed Articles

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Henning, Graham (2013, Fall), Is Hannah Arendt Right? A Rethinking of the Business Sphere. International Journal of Decision Ethics, IX.1, 147-170.

Pamela Buckle Henning and Graham K. Henning (2013), Organizational Sustainability and Systemic Boundary Processes. Journal of Organizational Transformation and Social Change, 10, 104-123.

Henning, Graham K., Buckle Henning, Pamela, Hyland, MaryAnne (2012), A Stakeholder Approach to Student Learning Assessment. International Journal of Management in Education, 6, 347-362.

Henning, Graham K., Kawabata, Shinsuke, Miyajima, Keiko (2011), “I-Thou Relationships in Tourism: The Case of Cross-Cultural Interaction Between Okinawan Locals and Japanese Tourists”. Tourism, Communication and Culture, 11, 43-54.

Graham Henning (2011), Corporation and Polis. Journal of Business Ethics, 103, 289-303.

Henning, Graham K. (2008), The Guided Hike in Banff National Park: A Hermeneutical Performance. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 16 (2).

Henning, G. K., S. Levy and B. Ritchie; (2005), “An Inquiry Into the Nature and Composition of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Research”;. Tourism;, 53 (3);, 187-203.

Henning, G. K. (2004), Phenomenon(a) of Tourist Experiences: An Approach to Their Study;. Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research, Proceedings of Ninth Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism;, vol. IX;, 267-275;.

Henning, G. K. (1999), The Inner Necessity of a Leader – Being a Coaching Leader: Some Preliminary Thoughts;. Strategic Human Resources Compensation News;, 7(2);, 6-10.

Henning, G. K. (1999), Mediation: Maximize the Investment, Minimize the Cost by Reducing the Risk;. Strategic Human Resources Compensation News;, 6(5), 1-16.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Henning, Graham (2003, May). Narrative Inquiry in Tourism Research. Tourism Management Seminar Series, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary.

Henning, Graham (1990, April). Copyright Issues Affecting Architects. CADD and Beyond Conference, Calgary, Alberta.

Henning, Graham (1988, May). Legal Issues of Self Governance for Associations. Annual Meeting of the Alberta Physiotherapy Association, Edmonton, Alberta (KEYNOTE ADDRESS).

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Graham K. Henning (2015). Gadamer and von Balthasar on Experience: with implications for religion and business ethics. In International Krakow Study of Religions Symposium. Kraków, Poland.

Graham K. Henning and Ewa Filipp (2015). Home and the Organization: Together at Last? In 33rd Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Graham K Henning (2015). Home and the Organisation: Can Love be Found? In 10th Philosophy of Management Conference. Oxford, United Kingdom.

Graham K. Henning (2014). The Play of Gadamer as Leadership and Ontology. In 32nd Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Graham K. Henning (2013). Evolution: Language and Corporation, volume 1. In 31st Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. Warsaw, Poland.

Graham K. Henning (2012). Language and Corporation: a Tentative Step Towards an "Ontology" Somewhere Between Postmodernism and ? In 30th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. Barcelona, Spain.

Henning, Graham (2011). Restoration, Recovery, Revolution. In 29th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism. Istanbul, Turkey.

Henning, Graham (2010). The Language of Tourism: an Alternative View. In 1st International Tourism Conference Beyond the Boundary: Creating New Epistemologies. Barbados.

Henning, Graham (2010). The Cultural Tourism Experience: a Hermeneutic View. In An International Conference: Tourist Experiences: Meanings, Motivations, Behaviors. Preston, UK.

Buckle, Pamela and G. K. Henning (2007). Intervening in Counterproductive Self-Organized Dynamics in the Workplace. In International Society for the Systems Sciences. Tokyo, Japan.

Henning, Graham K. (2007). The Community of Communicators and the Communication of Sustainable Development Management to Visitors of a National Park. In BEST Education Network Think Tank VII. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Henning, Graham K; (2005). Organizational Effects on Environmental Values and Tourist Experiences;. In 11th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management;. Sweden.

Henning, Graham K; (2004). Phenomenon(a) of Tourist Experiences: An Approach to Their Study;. In Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research. Houston, Texas.

Henning, Graham K. (2003). Narrative Inquiry in Tourism Research: Thinking Out Loud;. In Tourism Management Seminar Series, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary;. Calgary, Canada.

Henning, Graham K. (1990). Copyright Issues Affecting Architects. In CADD and Beyond Conference. Calgary, Canada.

Henning, Graham K. (1988). Legal Issues of Self Governance for Associations. In Annual Meeting of the Alberta Physiotherapy Association. Edmonton, Canada.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

"Review of "The Politics of World Heritage"" Henning, Graham K. Tourism, Culture and Communication; 5/2006

"Review of "Box Office Archaeology: Refining Hollywood's Portrayals of the Past" Henning, Graham Journal of Heritage Tourism 8/2009

Honors and Accomplishments

Research Release from teaching - Fall 2010 and Fall 2012

Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

Nominated for Teaching Award, University of Calgary 2002

Invited to attend Canadian Film Centre - Producer Lab 1995

Silver Medal - Animation, Montana Film Festival (festival for industrial videos), “Evolution of the Species”, Educational/Promo Video for Calgary Free-Net, 1995

Professional Activities

Editorial Board:

International Journal of Emerging Sciences

Moderator: 30th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, 2012, Barcelona


International Journal of Case Studies in Management
Journal of Business Ethics
International Journal of Society Systems Science
Academy of Management Meeting, Organizational Management Theory Division
Tourism Analysis Journal
Tourism, Communication and Culture Journal
Annals of Tourism Research
Journal of Sustainable Tourism
Tourism Recreation Research Journal
J. Desmond Slattery Undergraduate Student Paper Award Competition, Travel and Tourism Research Association
Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Management Advisory Board Member, Principles of Management, 2012

Review of Introduction to Business textbook, Flat World Knowledge, 2011

University Service:

Member, High Impact Pedagogical Practices Committee, 2011 to present

Member of Team, 2011 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, Association of American Colleges and Universities, June 14-18, 2011, The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Faculty Chair, University Experiential Learning Committee, 2010 to present

Member, University Strategic Planning Committee, Adelphi University, 2008 to 2010

Member, University Assessment Committee, Adelphi University, 2007 to 2010

Member, Campus Planning Committee, Adelphi University, 2007 to present

Member, Institutional Review Board, Adelphi University, 2007 to 2008

Member, Capstone Experience Pilot Committee, Adelphi University, 2006-2007

Member, Tourism Advisory Council, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, 2002 – 2006

Community and Corporate Leadership

The C-Prosperity Initiative, Tourism, Arts and Entertainment Cluster, an initiative of Calgary Inc. (Calgary-Promote) to foster economic growth in the region, Member, 2001 - 2003

Board of Directors, One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, Calgary, 1998-99, 1994-95

Public Relations Committee, Calgary Freenet Association, (free internet for the community), 1994-95

Curatorial Committee, Triangle Gallery of the Visual Arts, Calgary, 1991-93

Intellectual Property Subsection, Case Comment and Legislative Review, Canadian Bar Association, Calgary, 1989-90

Board of Directors, Edmonton Jazz Society, 1987-89

Fund Raiser, United Way of Edmonton, 1987-88