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Ph.D. Applied Economics and Managerial Science, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1996)
M.A. Economics, Columbia University (1979)
B.A. English, Honours, Loreto College, Calcutta University (1977)

Recent Courses

Business Policy And Strategy
Management Of Technology
Strategic Management

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Technological innovation, organizational evolution, globalization, entrepreneurship, emerging economies, leadership

Research Interests

Knowledge, capability building & globalization, Technological innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development, leadership, ethics


Gita Sud de Surie (2008). Knowledge, Organizational Evolution and Market Creation: The Globalization of Indian Firms From Steel to Software. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

Book Chapters

Gita Surie (2005). Development Through Knowledge: Capability Replication in Global Innovation Communities. In Thatchenkerry, T. and Stouh, Roger R. (Eds.). Information Communication Technology and Economic Development: Learning from the Indian Experience. (pp. 106-126). Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

Gupta, V. , Surie, G., Javidan, M. and Chokker, J. (2002). Southern Asia Cluster: The Organizational and Societal Worldviews and their Foundations. In Biswajeet Pattanayak & Vipin Gupta (Eds.). Creating Performing Organizations. New Delhi, India: Sage.

Refereed Articles

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Surie, Gita (Forthcoming), The emergence of new markets, distributed entrepreneurship and the university: Fostering development in India. International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship.

Surie, Gita & Gupta, Vipin (2009), A few implications: Cultural Dimensions of Societal Competitive Advantage. Knowledge Hub, 4 (2).

Surie, G. and Ashley, A. (2008), Integrating Pragmatism and Ethics in Entrepreneurial Leadership for Sustainable Value Creation. Journal of Business Ethics, 81, 235-246.

Surie, G. and Torras, M. (2007), The co-evolution of technology and Entrepreneurship: Lessons for Development from India and Korea. International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship, 1, 183-2006.

Surie, Gita, Hazy, Jim, (2006), Generative Leaderhsip: Nurturing Innovation in Complex Systems,. Emergence, Complexity and Organization,.

Gupta, Vipin, MacMillan, Ian, Surie, Gita, (2004), Entrepreneurial Leadership: Developing a Cross-Cultural Construct,. Journal of Business Venturing,, 19,, 241-260.

Gupta, Vipin; Surie, Gita; Javidan, Mansour; Chhokar, Jagdeep, (2002), Southern Asia cluster: where the old meets the new?,. Journal of World Business,, 37,1,.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Surie, Gita (2010, October). Internationalization strategies of knowledge intensive firms. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Surie, Gita (2010, July). Universities as Catalysts of Technological Innovation” at a workshop on “The Indian System of Innovation. New Delhi, India.

Surie, Gita (2010, April). Emergence of New Markets, Distributed Entrepreneurship and the University: Meeting Global and Local Challenges via Technological Innovation in India. Adelphi University.

Surie, Gita (2009, October). Internationalization by knowledge intensive firms. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Surie, Gita (2007, January). 6. Development through Knowledge: Building Capabilities in Global Innovation Communities. New Delhi, India.

Conference Presentations/Papers

Surie, Gita (2010). The Indian System of Innovation: Evolution and integration with the global system. In International Association for the Management of Technology. Cairo, Egypt.

Surie, Gita (2008). Emergence of new markets, distributed entrepreneurship and the university: Meeting global and local challenges via technological innovation in India. In EURAM. Nice, France.