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Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, New York University (1988)
Ed.M.,Psychology, Harvard University (1978)
B.S., Psychology/Philosophy, Tulane University (1976)

Recent Courses

Assessment And Instruction In Childhood Education
Creativity, Perception And The Visual Arts
Dignity For All Students Act ( D A S A ) Training
First Year Orientation Experience
Levermore First Year Seminar Children, Peace,And Violence
Research And Technology In Health Education
S/T: Education And Community Service In Cuba!
S/T: The Art Of Empowerment: Social Media And Human Rights
School And Society
Senior Seminar
Social Issues In Physical Education And Sports
Test Preparation: Alst & Eas

Personal Statement

In all of my professional life (in a variety of roles including teacher, psychologist, researcher, administrator, advisor), I have sought to create relationships built on trust and deep learning. I believe that all people learn every moment of their lives and that it is up to teachers to determine what they are learning, how they are learning, and to build from there. I believe that teachers must be learners, themselves. And finally, I believe that we must have integrity and humility about everything that we do. Too much time and destructive energy in teacher-learning is spent on ambition, protecting turf, and underminding other people. To accept one's frailty, too face it, is the first step away from this. It is always a painful but worthwhile journey.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Teaching specializations are child development, educational psychology, learning theory, assessment and instruction, teaching to cultural differences, diverse learners, and at-risk populations. Increasingly, my focus is on human rights and equity in both local and global settings. My interests are in having students critically analyze the application of theory and research to teaching, classroom discourse and cultures, and--above all--action and self-reflection on learning.

Research Interests

Current research interests are in the area of trust in learning--across social and cultural settings--and how knowledge that is communicated and "understood" is embedded within individual and community histories. Over the past 15 years, my research has focused on teaching and learning with at-risk and diverse learners, beliefs about assessment and knowledge, and how cultures of classrooms and schools are created. Most recently, I am interested in how we can support ways for students to learn about other countries and cultures without making those others, "the other" in a truly collaborative learning approach.

Grants/Sponsored Research

January 2004 Co-Principal Investigator, U.S. Department of Education, $400,000
Three-year project to provide professional development to New York City/Yonkers public school assistant principals in the areas of curriculum, community relations and systems management.

January 2004 Co-Principal Investigator, New York State Education Department, $500,000
Five-year project to provide professional development/technical assistance
to State-designated regional representatives and school districts to address overrepresentation of minority students in special education.

January 2003 Principal Investigator, New York City Department of Education, $100,000
Three-year contract to provide tutoring to high need middle schoolers through the Supplemental Educational Services

September 2002 Principal Investigator, New York City Department of Education, $150,000
Three-year project to provide professional development/technical assistance to NYC schools to address overrepresentation of ELLsí in special education.

September 2002 Principal Investigator, The After School Corporation, $100,000,
Annual contract to provide professional development/evaluation to after
school settings in project-based learning (in collaboration with Harvard
Project Zero and Project for After School Education and Research).

September 2001 Principal Investigator, U.S. Department of Education, $90,000, Two year project
in NYC District #1 to provide instruction to students on media and violence.

July 2000 Principal Investigator, Booth Ferris Foundation Grant, $150,000,
Manhattan Center Professional Development in Multidisciplinary Methods in Research and Practice (Two years)

January 2000 Project Coordinator, New York City Board of Education Grant, $225,000,
Manhattan Center for Scholarships for new program in Educational Leadership and Technology (Two years)

September 1999 Principal Investigator, U.S. Department of Education GEAR UP Grant,
$2.1 million for project to support younger students to achieve in school/attend college (Five years)

September 1999 Project Coordinator, New York City Board of Education Grant, Support for
School Leadership (Faculty consultancies, Three years)

Book Chapters

Devin Thornburg (2013). Psychoanalytic Understandings of Classroom Life and Learning. In Michael O'Loughlin (Eds.). Schools as Sites for Emotional Work: Psychodynamic Perspectives on the Work of Schooling. (pp. 261-278). Plymouth, United Kingdom: Jason Aronson.

Refereed Articles

Shilpi Sinha and Devin Thornburg (2012), The Caring Teacher-Student Relationship in Public Education. ENCOUNTER: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, 25, 23-30.

Devin Thornburg and Anne Mungai (2011), Teacher Empowerment and School Reform. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, 5, 205-217.

Conference Presentations/Papers

Devin Thornburg, Elizabeth Langran, Meta Van Sickle (2014). Internationalising teacher education programs. In Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) Annual Conference. Marriott, Baltimore, MD.

Devin Thornburg, MaryJean McCarthy and Emily Kang (2014). Lessons Learned about Candidate Support on the edTPA. In edTPA Implementation Conference. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Devin Thornburg (2013). Technology and Arts-Bridging New York and Western Sahara. In Annual Conference of the Council for International Education Exchange. Hilton Inn, Minneapolis, MN.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Thornburg, D. (2004). Forward, In B. Blake, The Culture of Refusal: The Lives and Literacies of Out-of
School Adolescents, Peter Lang Publishers, New York.

Thornburg, D. and Griffin, P. (2003) Projects in After Schools: Diverse Learners and School
Achievement, Project Zero Publication, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Thornburg, D. (2003). Disproportionality and Special Education: Effective Practices, Report to the
New York State Regents and New York State Department of Education Commissioner, Albany, New

Thornburg, D. and Mungai, A. (2002). Pathways to Inclusion: Rethinking Our Policy and Practices,
Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, 15(4), 44-52.

Thornburg, D. (2001). Diversity in Learning in the Content Areas: II, Office of Educational Research
(OERI) Monograph, U.S. Department of Education, Washington D.C.

Thornburg, D. (1998). Performance-Based Assessments and Rubrics--Math, Science, Technology.
In Biology: The Science of Life, W. Schraer and H. Stoeltz (Eds.) Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

Thornburg, D. (1996). One Teacher's Journey: Perspectives in Change. Holistic Education Review.
9(4), 63-67.

Thornburg, D. (1994). "How Does My Child Measure Up?" Family Responses to Recent Reforms in
Educational Assessment. Educational Policy (Special Issue: The Politics of Assessment).
8(2), 224-243.

Thornburg, D. (1993). Intergenerational Literacy with Bilingual Families: A Context for the Analysis of
the Social Mediation of Thought. Journal of Reading Behavior, 25(3), 323-352.

Thornburg, D. (1993). Book Review of "The Erosion of Childhood." Holistic Education Review, 6(3).

Thornburg, D. & Karp, K.S. (1992). Lessons Learned: Mathematics + Science + Higher-Order
Thinking x Second-Language Learning = ? Journal of Educational Issues with Language Minority Students, 10, 159-184.

Thornburg, D. (1992). Book Review of "Eager to Learn: Helping Children Become Motivated and Love
Learning." Holistic Education Review, 5(3), 59-63.

Thornburg, D. (1991). Strategy Instruction for Academically At Risk Students: An Exploratory Study
of Teaching "Higher-Order" Reading and Writing in the Social Studies, Reading and Writing Quarterly, 7, 377-405.

Thornburg, D. & Pea, R.D. (1991). Synthesizing Instructional Technologies and Educational Culture:
Exploring Cognition and Metacognition in the Social Studies, Journal of Educational Computing Research, 7(2), 121-164.

Honors and Accomplishments

April 1998 Fellowship, American Council on Education, Washington, D.C., One year
appointment to a fellowship in higher education leadership

May 1992/May 1994 University Professor of the Year, Adelphi University Student Association

Professional Activities


Evaluation and Research Design for Professional Development: Logit and Value-Added Models,
National Meeting of the Comprehensive Center Network, Sarasota, Florida, January 2004.

Research Considerations in Arts-Integrated Curriculum for Diverse Classrooms, National Conference
on Arts in Education, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C., November 2003.

Classroom Assessments and Student Learning, New York State Association of School Administrators,
Saratoga, New York, July 2002.

Schools and Leadership, American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2002.

Pathways to Inclusion, International Conference on Barrier-Free Education, Montreal, Canada, June 2001.

Best Practices in School-Based Service Programming: Research of GEAR UP Program, National
Meeting of GEAR UP, U.S. Department of Education, Phoenix, Arizona, February 2001.

Violence in Context: Personal Identity and Cultural Mediation (John Broughton, Co-Author), American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada, April 1999.

Deconstructionism: A Play, Journal of Curriculum Theory Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana,
October 1998.

The Impact of Violence and Children's Development. American Educational Research Association,
New York, New York, April 1996.

Community and Corporate Leadership

Committee to Save Adelphi Co-Chair, 1995-1997