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Post Graduate Certificate Non-Profit Management, Georgetown University Policy and Leadership Institute (2005)
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America.Washington, DC (1981)
M.S.N . Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, University of Alabama, Brimingham (1977)
B.S.N., Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana (1976)

Recent Courses

Dissertation Guidance I
Dissertation Guidance II
Dissertation Guidance: III

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Research, both qualitative and quantitative approaches;
Nursing Science and Epistemology

Research Interests

Women's mental health, eating disorders, prevention of mental illness, quantitative designs especially multivariate, and qualitative research methodologies such as grounded theory and phenomenology.

Grants/Sponsored Research

External Funding, Selected

Project Director Nurse Faculty Loan Program,HRSA, DHHS, PhD students, $56,000 (06-07)$78,000 (07-08); $141,000 (08-09); $179,000 (09-10).
$326,000(10-11); $119,483 (11-12) $246,000(12-13; $310,000(13-14; $299,000(14-15); $220,000(15-16); $350,000(16-17).

Principal Investigator, Professional Nurse Traineeship, HRSA Division of Nursing, 2006-07, $29,995; 2007-08, $49,700; 08-09 $39,000;2010-11, $26,000; 2011-12, $16,000.

Author, Program Grant: Adelphi University, RN to BSN, Funded by New York State Department of Health,(2006-2008) $1,356,049.

Project Director, Roles and Competencies of Community Mental Health Nurses,Fairfax County Community Services Board , $10,000

Principal Investigator, Program: Advanced Practice Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing,Community Mental Health Nursing; New master's Degree Program, Catholic University. Funded by Division of Nursing BHPR, HRSA, (1995-1998) # 1 D23 NU 01156-01. $595,000.

Principal Investigator, Program: Community Mental Health Nursing, Division of Nursing BHPR, HRSA, continuation of # 1 above D 23 NU 01156-01 (1998-2000), $189,000.

Principal Investigator,Program: Child-Adolescent Community Mental Health Specialist, New Master's Degree Program, Division of Nursing, BHPR, HRSA,Catholic University. 2001-2004. $372,570.

Project Director : Education Program: Compliance in Schizophrenia. 2 year projectto provide education programs for psychiatric nurses within American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA)Janssen Pharmaceuticals LP Medical Education,2002-2004. $524,000

Project Director:Education Program. Late Life Psychiatric Disorders.4 year project included a renewal. Jannsen Pharmceuticals, Elder Care Division APNA, 2000-2004. $720,000

Project Director: Education program: A web based CE Program for Geropsychiatric Nursing Knowledge,APNA Hartford Institute, 2002 $13,500

Project Director, Collaborative Education Program between APNA and the National Student Nurses Association for student education on psychiatric nursing. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, annual and renewed 2001-2005, $207,000.

Co-Principal Investigator(with Mary Ann Schroeder) A study of the relationship of femininity, attitudes toward the feminist movement, body image and the decision to seek treatment for obesity in three groups of women. Funded by the Division of Nursing, USPHS 1982-1984. $37,500

Co-Principal Investigator. A survey of consultation and referral practices of non-psychiatric physicians for eating disorders. Funded by Dominion Psychiatric Hospital,1989-91, $3000

Book Chapters

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White J.H (2012). Management of Eating and Weight Disorders. In M A Boyd (Eds.). Psychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice 5th ed. (pp. 557-586). Phil, PA: Lippincott.

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White J.H. (1986). The Patient with an Eating Disorder. In J. Durham & S. Hardin (Eds.). The Nurse Psychotherapist in Private Practice. (pp. 157-172). Phil, PA: Springer.

Refereed Articles

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Hickey, M.T. & White J.H. (2014), Female college students'experiences with and perceptions of over- the -counter emergency contraception in the US. Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

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White, J.H, (1979), Using a form of paradox as a strategy in therapy. Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health Services, 7.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Valas, J,, White J.H., Peirce, A.G. & Mon Mon (2015). The Relationship Among Culture, Moral Orientation and Religiosity in Undergraduate Nursing Students. In Eastern Nursing Research Society's Scientifc Sessions. Washington, DC.

Donohue-Porter, P, Forbes M.O & White J.H (2011). Meeting the Challenges to the Theory-Practice Relationship. In Eastern Nursing Research Society. Philadelphia PA.

Forbes, MA and White JH (2011). A Comprehensive Faculty Development Program. In Eastern Nursing Research Society. Philadelphia, PA.

Forbes M.O & Hickey, M. & White J.H. (2010). Adjunct Faculty Development: Reported Needs and Innovative Solutions. In Eastern Nursing Research Society. Providence , RI.

(2009). Invited: Eating Disorders: Research and Psychopharmacology. In APNA Psychopharmacology Institute. Virginia.

(2008). Peer Reviewed; Roles and Competencies of CMHN. In Eastern Nursing Research Society. Philadelphia.

(2008). Peer Reviewed: Valuing Autonomy for Community Mental Health Nurses. In Eastern Nrursing Research Society. Philadelphia.


Dissertation Chaired

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Karen Mancini (2016). Body Image, Eating Attitudes in Mothers who breast feed compared to mothers who bottle feed and Intention to Braest Feed. Adelphi University.

Debra Grice-Swenson (2015). The Culture of Night Nursing: An Ethnography. Adelphi University.

Carol DellaRatta (2015). The Journey From Uncertainty to a Salient Being: Nurse Residents' Experiences with Deteriorating Patients. Adelphi.

Carol M. Soto (2015). The Process of Mothering an Obese Child: A Grounded Theory Study. Adelphi University.

Nancy Winters (2014). Seeking Status: The Process of Becoming and Remaining as an Emergency Department Nurse. Adelphi University.

Miriam Ford (2013). The process of transnational mothersimg for Mecican women living in New York. Adelphi University.

Deborah Hunt (2012). Value Congruence of Leadership Support and Patient Outcomes and Its Effect on Nurses' Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave. Adelphi University.

Violet Wright (2001). A phenomenological exploration of spirituality among African-American Women. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Ellen Mahoney (2000). The relationships among social support, coping, self- concept, and stage of recovery in alcoholic women. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Gloria McGinnis (1999). A Phenomenological exploration of loneliness in the older adult. The Catholic University of America, DC.

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Haidee Waters (1988). The relationship among self-concept, coping, social support, and psychosocial. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Graceann Elkhe (1986). The relationship of selected variables to the severity of effects in breast cancer patients. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Susan Costello (1985). A comparison of depressive symptoms, types of learned helplessness, and perception. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Denise Canton (1984). Cultural adjustment, coping strategies and mental health status of West Indians residing in the United States. The Catholic University of America, DC.

Honors and Accomplishments

2015 Inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing

2012, 2013 Mentoring Recognition Eastern Nursing Research Society

2004. Society for Education and Research in Psychiatric Nursing (SERPN) Jeanette Chamberlain National Leadership Award, Psychiatric Nursing

2001. Who’s Who In America

1996. Appointed to the Congress for Advanced Practice PMHN, APNA

1995. Excellence in Nursing Research Award, Sigma Theta Tau International, Kappa Chapter

1984,1991 Who's Who in American Nursing

1983. Outstanding Alumna Award, Purdue University School of Nursing

1976. Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Society for Nursing

1975.Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society (Junior Year Induction)

Professional Activities

Visiting Scientist. Northwell Health System appointment 2012-present

Editorial Review Boards:
Issues in Mental Health Nursing
Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice
Journal of Clinical Nursing

Conference Abstract reviewer
Eastern Nursing Research Society, Scientific Sessions 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015