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Ph.D. Geology, University of South Carolina (1997)
M.S. Geology, Rutgers University (1992)
B.S. Geology, Cook College, Rutgers University (1989)

Recent Courses

Guided Research Canterbury Benthic Foraminifera
Guided Research Exp 356 Isotope Record
Guided Research Project Based Learning
Guided Research Urban Farming
Historical Geology
Historical Geology Lab
Observing Nature In The Field
Thesis Research Canterbury Basin Research
Thesis Research Leewin Current Research

Personal Statement

This profile is very out of date. I do not regularly maintain it. Please contact me directly for an up to date c.v. Thanks Beth

Research Interests

Climate and sea-level change, southern ocean paleoceanography, reef sediments, NJ margin geology, influence of African climate on hominid evolution.

Grants/Sponsored Research

Current Funding.
2011 Adelphi University Science Education Advancement (SEA) Program, DUE- Noyce Teacher Scholarships. P.I. Tracy Hogan. Co-P.I. Christensen.

2008 Joint Oceanographic Institute/ U.S. Science Support Program. PEA support as Shore-based investigator on Expedition 317.

Refereed Articles

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Christensen, B. A., Alexander, C., Goff, J.A., Turner, R. J., and Austin, J.A. (2013), The Last Glacial: Insights from continuous coring on the New Jersey continental shelf,. Marine Geology, 335.

Miller, K. G., Browning, J. V., Mountain, G. S., Sheridan, R. E., Sugarman, P.J., Glenn, S., and Christensen, B. A. (2013), History of continental shelf sedimentation on the Middle Atlantic U.S. margin. Geol. Soc. London Spec. Publication, in press.

Pecore, J., Christensen, B. A., Mobley, H., and Hanna, N.R. (2007), Earth Core: Enhancing Delivery of Geoscience Content in a Diverse School System During Times of Changing State Standards. Journal of Geoscience Education, v 55, no. 6, 589-595.

Maslin, M., Trauth, M., and Christensen, B.A. (2005), A Changing climate for Human Evolution. Geotimes.

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Giraudeau, J., Meyers, P. A., and Christensen, B. A., (2002), Accumulation of organic and inorganic carbon in Pliocene- Pleistocene sediments along the southwestern African margin. Marine Geology, 180, 49-69.

Murray, R.W., Christensen, B. A., Kalbas, J. L. and Kyrc, K. A., (2002), Pliocene export production and terrigenous provenance of the Southern Cape Basin, Southwest African Margin. Marine Geology, 180, 133- 150..

Christensen, B.A., J. L. Kalbas, M. Maslin, and R. W. Murray (2002), Paleoclimatic changes in southern Africa during the intensification of Northern Hemisphere glaciation: evidence from ODP Leg 175 Site 1085. Marine Geology, 180, 117-131.

Christensen, B.A., and Maslin, M., 2001 (2001), . An astronomically calibrated age model for Pliocene Site 1085, ODP Leg 175. In Wefer, G., Berger, W.H., and Richter, C. (Eds.), Proc. ODP, Sci. Results, 175 [Online]..

Berger, W. H.; Wefer, Gerold; Adams, D.; Anderson, L. Andreasen, D.; Bruechert, V.; Cambray, H.; Christensen, B.; Frost, G.; Giraudeau, J.; Gorgas, T.; Hermelin, O.; Jansen, F.; Lange, C. B.; Laser, B.; Lin, H. L.; Maslin, M. A.; Meyers, P.; Motoyama, I.; (1999), The early Matuyama diatom maximum of SW Africa, Benguela current system (ODP Leg 175). Marine Geology, v. 161, n. 2-4, p. 93-113.

Christensen, Beth A., Bryce W. Hoppie, Robert C. Thunell, Kenneth G. Miller, and Lloyd Burckle (1996), Pleistocene Age Models. In Mountain, G. S., Miller, K. G., and Blum, P., et al., 1996, Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, Vol. 150, Washington (U. S. Govt. Printing Office)..

Miller, Kenneth G. et al. (including Christensen, B.A.), (1996), Drilling and dating New Jersey Oligocene-Miocene sequences; ice volume, global sea level, and Exxon records. Science, v. 271, n. 5252, 1092-1095.

Christensen, Beth A., Kenneth G. Miller, and Richard K. Olsson (1995), Eocene-Oligocene Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies and Depositional Sequences at the ACGS #4 borehole, New Jersey Coastal Plain. Palaios, 10, 103-132..

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Keynote Speaker (2008, October). Global Warming. SCIMEX Annual Meeting.

Christensen (2008, April). Paleobiology Seminar Series. Stony Brook University.

(2007, October). Institute of Geophysics Seminar. University of Texas, Austin.

(2007, May). Department of Geology Colloquium. Rutgers University.

(2007, March). Nassau Community College.

Christensen (2005, February). Southern African Continental Climate and the Link to Hominid Evolution: lecture and graduate/ faculty seminar. Emory University African Landscapes lecture Series.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Christensen, B.A., Alexander, C.A., Goff, J.A., Austin, J.A., and Turner, R. J., (2012). The last glacial and deglaciation: insights from continuous coring on the New Jersey Continental Shelf. In Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Charlotte, NC.

Christensen, B.A., Calabrese, J., O’Neill, C., and Goff, J.A., (2011). IRD evidence for Heinrich Events H1 and H2 on the NJ Margin. In 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU. San Francisco, CA.

Christensen, B.A. Dutton, J., and Brown, D., (2010). Mio-Pliocene benthic foraminiferal changes in the Canterbury Basin. In 2010 Fall Meeting, AGU (pp. Abstract PP11E-1469). San Francisco, CA.

Christensen, B.A., Weltner, R., Aluck, R., and Bissett, D., (2010). State of seafloor and sewage outfall pipes offshore Jones Beach, NY. In MACUB. Malloy College.

Alexander, Clark, Christensen, Beth A., Turner, Jessica, Goff, John, Austin, Jamie, Venherm, Claudia, Nordfjord, Sylvia, Sommerfield, Christopher, Gulick, Sean, and Fulthorpe, Craig (2006). Source, Timing and Depositional environments of Paleochannel incision and infill on the New Jersey margin. In Geological Society of America (pp. Paper # 27-9). Salt Lake City.

Schenck, R. J., Christensen, Beth A., and Foote, J. (2006). Foraminiferal investigation of Pleistocene South Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures and Inter-hemispheric Heat Transport. In AGU 2006 Joint Assembly. Baltimore MD.

Christensen, Beth A., and Hanna, Nydia Rodriguez (2005). Earth Core: a program geared to helping 6th grade teachers in the Atlanta public schools implement new science standards. In Geological Society of America (pp. Paper #124-12). Salt Lake City.

Bradley, D.M., Christensen, Beth A., and DeVore, M. (2005). Implications of Paleoclimate Variability on Neanderthal Morphology. In Geological Society of America (pp. Paper #159-16). Salt Lake City.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Co-Guest Editor for special issue of Journal of Human Evolution: African Climate and Hominid Evolution, with Mark Maslin, UCL.

Honors and Accomplishments

Visiting Scientist, University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, Institute for Geophysics. 06/01/07- 12/31/07; 6/01 - 8/31/08.

Professional Activities

Member, International Ocean Drilling Proposal Advisory Panel. www.iodp.org/proposal-evaluation-panel

Associate Editor, Journal of Foraminiferal Research. http://jfr.geoscienceworld.org/

Member, United States Advisory Committee (USAC), Scientific Ocean Drilling. 2008 - 2011. http://www.oceanleadership.org/usssp/advisors

Member IODP-MI, Scientific Technology Panel. 2006-2008. http://mingus.madwolf.com/iodp-dev/stp/

Community and Corporate Leadership

Board of Directors, Garden City Bird Sanctuary