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Ph.D., Fordham University (1999)
MSED (TESOL), Fordham University (1994)
BS/MS, Instituto de Ensenanza Superior Daguerre, Buenos Aires Argentina (1986)

Recent Courses

Applied Experience In Tesol
Assessment Considerations For E S L And Bilingual Populations
Dignity For All Students Act ( D A S A ) Training
Tesol 1: Developing Literacy And Language Arts Skills In The E S L Classroom

Personal Statement

The field of TESOL (Teaching English as a second language) is a fascinating one. It took me a long time to move from a level of ethnocentrism to cultural relativity. I am still learning and I share all the experiences of having lived, worked and studied abroad with my students. My challenging phrase to my students is always: "Lift it off the page and make it work". Theory is important but it needs to be connected with practice as well. I try to create an environment where students feel safe to experiment with new ideas, strategies, and methods.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

My interests revolve around traveling and seeing the world. I am constantly on a plane and immersing myself in a variety of languages (I speak five) and cultures. I gather as much as I can and upon returning to the US, I share it all with the students and my colleagues.

Research Interests

Summer, 2005, Volume I issue five. Putting research to work: Practical strategies for Georgia's Adult educators. "Culture Shock and Language stress of Latina ESL students".

October 2004
Conocimiento y Direccion (C&D) October 2004
“Ajustes Culturales”
Ejecutivo en Viaje (EEUU) (pp.94-97).

2004-2005 (in press). "Promoting Academic Success through Dual Language Programs". Bastos Educational Books.

(2003-2004, Volume 2, Number 1). PERSPECTIVES. The New York Journal of Adult Learning Adult ESL in Higher Education: Balancing Academic Learning, Speech Science and English Language Arts, (p. 4-17).

Winter, 2004, Volume 3, No. 1). Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. Second Language Acquisition, Culture Shock, and Language Stress of Adult Female Latina Students in New York. (p. 21-49).

(Winter, 2004, Volume 2, Number 1). Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning. "Adult ESL in Higher Education: Balancing Academic Learning, Speech Science and English Language Arts" (p. 4).

(Spring, 2003, Volume 9, No. 2 ) Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping.
"Integrating Electronic Mail in the Speech Classroom" (p. 50-61)

(Spring, 2003, Volume 33, No. 1). New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.
Idiom. "Motivating Second Language Students" (p. 4-9).

(Winter, 2002, Volume 31, No. 4) New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Idiom. "Connecting: Integrating Speech in the Electronic Classroom" p. 4.)

(Spring, 2002, Volume 8, No. 1). The Community College Enterprise. A Journal of Research and Practice. "Second Language Learning And Language Arts" p. 81)

(Spring, 2002, Volume 32, No. 1) New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. Idiom. "A Disheartening Label for Female Hispanics: Girls Most Likely to Secede" (p.6)

(Summer 2001, Volume XVII). Community Review
Maintaining an Awareness of Multiculturalism in the Multilingual/Multiethnic Classroom at the College Level

Fall 2001. ENLACE Newsletter. "Female Latina Students Seceding" (p.6)

(Winter 2001, Volume 30, No. 1). New York State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Impact for Instructional Improvement
“Preparing Mainstream Teachers to Work with English Language Learners”

(Spring 2001, Volume 11, No. 1). Adult Basic Education . “Understanding Adult ESL Learners: Multiple Dimensions of Learning and Adjustments among Hispanic Women

Spring, 1999, ENLACE Newsletter. “El Castellano: Lengua Preciosa”, (p.3).

(March, 1999). Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Adult and Continuing Education Research Conference. “Cultural, Linguistic and Educational Adjustments of Adult Hispanic ESL Women in New York”. Harrisburg, PA.

Grants/Sponsored Research

PSC CUNY Research Award Program 2001 - 2002. "Cultural, Linguistic and Educational Adjustments of Adult ESL Hispanic Women in New York"

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Buttaro (2006). Myths and misconceptions of duallanguage programs. In New York State Association for Bilingual Education (pp. 15). Huntington Hilton.

Buttaro (2006). Experiencing the power of dual language as it should be. In CSETL (Center for the study of expertise in teaching and learning (pp. 10). Hilton Rye Town.

Buttaro (2005). The State of the world's languages. In Fourth Worldwide Forum on education and culture (pp. 15). Universita Giovanni Caboto, Roma Italia.

Buttaro (2005). Promoting academic success through dual language programs. In third worldwide forum on education and culture (pp. 9). Universita Giovanni Caboto, Roma Italia.

Buttaro (2005). Enhancing mainstream classrooms for English language learners. In TESOL (pp. 14). Yonkers, New York.

Buttaro (2005). What is diversity? In New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of other languages (pp. 24). thirty fifth annual conference.

Buttaro (2005). Implementing workshop centers. In TESOL (pp. 15). Yonkers, New York.

Buttaro (2005). The implementation of successful dual language programs. In American society of geolinguistics (pp. 20). Baruch College, CUNY.

Buttaro (2005). Easy steps for implementing and evaluating a dual language program for native english speakers and english language learners. In new york state association for bilingual education 28th annual conference (pp. 10). Hilton Rye Town.

Buttaro (2005). duallanguage programs: points and recommendations for educators, parents and administrators. In ACT (Academy for creative teaching) International conference (pp. 8). Universidad de Puerto Rico, San Juan.

Buttaro (2004). Culture shock and language stress of adult latin students in New York. In NYSTESOL 34th annual conference (pp. 17). Syracuse, New York.

Buttaro (2004). Incorporando la taxonomia de Bloom y la teoria de inteligencias multiples de Howard Gardner en salones con centros estudiantiles. In International conference in Special education (pp. 27). Lima and Trujillo, Peru.

Buttaro (2004). Developing biliteracy in two way immersion classrooms. In WACRA (World association for case method research and application) (pp. 30). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buttaro (2004). implementation of dual language programs using the 90/10 and 50/50 models. In The national association of hispanic and latino studies (pp. 23). Houston, Texas.

Buttaro (2003). Innovations in learning-centered design: promoting the paradigm shift. In 28th Improving University Teaching Conference (pp. 12). Vaxjo, Sweden.

Buttaro (2003). Adult esl in higher education: balancing academic learning, speech science and english language arts. In third learning, teaching and technology conference (pp. 8). Harrisburg Area Community College.

Buttaro (2003). Multicultural education and the teaching of ESL. In 18th annual conference on language (pp. 15). Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

Buttaro (2003). Easy strategies for successful dual language programs in New York. In Creative teaching conference (pp. 15). Lucerne, Switzerland.

Buttaro (2003). Case method research and application in second language acquisition. In Creative Teaching Conference (pp. 10). Lucerne, Switzerland.

Buttaro (2002). The social, cultural, psychological and political dimensions of language education. In Worldwide forum on education and culture (pp. 12). John Cabot University, Rome , Italy.

Buttaro (2002). Expressing emotions in multiple languages. In The American society of geolinguistics/International conference on language and identity (pp. 10). Baruch College/CUNY.

Buttaro (2002). Learner centered universities for the new millenium: Education reform and teacher training. In 27th international conference Vilnius Pedagogical university (pp. 10). Vilnius, Lithuania.

Buttaro (2002). Enhancing communication skills by writing across the curriculum. In The sixth national writing across the curriculum conference (pp. 12). Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Buttaro (2001). Sustaibed content (Psychology) for English language learners. In 18th international conference on case method research and application (pp. 15). Lund University, Lund Sweden.

Buttaro (2001). Oral/Aural English language skills through email. In WACRA (World Association for Case Method Resrach and Application (pp. 13). Vienna, Austria.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Academic Pairing for English Language Learning

Honors and Accomplishments

University of New England
Academic Scholars Exchange Program in Asia and Africa
One of ten U.S.A. Delegates to teach at Beijing Union University
Teacher Training
Academic Scholar
May - June 2005

Community and Corporate Leadership

Region I: PS 130

Region II:

IS 191
CS 234
IS 98

Yonkers Public Schools:
Cedar Place
De Hostos Elementary
Dodson Elementary
Emerson Junior High School
Fermi Elementary School
Roosevelt High School
Lincoln High School

Long Island Schools:

Drexel Elementary School
Westbury Middled School
Westbury High School

On site teacher training at the above schools, workshops on ESL/Multiculturalism

Licenses & Certifications

New York State Licence and Certificate in TESOL granted in 1995