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Biology Of Aids
Cell Culture Technique
Developmental Biology
Developmental Biology Lab
Guided Research Neuronal Cell Culture
Guided Research: Capstone Experience Neurotrophic Factors
Microbiology Lab
Nature Of Viruses
Thesis Research Neurotrophic Factors
Thesis Research Oxytocin And Neurites

Research Interests

My research focuses on the effects of xenobiotics on the cellular mechanisms of development and disease.

Grants/Sponsored Research

2007 - 2010 Nature's Value, "Pesticide Toxicity to Soil Microorganisms, $12000.00/year for three years ($36,000.00)

2008 - 2012 Innovation Laboraotires
The effect of Pyrethroid Pesticides on Neurite Outgrowth.
$3000.00/year for four years ($12,000.00)


Benjamin S. Weeks, Ph.D. and I.E. Alcamo (2007). Microbes and Society. Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

Benjamin S. Weeks, Ph.D. and I.E. Alcamo, Ph.D. (2006). AIDS: The Biological Basis. Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

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Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

1. Rubenstein, E.C., T. J. Kelly, L. Clubert, CW. Woods, and B. Weeks. Ecdysteroids in developing ovarian follicles of Hyalophora cecropia. Arch. of Insect Biochem. and Physiol., 3: 253 263, 1986

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*indicates undergraduate student co authors who worked directly under my supervision.
** indicates graduate student co authors who worked directly under my supervision.

Publications (Not Peer-Reviewed):

1. *Doscher, J and B. S. Weeks. The World-Wide AIDS Epidempic, ISSAC, 2: 25-27, 2003

2. Weeks, B.S. A Hero’s Journey to Simple Shelter: A Prose Poem, The Improper Hamptonian, 1: 29, 2003

*graduate student co-author

Honors and Accomplishments

I have created a unique compound, called "Relarian." This compound is incorporated into the commercial product, Mini Chill.

Professional Activities

I am the Chief Scientist at Stevenson Products, LLC - where I formulated the compound Relarian. The compound is incorporated into the Mini Chill drink. This is a relaxation drink with no caffeine, no calories, and does not contain melatonin - therefore you can actually relax, in contrast to falling asleep. Our website is www.minichill.com or http://www.minichill.com

I am also President of WEST Educational Services and Tutoring:




See my research impact at Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Benjamin_Weeks/?ev...