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Recent Courses

Introduction To Creative Writing
Literature In English II
The Study Of Literature
Writing Fiction


(2010). Rereading the Nineteenth Century. Palgrave Macmillan.

(2007). Ideas Across Time. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

(1984). Against Capitulation. London: Quartet Books.

(1981). From Custom to Capital. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Artistic/Creative Work

"Horatio Hornblower". Hudson Review LXV Number 4 (Winter). January 2013.

Refereed Articles

(2011), "Reza Says" (story). The Hudson Review, LXIII 4.

(2010), "Later" (story). The Hudson Review, LXIII.

(2010), "The Death Paintings" (poems). Notre Dame Review, 26.

(2009), "OMG". The Common Review, 8/2.

(2008), "Dickens in America: The Writer and Reality". Dickens Studies Annual, 39, 59-96.

Conference Presentations/Papers

(2010). "The Sweetest Expression": Realism as Fact and Fiction. In Association of Literary Critics, Scholars, and Writers. Princeton University.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Essays and Reviews

2008 "The Twilight of Zuckerman." The Common Review, Vol 6, No. 3

2007 "Passaging is His Anchorage," a review/essay on John Peck's RED STRAWBERRY LEAF: SELECTED POEMS appeared in the Winter ediltion of Notre Dame Review.

2006 "Buster Brown's America" in The American Scholar

2005 "Reading Mary Barton" in Literary Imagination

2004 "Our Greatest Living Novelist," review-essay on Philip Roth in The Common Review

2003 "Born Again," in Philip Roth (Modern Critical Views) eds. Harold Bloom, Gabe Welsch (Chelsea House Publishers)

2002 "T.S. Eliot's Achievements," review-essay on Denis Donoghue's Words Alone: T.S. Eliot the Poet, Partisan Review Vol. 69, No. 2 (Spring)

Fiction and Poetry

2010 "Later." The Hudson Review.

2010 "The Death Paintings." The Notre Dame Review. No. 29

2008 "There Is No End To The Things We Can't Have." The Notre Dame Review. No. 25.

2007 "Schwermer in Paris" appeared in the Long Story issue of Notre Dame Review (Winter/Spring)

Honors and Accomplishments

"Reza Says," first published in The Hudeson Review (2011) was listed as a "Distinguished Story" in Best American Short Stories, 2012

Professional Activities

Consultant, Council for Aid to Education/Gates Foundation: Project on Assessment for College Readiness, 2011
Member,2010 New York State Regents Comprehensive Examination in English Measurement Review Policy Committee
Reviewer, American Council of Learned Societies/Mellon Early Career Fellowship Program
Member, Associated Writing Programs
Member, American PEN
Member, Association of Literary Scholars and Critics