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Ph.D., Graduate School of Arts and SciencesColumbia University (1974)
MPhil, Graduate School of Arts and SciencesColumbia University New York, NY (1973)
B.A., University of Maryland, College Park, MD (1968)

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Perception and Cognition; Perception of Faces, Psychology of Art, Creativity and Aesthetics.
The relationship between art, imagination and psychology is fascinating and still largely mysterious. It can be investigated on many levels: introspective, empirical, scientific, creative. Such studies have major applications to and implications for education, for our understanding of consciousness and for our making and appreciation of art.

Grants/Sponsored Research

Nassau County Medical/Auxiliary Philanthropic Award (for equipment for Adelphi Child Activity
Center) 1991.
United States Air Force Office for Scientific Research Grant for An International Conference on
Illusory Contours@ approved and funded October 1985 (with G. Meyer), #86-0028.

National Eye Institute, NIMH Research grant funded June, 1976; reapproved and funded June 1977 (with Dr. F.Bettelheim, Chemistry Dept.).


Petry, S and Meyer, G.E. (1987). The Perception of Illusory Contours. New York, NY: Springer Verlag.

Refereed Articles

Christopher K. Storm, Salvatore Petrilli and Susan Petry (2014), Promoting Active Studying: The Study Challenge. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, 4,1, 149-165.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Susan Petry (2010, February). Perception, Psychology and Art. St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Conference Presentations/Papers

Petry, S. (2011). Perceptual Transformation in the Contemplation and Creation of Art with a Focus on Van Gogh’s Self-Portraits. In Psychoanalysis and Art - Fifth International Symposium. Florence, Italy.

Petry, S. (2007). “Where is the Self in Self-Portraits?”. In American Psychological Society (APS) annual meeting,. Washington, D.C..

Sapanski, L. and Petry, S. (2006). “Handedness and Hemispheric Laterality in the Perception of Emotion in Chimeric Faces”. In American Psychological Society (APS) annual meeting,. New York, NY..

Belau, L. and Petry, S. (2004). The Effects of Attachment Style on Perception of Emotions. In New York State Psychological Association Annual Meeting.

Dissertation Chaired

Laura LaNasa, (2006). “Disentangling the Psychological Constructs the Produce Deceptive Behaviors”. Adelphi, University.

Daniel Pace (2006). “Personality, Affect and Perception of Emotion”. Adelphi, University.

Nathaniel Kern, (2006). “Musical Mood Induction as it Affects the Projection of Emotion onto Ambiguous Facial Stimuli”. Adelphi, University.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Artist-in-Residence, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Spring 2010

Still Life, Adelphi Artists and Authors Exhibit, August- November, 2008
Musings: the Sculpture of Susan Petry Swirbul Gallery, Adelphi University, March-April, 2008
Leonard Euler, Adelphi Artists and Authors Exhibit, August-November, 2007
Hands with Ribbon #2, Adelphi Artists and Authors Exhibit, August-November 2006

Honors and Accomplishments

Faculty Development Award: Creative innovation in teaching through the use of integrated academic information technology, Adelphi University, 1999-2000.
Center for Humanities Research Award, Adelphi University, 1995-1996

Grace Lauro Memorial Award; New York State Psychological Association. June, 2003
Adelphi University Merit Award Teaching Scholarship and Service, 1989.
Perception of Illusory Contours (Petry and Meyer, 1987, Springer-Verlag) Nominated for American Publishers association Production Award in Science, Technology and Medicine.