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Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (bilingual education), the Pennsylvania State University (2002)
M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, the Pennsylvania State University (1999)
B.S. and Teaching Certificate, EFL, Tula State Pedagogical University named after Leo Tolstoy (1997)

Recent Courses

First Year Seminar Each Of Us & Global Responsibility
First Year Seminar: Identity & Restorative Justice: Survival And Beyond
Foundations Of Bilingual & Multicultural Education
Introduction To Philosophy Of Education
Special Topics
Theories Of Second Language Acquisition; Socio Cultural Considerations

Personal Statement

"I asked of everything if it had something more, something more than shape and form..." (Pablo Neruda "Fully Empowered" says it better than I would). I am never satisfied with appearances: they mislead, separate, create conflict. I question what I see and hear, and then I adapt or transform what I believe and do. As an immigrant, I have devoted my attention to exploring the elements of identity and their expression. Undoubtedly, the main focus of my life's work is exposing and fighting discrimination and defamation of individuals and groups based on their identity. As a Russian woman who was assigned a race on the USAmerican territory (the designation to which I find it hard to subscribe but also impossible to deny), I took on anti-racist work. I am both touched and disturbed by the difference in life experiences of different racial groups. I learn from people of color and from white allies. Some of my efforts are directed at ensuring that people of color have the same opportunity as white people to access power should they so desire. Equity and redress... The corollary of this work is on changing the way we think about each other, in other words, changing perception. My commitment to anti-racist work is most visible in my teaching and service. Currently, I am studying in order to be able to express this commitment on page. As I study, I also educate my students. I cannot stay still.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Immigrant Studies, Philosophy of Education, Peace Education (Restorative Justice); anti-racist education/activism

Research Interests

multicultural education (identity formation and expression), peace education (restorative justice, inner peace, language of peace); anti-racist education

Book Chapters

Bryzzheva, L. (2002). "From Vygotsky to Bakhtin: Grand theories and teaching practices". In Soto, L. (Eds.). Making a difference in the lives of bilingual/bicultural students. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Refereed Articles

Sinha, S. & Bryzzheva, L. (2012), Embodied Reimagining of Pedagogical Places/Spaces. Educational Studies, 48, 347-365.

Bryzzheva, L. (2009), Understanding peace consciousness and its language: Unfinishedness. Peace and Change, 34, 62-80.

Bryzzheva, L. (2008), Who watches over a teacher? On knowing and honoring a teacher and her third listener. Educational Studies, 43:3, 175-187.

Bryzzheva, L. (2007), Exploring our perceptual limitation. In Factis Pax, 2, 58-80.

Bryzzheva, L. (2006), Superaddressee or Who will succeed a mentor? Studies in Philosophy and Education, 25, 227-243.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Peer reviewed articles:

Bryzzheva, L. (2006). Superaddressee or Who will succeed a mentor? In
Studies in Philosophy and Education: Springer, 25:227-243. (international peer reviewed journal)

Conference Proceedings:

Bryzzheva, L. (2004). Bakhtin and educators. INPE 9th biennial meeting proceedings. (international
non-peer reviewed)
Bryzzheva, L. (2003). Lost behind the border: The “I” and “we” ideologies in child-rearing.
RECONECE 2003 Proceedings. www.reconece.org. (international non-peer-reviewed).

Book chapter:

Bryzzheva, L. (2002). From Vygotsky to Bakhtin: Grand theories and teaching practices. In
Soto, L. (Ed.). Making a difference in the lives of bilingual/bicultural children. NY: Peter
Lang Publishing, Inc.

Honors and Accomplishments

SGA Women's Recognition Award

Professional Activities

- Reviewer of conference proposals for MASPES (MidAtlantic States Philosophy of Education Society), 2011-present
- Reviewer for Educational Studies (2010-present)
- Member, Editorial Review Board, Hacettepe Educational Journal, Ankara, Turkey
- Reviewer, AERA 2006 proposals

Licenses & Certifications

Teacher of EFL/German as a Foreign language, Russia