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Ph.D in Operations Research and Management, Polytechnical Institute of Brooklyn (now known as Polytechnic University) (1971)
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, High Honors, Polytechnical Institute of Brooklyn (1964)
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute (1962)

Recent Courses

Creating Organizational Value With Operations And Supply Chain Management
Mathematics For Managers

Teaching Specializations/Interests

- Strategy in operations management and its impact on competitive advantage.
-Applications of quantitative methods to business problems.

Research Interests

Channel coordination and bargaining in supply chain models, total quality management, and corporate leadership models.

Grants/Sponsored Research

"Electronic Banking: Direction and Background" Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Allen Don and E.M. Lowe, $250000, 1973.

Due to a delay in the Provost's Office, the proposal missed the deadline by a day. The project manager for Electronic Banking at NSF indicated that it would likely have been funded had it arrived on time. He acknowledged the value of the information and asked, and was given permission to publish it.


(2003). Mathematical Models for the Business Student. Adelphi University.

Robert High and Richard D. Irwin (1996). Mathematical Models for the Business Student: A Course in Calculas and Statistics for the Business Student.

Allan S. Ashley and Detelin S. Elenkov (1996). Total Quality Management : The New Frontier of Modern Management. Academy of Sciences Press.

Book Chapters

(Ashley,A. and Diamante, T) (2008). Closing the gap between business and technology : Conquering the great divide. In In Mackenzied and Rosendberq (Eds.). Emerging business theories for educators and Practiners. (pp. 151-172). Cambridge-Scholar Publishing.

Refereed Articles

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Gou Qinglong, Zhang Juan, Liang Liang, Huang Zhimin, Ashley Allan (2014), "Horizontal Cooperative Programs and Cooperative Advertisting". International Journal of Production Research, Volume is not yet available, Page is not yet available.

Hazy, J., & Ashley, A. (2011), Unfolding the future: Bifurcation in organzing forms and emergence in social systems. Emergence: Complexity and Organization, 13(3), 57-79.

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Han, Y, Cui, X., Huang, Z., & Ashley, A. (2011), Manipulation and Equilibrium around Seasoned Equity Offerings. International Journal of Information: Technology and Decision Analysis,, 10(5), 771-792.

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" Ashley A. , and Shooman M. (1971), "Operational Reliability as a System of Effectiveness". Microwave Research Institute - Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 9.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Allan Ashley and Jayen B. Patel (2010). "The Effect of the Work Environment on Performance of Large Corporations". In International Academy of Business and Economics Meetings. Las Vegas.

Ashley A., Diamante T. (2006). "Closing the Gap Between business and Technology: Conquering the Great Divide". In National Business and Economic Association Conference. Port Jefferson, L.I., NY.

Ashley A., Hazy J., Torras M. (2006). "Re-Conceptualizing Value Creation When Input Resources are Limited But Knowledge is Not". In Business as an Agent of the World Benefit - A Global Forum; sponsored by the Academy of Management, The United Nations Global Compact and Case Weatherhead School of Management. Cleveland, Ohio.

Ashley A., Siegfried R. (2006). "Is It Theft or Sampling? Student Attitudes on the Copying of Commercial software and Music". In ISECON Conference. Dallas, Texas.

Ashley A., Gupta R., and Rosenstein A. (2006). "A Qualitative Exploration of Undergraduate Business Student Attitudes Regarding Action Learning". In Applied Business Research and College Teaching and Learning Conference. Orlando, Florida.

Ashley A. , Rosenstien A. , and Gupta R. (2003). "Action Learning: A "New" Teaching Tool for Undergraduate Business Education". In College Teaching and Learning Conference. Orlando, Florida.

Ashley A. , Rajan K. , Shinick T. (2003). "Tools of Effective Management". In 15th Annual Business Conference. Hauppauge Industrial Association, Huappauge, New York..

Ashley A. (1993). "Sensitivity Analysis of EOQ Inventory Model". Graduate School Of Business, Adelphi University.

Ashley A. (1980). "A Derivation of Upper Bounds on Statistical Moments. Graduate School of Management and Business, Adelphi University.

Ashley A. (1978). "Model Validation of Financial Models". In National Association of Accounting Conference. Suffolk Chapter.

Ashley A. (1974). "Analysis and Validationof Time Depending Models". In Proceedinds of the American Institute of Decision Sciences, Western Regional Conference.

Ashley A., (1973). "A Methodology to Validate Approximations Utilized in Stochastic Decision Models". In Proceedings of the American Institute of Decision sciences N.E. Regional Conference.

Ashley A. (1973). Sensitivity analysis and Its Use in Validating Business Models. In Delivered to Management Science Meeting at Harvard Club, Spring 1973.

Ashley A., Gupta R. and Rosenstein A. (1969). "Implementation of Action Learning in Marketing Research Cources". In Northeast Decision Sciences Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

"Statistical Quality Control" (new) chapter for Mathematical Models for the Business Student, Revised ed. 2003, Published by Adelphi University. (Applied - In-house Journal), 2004

"Applications of Linear Programming" (new) chapter for Mathematical Models for the Business Student, Revised ed. 2003, Published by Adelphi University. (Applied - In-house Journal), 2003

"Sensitivity Analysis of EOQ Inventory Model" Graduate School of Management and Business, Adelphi University 1993.

Numerous confidential reports for the Department of the Navy on power spectrum analysis of the ocean floor, search probabilities and detection of foreign objects. Published by the Operations analysis and Management Sciences Department of Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics.

Analysis of Security and Exchange commission Corporate Disclosure and Individual Shareholder Survey. Approximately 12,000 Extensive questionnaires were distributed and approximately 5,000 valid responses were obtained. The unusually high response rate is due to the backing of both the S.E.C. and the New York Stock Exchange.

The results represented the largest empirical study ever done in the U.S. od the disclosure problem at that time. The second largest was completed at the University of Chicago and utilized a less extensive questionnaire with approximately 1,500 responses.

Since the S.E.C. and the N.Y. Stock Exchange funded this study, the data and the results remain proprietary.

Honors and Accomplishments

Bender Scholarship Award - School of Business 2004-2005

Best Paper Award - North East Business and Economics Conference, October 13-15, 2006 Port Jefferson, NY

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award 1989-1990

National Science Fellowship - a six week post-doctoral Management Science program at the University of Colorado. (One of thirty professors selected from business schools throughout the U.S.)

Stanford University Decision Analysis Scholarship - program sponsored by General Electric and Stanford University

Research Fellowship Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1967

Wilks Scholarships (NYU) 1965

Master Thesis Scholarship Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1967

Professional Activities

Executive Editor for the E.E.B.R.E.F

Manuscript Reviewer of various texts in Mathematics for Managers; Statistics; Business Policy; and Total Quality Management

Attended various courses as well as seminars in project planning, technological change strategy, Total Quality Management at New York Polytechnic.

Referee for: Journal of Business Ethics
: Journal of Corporate Governance

Community and Corporate Leadership


Consultant to several organizations including U.S. Bantam Toys, Scizzor Wizzard Inc., Billal Corporation, etc; 1976 - present

Consulting to Off-Campus MBA Program (market research studies, site location studies, administrative procedures development, development of special support service), 1975-1988.

Consultant to Nassau County Yourth Board (analysis of the crime patterns in order to plan and allocate scarce resources), 1972-1974.

Enrollment forcast for a GardenCity School, Fall 1969


President and Chief Operating Officer of Small Bisiness - Scizzor Wizzard Inc., Bohemia, L.I., 1987-1997

Administrative Systems Manager, Management Science Analyst - General Dynamics / Electric Boat Division, 1964-1965.

Assistant Development Engineer (implementation of new product lines; special studies) - General Foods / Maxwell House Division, Pre 1964.