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Personal Statement

There are two types of knowledge. We can know about a subject or we can know how to find information upon it. As a reference librarian, I endeavor to provide assistance to all members of the Adelphi community in all areas of scholarly endeavor using the second type of knowledge. I can help expedite research on all levels, high school through post-doctoral. Generally speaking I work in a tutorial mode, one-on-one, and always enjoy working on a difficult or complex reference query.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

The social sciences and the humanities are my areas of specialization. I am particularly fascinated by modern history and politics. I have made more than my fair share of enemies in dialogues on politics and religion!

Research Interests

History, politics and library and information science.

Refereed Articles

Oliva, Victor T. and Debbi A. Smith (2010), Becoming a renaissance reference librarian in academe: attitudes toward generalist and subject specific reference and related profession development. Reference Services Review, 38, no. 1, 125-151.

Oliva, Victor T. (2000), Bringing federal documents to the forefront for library users: Cataloging using an OPAC. College & Research Libraries, 61, no.6, 555-564.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

1. An American Chauvinist -- Albert J. Beveridge of Indiana (master's thesis, The City College of the City University of New York, 1977).

2. Using INNOVACQ to Process G.P.O. Titles (ERIC Doc. ED 316195, 1989).

3. "Bringing Federal Documents to the Forefront for Library Users: Selective Cataloging Using an OPAC (article published in College & Research Libraries, November 2000).

4. What's New In Documents? (this annotated bibliiography has been prepared and distributed to the Adelphi community annually since 1984).