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Ph.D., Rutgers Unversity (1986)
M.S.W., New York University (1973)
B.A. with honors, Phi Beta Kappa, University of Chicago (1970)

Personal Statement

I selected Social Work education as a career because I wanted to contribute academically to my chosen profession. In the classroom, I seek to engage students experientially as well as intellectually. In addition to presenting theory and research, I also rely on student case material and my knowledge of today’s social agencies, which address an ever-changing array of ethical challenges, funding dilemmas, and client concerns.
In my early scholarship, I focused on divorce and single-parent families. A highlight was my book Helping Families through Divorce (NY: Springer, 1995). Later, due to my experience with Adelphi students employed in child welfare, I moved into the study of foster care. Sabbatical research (conducted during 2003) about foster children’s views concerning their in-care experiences led to numerous conference presentations and articles in peer-reviewed journals. Most recently (2010), I was appointed an Associate Editor at Families in Society, a top-tier social work journal. In this capacity, I work to promote relevance and rigor in the manuscripts chosen for publication.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

I have taught Human Behavior and Foundation Social Work Practice to BSW and MSW students, and Advanced Social Work Practice with Individuals to MSW students. I teach an original doctoral course on the theoretical underpinnings of social work intervention with individuals.

Research Interests

Families and Divorce; Child Welfare

Grants/Sponsored Research

2003 Adelphi University Faculty Development Award ($5200) for sabbatical research on foster children's experiences of Child Protective Services (CPS)investigations


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Bogolub, E. (2009). Review of Child Abuse, Gender, and Society, by J. Turton (NY: Routledge, 2007) in Affilia (Vol. 24, No 2).

Bogolub, E. (2006). Review of Child Welfare for the Twenty-first Century edited by G. P. Mallon and P. M. Hess (NY: Columbia University Press, 2005) in Affilia (Vol. 21, No. 4).

Bogolub, E. (2005). Review of Women's Stories of Divorce at Childbirth, by Hilary Hoge (NY: Haworth, 2003) in Affilia (Vol. 20, No. 2).

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Bogolub, E. (2000). 1988 - 2000, 8 additional book reviews in peer-reviewed journals.

Bogolub, E. (1997). Divorce (chapter title) in Supplement to 19th edition of Encyclopedia of Social Work. Washington D.C.: NASW Press.

Bogolub, E. (1995). Helping Families through Divorce. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

Refereed Articles

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Bogolub, E. (2010), The Obligation to Bring About Good in Social Work Research: A New Perspective. Qualitative Social Work, 9, 9-15.

Bogolub, E. (2008), Child Protective Services Investigations and the Transition to Foster Care: Childrens' Views. Families in Society, 89, 90-99.

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Bogolub, E. (2002), A few thoughts about immigrants and their children. Families in Society, 83.

Bogolub, E. (1998), Infusing content about discharging legal responsibilties into social work practice classes. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 17.

Bogolub, E. (1994), Child support: Help to women and children, or government revenue? Social Work, 39.

Bogolub, E. (1991), Women and midlife divorce: Some practice issues. Social Work, 36.

Bogolub, E. (1990), Tobacco: The neglected addiction. Social Work, 35.

Bogolub, E. (1989), Families of divorce: A three-generational perspective. Social Work, 34.

Bogolub, E. (1986), Tape recorders in clinical sessions. Clinical Social Work Journal, 14.

Bogolub, E. (1984), Symbiotic mothers and infantilized onlly children. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 1.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Recent Conference Presentations:

2008 (November) - Lehman College School of Social Work 25th Anniversary Conference - Bronx, NY
Presentation: Some hypotheses about the contrasting views of urban and suburban children on foster care (refereed)

2007 (March) - NY State National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Conference - Albany, NY
Presentation: Foster Children's Views of CPS Investigations and Out-of-Home Care (refereed)

2006 - Alumni Day Conference, Adelphi University School of Social Work
Workshop: "Divorce: Trauma and Recovery" (invited)

2006 — Annual Program Meeting — Council on Social Work Education — Chicago, IL
Presentation “Child Protective Services and the Transition to Foster Care: Children’s Views” (refereed)

2006 – Annual Meeting – Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) – San Antonio, TX
Presentation (with Drs. Tricia Joyce, Julie Altman, and Roni Berger) “Reflective Researchers, Reflective Practitioners? Evaluating in Practice 10 Years later”
(my contribution based on process of qualitative research interviewing during Spring, 2003 sabbatical research)(refereed)

2004 – Suffolk County (NY) Department of Social Services (DSS)- Hauppauge, NY Presentation “The views of foster children about transitions from birth homes to out-of-home care” (invited)

2004 - Adelphi University School of Social Work Spring Conference
on Children and Youth
Presentation I (with Drs. Julie Altman and Ellen Franck): “Doing Real-World Research with Children and Families: Elements of Successful University-Agency Collaboration”
Presentation II: “The Views of Foster Children about Transitions from Birth Homes to Out of Home Care: Implications for Today’s Practitioners”

2002 - Adelphi University School of Social Work Spring Professional Enrichment Program on Current Trends in Helping Couples and Families
Presentation “Working with the Contemporary Divorcing and Divorced Family” (invited)

2000 - Adelphi University School of Social Work Alumni Association
Fall Meeting
Keynote Address “Families and Divorce”

1999 — Annual Program Meeting (APM) — Council on Social Work Education — San Francisco, CA
Curriculum workshop “Infusing Content about Mandated Child Maltreatment Reporting Across the Curriculum”

1998 — Annual New York Statewide Conference — National Association of Social Workers — Buffalo, NY
Presentation “The Changing Divorced Population” (refereed)

1998 — Annual Suffolk County (NY) Division Meeting — National Association of Social Workers — Hauppauge, NY
Presentation of Helping Families Through Divorce at “Meet the Authors” breakfast (invited)

1998 — Annual Program Meeting (APM) — Council on Social Work
Education — Orlando, FL
Presentation of Helping Families Through Divorce on “Meet the Authors” panel (refereed)

Honors and Accomplishments

2008, Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred by National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Suffolk County, NY
1998, Meeting with President Bill Clinton, as member of National Association of Social Workers (NASW) delegation attending presidential address on health care
1991, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) award for outstanding contribution to Suffolk County Division Board as faculty representative from School of Social Welfare, Stony Brook Universitiy

Professional Activities

2010 - present, Associate Editor, Families in Society
2008 - present, manuscript reviewer, Journal of Social Work Education
2006 - 2010, member, editorial advisory board, Families in Society
2005 - 2007, manuscript reviewer, British Journal of Social Work
2000 - 2006, manuscript reviewer, Families in Society
2000 - 2001, manuscript reviewer, Social Work

member, Academy of Certified Social Workers
member, Council on Social Work Education
member, National Association of Social Workers
member, Society for Social Work and Research

Community and Corporate Leadership

2005 - present, member, Alumni Schools Committee, University of Chicago; interview Long Island applicants to the College of the University of Chicago