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Recent Courses

Biological Concepts And Methods 1 ( Lab )
Biological Concepts And Methods I
Biological Concepts And Methods I I (lab)
Biological Concepts And Methods I I (lecture)
Organic Evolution
Thesis Research Microsatellite Tilefish
Thesis Research Nd2 Tilefish
Thesis Research Tilefish Molecular Systematic

Personal Statement

Understanding the concepts and methods of science adds a very valuable learning skill to a student's liberal arts education; we should become aware of world environmental issues such as climatic change, pollution, loss of biodiversity and endangered/threatened species.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Concepts & Methods of Biology, Evolution, Molecular Phylogenetics/bioinformatics, Ecology; Biogeography; Marine Ecology; Marine Biology; Fishery Biology.

Research Interests

Evolution, ecology, systematics of fishes; fisheries/environmental science; endangered fish; tilefish morphological and molecular(DNA)phylogeny.

Grants/Sponsored Research

2008: President Faculty Research Grant, Adelphi Univ. Molecular Phylogeny of the Tilefishes.


James K. Dooley, Jonna Coombs & Eugenia Villa-Cuesta (2015). Experimental Techniques for Concepts and Methods in Biology: Laboratory Methods I. Ronkonkoma, NY: Linus Publications.

Dooley, J.K. and Andrea Ward (2015). Experimental techniques for concepts & methods in biology II Laboratory Methods. Ronkomo, NY: Linus Publ..

Book Chapters

J.K. Dooley (2015). 6 vols. Tilefishes (Malacanthidae). In Randall, J.E. & P. Heemstra (Eds.). Shore Fishes of the Western Indian Ocean. (pp. (in press)).

J.K. Dooley (2015). Branchiostegidae. In K. Carpenter (Eds.). Fishes of the Eastern North Atlantic. (pp. (in press)). Rome, Italy: FAO, United Nations.

J.K. Dooley (2010). indicator of the state of global diversity of fishes: tilefishes. The IUCN Red List Index. London, United Kingdom: world conservation union.

Refereed Articles

Dooley, J.K. and Y. Iwatsuki (2012), A new species of deepwater tilefish (Percoidea: Branchiostegidae) from the Philippines, with a brief discussion of the status of tilefish systematics. ZOOTAXA, 3249, 31-38.

Dooley, J., Matsuura, K., Collette, B., Nelson, J., Fritzsche, R. & Carpenter, K. (2011), Branchiostegus japonicus. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species., Version 2011.2..

Invited Presentation/Lecture

J.K. Dooley + 30 other International Redbook workshop speakers (2013, January). Endangered/Threatened Caribbean Fishes. International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Conference Presentations/Papers

Dooley, J.K., K. Kelleperuma, and *L. Jimenez, (2009). Cladistic analyses of the tilefishes (Percoidea: Malacanthidae and Branchiostegidae) using the mitochondrial 16S and cyt.b genes. In Amer. Soc. Ichthyol. & Herpetol.. Portland, OR.

Kelleperuma, K, L. Jimenez, J.K. Dooley (2009). Preliminary Cladistic Analysis of the tilefishes...based on the mitochondrial 16S and cytb genes. In Soc. Integr. Compar. Biol (SICB). Boston, MA.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

2009- Invited participant in the IUCN international workshop assessing world's endangered and threatened marine fishes, sponsored by Zool. Soc. London, Regent's Park, London & the Global Marine Assessment organization.

Honors and Accomplishments

2014. Golden Ibis Alumnus Award, University of Miami, (Miami FL).

Professional Activities

2010. Fall Sabbatical award, National Museum, Tokyo Japan, molecular genetics and evolution in tilefishes from the East and South China Seas (Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam).

2010. Fall; Cold Spring Harbor/National Science Foundation sponsored DNA iplant Faculty workshop invitee, University Minnesota, St. Paul.

Community and Corporate Leadership

2013. Invited expert on marine species assessment meeting for the revision of NY's species of greatest conservation need; NYSDEC Marine resources bureau headquarters, E. Setauket, NY.
2008-14. Board of Governors New York Marine Sciences Consortium, Stony Brook;
2010. AU volunteer Community Project, building beds for children; San Jose, Costa Rica, C.A.

2015. Chamber of Commerce Member, Oyster Bay, NY