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DSW, The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of N.Y. (1993)
MSW, School of Social Work, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. (1974)
BA, State University of New York at Binghamton (1971)

Recent Courses

Field Instruction III
Field Instruction III Extended
Foundations Of Social Work Practice I
O Y R Professional Seminar

Personal Statement

My primary areas of focus are social work with groups, agency-based practice, and organizational and community practice. I have been involved with a range of social work fields, settings and populations, both locally and internationally, including youth programs, disaster response, field education and training, social work education and regulation, housing, older adults, and child welfare. I am committed to collaborative, participatory research and evaluation, seeking to engage practitioners, students and consumers in examining outcomes and planning new interventions. My research generally incorporates both qualitative and quantitative methods, and I am considered an expert in focus group research. My publications include 3 books and over 20 journal articles and book chapters. I am an editorial board member of Groupwork, reviewer for the Journal of Social Work with Groups and the Journal of Social Work Education, past chair of the New York State Social Work Board, co-chair of the Council on Social Work Education’s Group Work Track, and co-chair of the International Association for Social Work with Group’s Commission on Education in Social Work with Groups. I am a Fulbright Scholar (Senior Specialist) and have taught and collaborated with programs in Australia, Bangladesh, Barbados, China, Europe, India, Israel, Malaysia, Namibia South Africa and Vietnam.

Teaching Specializations/Interests


SW 520: Foundations of Social Work Practice I (Undergraduate & Graduate)
SW 521: Foundations of Social Work Practice II (Undergraduate & Graduate)
SW 601: One Year Residency (OYR) Professional Seminar (Graduate)
SW 742: The Practice of Social Work Supervision (Graduate)
SW 782: Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups (Graduate)
SW 848: Social Work with Groups: Theory and Research (Doctoral)
SW 857: US Social Work in Historical and Cross-National Perspective (Doctoral)
Faculty Field Liaison (Field and academic advising with undergraduate and graduate students and consultation with agencies)
Faculty Advisor (Academic advising of students who are not presently in field)
Doctoral Dissertation Chairperson and Committee Member

Grants/Sponsored Research

2013: Principal Investigator, Evaluation of the Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Community Outreach and Inclusion Project, funded by the New York Community Trust.

2012-Present: Principal Investigator, Rethinking and rebuilding alliances between self help groups and social workers. Adelphi University faculty research release granted spring 2014.

2010-Present: Principal Investigator, Experiencing group work from the members perspective. International research project with multiple Co-Investigators and partners, focused on narratives of group members.

2009-2011: Principal Investigator, Listening to Members: International Stories of Change through Social Work with Groups, Adelphi University Faculty Research Grant.

2006-2009: Principal Investigator/Coordinator, Global Group Work: Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Examination and Enhancement of Professional Education for Social Work with Groups, Funded by the International Association of Schools of Social Work to Adelphi University School of Social Work.

2004-2007: Program Evaluator, Youth Serve, Evaluation of Program, Funded by the US Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to Builders for the Family and Youth, NY.

2004-2008: Program Evaluator, Investigators to Investors: Building and Keeping Competent Child Protective Service Professionals, Funded by the US Children’s Bureau to Adelphi University School of Social Work.

2002-2007: Program Evaluator, Values-Based After School Activities to Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy, Evaluation of Federal Demonstration Project, Funded by the US Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention to Builders for Family and Youth, Brooklyn, NY.

2002-Present: Principal Investigator and Research Team Member, Analysis of the Impact of Funding on Housing Plus Services Programs, Funded by McArthur Foundation and other sources to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Washington, DC.

2004-2005: Principal Investigator, Collaboration in Action Evaluation: Connecting Community Based Practitioners and University Based Evaluators, Faculty Research, Adelphi University.

2003-2004: Principal Investigator, Enhancing Social Worker’s Use of Focus Group Methods, Faculty Research, Adelphi University.

1999-2002: Co-Principal Investigator, Boys and Girls Republic: Three Year Case Study of the Integration of Girls in a Traditionally Male Institution, Funded by the Ford Foundation to Henry Street Settlement.

1999-2002: Proposal Developer, Assisted Living Residents in an Urban Environment: A Longitudinal Study, Proposal for multi-site, longitudinal study by Fordham University Ravazzin Center for Social Work Research in Aging in collaboration with Health Advocates for Older People and Aging in America, NYC.

1998-2003: Principal Investigator, Collaboration to Assess Outcomes in Maternity and Early Childhood Programs, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Brooklyn.

1998: Research Consultant, Evaluating Outcomes of Mentoring Training Program, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City.

1997-1998: Program Evaluator, Intermediate School 292 SP3ARK Program Implementation Study and Action Plan, New York Academy of Sciences.

1997: Program Evaluator/External Site Visitor, Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY.

1996: Research Consultant, Evaluating Students’ Generalist Practice Experience in Field Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.

1994-1996: Project Associate, Evaluation of Phipps Community Development Corporation Programs
at Mapes Court and Crotona Park West, Phipps Houses Community Study, Bronx, NY.

1993-1995: Principal Investigator, Project ReNEW: Alumni Study and Action Research Project, Non-Traditional Employment for Women, NY.


Cohen, C.S., Gimein, T., Kollar, S., & Bulin, T., Editors (2010). Real Cases: Integrating Child Welfare Practice Across the Social Work Curriculum. NY, NY: New York City Social Work Education Consortium.

Cohen, C.S., Phillips, M., Hanson, M., Editors (2009). Strength and diversity in social work with groups: Think group. New York, NY: Routledge.

Wayne, J. & Cohen, C.S. (2001). Group work education in the field. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education.

Book Chapters

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Cohen, C.S. & Wayne, J (2009). Field Education. In A. Gitterman & R. Salmon (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Social Work with Groups. (pp. 123-124). New York, NY: Routledge.

Cohen, C.S. (2004). Clinical supervision in a learning organization. In M. Austin & K. Hopkins (Eds.). Supervision as collaboration in the human services: Building a learning culture. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

Phillips, M., Cohen, C.S. & Hutton, L (2003). Group passage to the profession: The field seminar in social work education. In N. Lang, Ed. (Eds.). Social work with groups: Social justice through personal, community, and societal change. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

Cohen, C.S. (2002). Putting principles into practice: Strategies for successful social work practice (Abstract in Spanish, Chapter in English). In M.O. Zubiri & J.H. Aristu (Eds.). Trabajo social: Cuestiones sobre el que y el como (Also published in Mobile: Social Groupwork Report, 2004 Journal of the German Chapter of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups -In English and German). Zaragoza, Spain: Libros Certeza.

Cohen, C. S., Phillips, M., Mendez, M., Ordonez, R (2001). Sustaining strong communities in a world of devolution: Empowerment-based social services in housing settings. In R.Perez-Koenig & B. D. Rock, Eds. (Eds.). Social work in the era of devolution: Toward a just practice. New York, NY: Fordham University Press.

Cohen, C. S. & Pyle, R. (2000). Support groups in the lives of grandparents raising grandchildren. In C. Cox, Ed (Eds.). To grandmothers house we go, and stay. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co..

Phillips, M. & Cohen, C. S. (2000). Strength and resiliency themes in social work practice with groups. In E. Norman, Ed (Eds.). Resiliency enhancement: Putting the strengths perspective into social work practice. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Cohen, C.S. (1997). The impact of culture in social work practice with groups: The grandmothers as mothers again case study. In E.P. Congress, Ed. (Eds.). Multicultural perspectives in working with families. (pp. 311-331). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co..

Refereed Articles

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Cohen, C.S. & Olshever, A (2013), IASWG Standards for Social Work Practice with Groups: Development, application and evolution. Social Work with Groups, 36 (2/3), 111-129.

Cohen, C.S., Macgowan, M.J., Garvin, C & Muskat, B. (2013), From the Guest Editors: Special issue on IASWG Standards for Social Work with Groups: Research, teaching, and practice. Social Work with Groups, 36 (2/3), 106-110.

Cohen, C.S. (2014), Book Review - Groups: Gateways to Growth, edited by G. J. Tully,, K. Sweeny, & S. Palombo. Social Work with Groups, 37, 262-264..

Cohen, C.S., Doel, M., Wilson, M., Quirke, D., Ring, K..A., Abbas, S.R (2012), Global group work: Honouring processes and outcomes. Groupwork, 22 (1), 78-98 (Also published as a book chapter in: A. Begart, S. Simon & M. Doel, (Eds.), Honoring our roots, Nurturing our growth, (pp. 107-127). London, England: Whiting & Birch Ltd.).

Cohen, C.S., Mulroy, E., Tull, T., Bloom, C.C., & Karnas, F. Jr (2007), Integrating services for older adults in housing settings. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 49 (1/2), 145-164.

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Forgey, M.A., Cohen, C.S., Berger, S. & Chazin, R. (2000), Outsiders on the inside: Reflections on social work teaching in Vietnam. Reflections, 6 (4), 5-17.

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Cohen, C. S. & Phillips, M. (1997), Building community: Principles for social work practice in housing settings (Also published as Book Chapter in: P.L. Ewalt, E. M. Freeman & D. L. Poole, Eds. (1998). Community building: Renewal, well being, and shared responsibility. Wash.DC: NASW Press). Social Work, 42 (5), 471-481.

Cohen, C.S. (1995), Making it happen: From great idea to successful support group program (Also published as a Book Chapter in: M..J. Galinsky & J.H. Schopler, Eds. (1995). Support groups: Current perspectives on theory and practice. Binghamton, N.Y.: Haworth Press.). Social Work with Groups, 18 (1), 67-80.

Cohen, C.S. (1994), culturally diverse students say about emotion: An exploratory study (Also published in: Keys, P.R. Ed.(1994). School social workers in the multicultural environment: New roles, responsibilities and educational enrichment. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press). Journal of Multicultural Social Work., 3 (1), 113-124.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Cohen, C.S. (2014, October). Team Building in STEM Collaboratives. California State University Chancellor's Office, Oakland, CA.

Tully, G, Clements, J., Cohen, C.S. & Smith, M. (2013, November). IASWG: Advocating For Group Work Content in MSW and BSW Education. Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, Dallas, TX.

Cohen, C.S. (2013, October). GPS for Group Work: Finding Your Way with Group Work Standards in Practice, Field Instruction, Supervision and Education. International Association of Social Work with Groups, Long Island Chapter, Garden City, NY.

Olsen, J., Abell, N., Cohen, C.S. & Banerjee, M.M. (2012, November). Resources for global learning: Introducing online modules for teaching across the curriculum. Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, Washington, DC.

Cohen, C.S. (2011, January). Social work education and field instruction: Perspectives on group work practice. Department of Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, India.

Cohen, C.S. (2011, January). Group work’s place in disaster response: Principles for international practice. Katherine A. Kendall Institute Session on Empowerment and Sustainable Development in the Aftermath of Disaster. International Consortium for Social Development Consortium, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cohen, C.S., Mathiesen, S.G., Gammonley, D, & Bediako, A. (2010, October). Internationalizing social work education: Exploring integrative approaches across the curriculum. Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, Portland, OR.

Cohen, C.S., Macgowan, M., Muskat, B. & Olshever, (2010, June). A. Les standards de pratique de l'AASWG pour le service social des groupes: Une réflexion interculturelle/AASWG Standards for Practice for Social Work with Groups: A Cross Cultural Think Tank. AASWG International Symposium, Montreal, Canada.

Cohen, C.S. (2010, March). Humor and resiliency in social work: Touchstones for professional practice. Social Work Recognition Day, Self Help Community Services, New York, NY.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Cohen, C.S., Macgowan, M., Garvin, C., Muskat, B., Kirwan, G. & Swifach, J. (2013). The IASWG Standards for Social Work Practice with Groups: Celebrating the Special Issue of Social Work with Groups. In IASWG International Symposium on Social Work with Groups. Boston, MA.

Cohen, C.S., Balakrishnan, G, Mondros, J.B., Huss, E., Kelly, T.B., Lit, S.W. & Spelters, S. (2012). Rethinking alliances between self help groups and social workers. In IFSW/IASSW/ICSW World Congress: Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact. Stockholm, Sweden.

Cohen, C.S. & Kelly, T.B. (2012). Experiences of groupwork for action and impact: Special interest group for World Conference participants. In IFSW/IASSW/ICSW World Congress: Social Work Social Development 2012: Action and Impact. Stockholm, Sweden.

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White, R., Cronin, B., Tull, T. & Cohen, C.S. (2012). Partnering for change: Housing solutions for child welfare. In person session and webinar. In 18th National Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect. Washington, DC.

Cohen, C.S., Altman, J.C. & Chernack, P.I. (2011). Powerful groups: Case studies of effective cohort models in social work education. In Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting. Atlanta, GA.

Cohen, C.S. & Spelters, S. (2011). Special interest group for people involved in grouwork to build sustainable societies through the collaboration of citizens. In United Nations Department of Public Information Non-Governmental Conference. Bonn, Germany.

Macgowan, M., Cohen, C.S., Muskat, B., McArdle, L. & Leeman, D.G. (2011). Are you on board with the AASWG Standards for Social Work Practice with Groups? A workshop on enhancing teaching and training. In AASWG International Symposium of Social Work with Groups. Long Beach, CA.

Cohen, C.S. & Lo Re, A. (2011). Group work’s place in disaster response: Principles for international practice. In AASWG International Symposium of Social Work with Groups. Long Beach, CA.

Cohen, C.S., Balakrishnan, G. & Mondros, J. (2011). Rethinking values and strategic alliances between self help groups and social workers. In International Consortium for Social Development. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cohen, C.S., (2010). When, where, and how do professional practitioners become supervisors? In Sixth International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision. Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Cohen, C.S. (2014). Book Review - Groups: Gateways to Growth, edited by G. J. Tully,, K. Sweeny, & S. Palombo. Social Work with Groups, 37 (3). 262-264.

Honors and Accomplishments

2012 Fulbright Specialist Grantee, in collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

2010-2015 Approved Candidate, Fulbright Specialist Roster, J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarships Board, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, and Council for the International Exchange of Scholars.

Professional Activities


2010-2015 Candidate, Fulbright Specialist Program, http://www.cies.org/Specialists/

2012 Fulbright Scholar, Specialist Grant for Collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Visiting Scholar, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou and Peking University, Beijing, China

2011 Sabbatical research, (partially funded by Adelphi University Faculty Grant), primarily focused on international social work with groups, Spring 2011:

Visiting Social Work Educator and Collaborating Partner, Department of Social Work, University of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia.

Visiting Social Work Educator and Collaborating Partner, Department of Social Work and Criminology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.

Visiting Social Work Educator and Collaborating Partner, Nirmala Nikiten College of Social Work, Mumbai,India.

Visiting Social Work Educator and Collaborating Partner, Department of Social Work, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi,India

Founder and Coordinator of Global Group Work Project Network and Website: www.globalgroupworkproject.wordpress.com

2008 Visiting Social Work Educator, International Considerations in Social Work with Groups & Issues in Public Regulation of the Social Work Profession, National University of Lesotho and Lesotho Association of Social Workers, Roma & Maseru, Lesotho.

2005 Visiting Professor, Organizational Context of Social Work Practice, Flinders University,
Adelaide, Australia.

1998-1999 Training Consultant, USAID Chernobyl Childhood Illness Program, USAID/Ukraine.

1997 Visiting Professor and Curriculum Consultant, Generalist Social Work Practice with
Individuals, Families, and Groups, Open University, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam.


2013-Present Board Member, Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens Neighborhood Services

2011-Present Board Member, Partnering for Change: The National Institute for Innovative Strategies to Combat Family Homelessness and Poverty.

2011-Present Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Gender and Social Work, Journal published in India

2006-Present Editorial Board Member, Groupwork, Journal published in the United Kingdom

2011 Reviewer, The Clinical Supervisor

2011 Reviewer, Journal of Social Work Education


1999-Present National Low Income Housing Coalition
1999-Present Member, Housing + Services Committee
2003-2009 Member, Research Advisory Committee

1991-Present International Association for Social Work with Groups (formerly AASWG)
2013 Chair, Special Projects and Research Committee (SPARC)
2011-Present Co-Chair, Commission on Group Work in Social Work Education
& Board Member
2010-Present Member, 34th International Symposium Planning Committee
2001-2004, 2007-2010 Member, Board of Directors.
2008-Present Member, Practice Committee & Social Work Education Commission
1999-2002 Symposium Chairperson, XXIV International Symposium (October, 2002).
1992-1993 Chairperson, Hospitality Committee; Member, Planning Committee; Member, Abstract Committee, XV Annual Symposium

1990-Present Council on Social Work Education
2012-Present Member, Global Commission
2010-Present Co-Chair, Group Work Track, CSWE Annual Program Meeting
2009-Present Member, Council on Global Learning, Research and Practice
2006-2008 Member, Council on Practice Methods and Specializations
2001-Present Abstract Reviewer for Annual Program Meeting

1974-Present National Association of Social Workers
2007-2009 Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Social Work Supervision
2000-2002 Delegate, 2002 National Delegate Assembly
2000-2003 Member, Community Development Policy Statement Development Team.
1997-1999 Delegate, 1999 National Delegate Assembly
Member, Continuing Competence & Housing Policy Statement Teams
1994-1998 Region II Representative on the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification.
1 1992-1994 Member, Nomination Committee, New York City Chapter.


1999-Present Administration for Children’s Services, NY
2012-2013 Facilitator, Bronx ACS Field Instructors and Students United in Learning
2004-Present Chair, NYC Consortium Curriculum Project: Real Cases Project
2011 Presenter, Wurzweiler School of Social Work Colloquium: Expanding Cultural Competence through Real Cases Project
2008, 10, 11 Facilitator and Workshop Leader, Group Work at ACS & Group Approaches to Supervision (With B. Jackson)
2006-2009 Facilitator, NYC Consortium Field Education Initiative
2002-2009 Member, Committee for Group Work at ACS
1999-2003 Consultant/Trainer: Continuous Quality Improvement Team Building, Administration for Children’s Services, Children FIRST.

1992-Present Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens: Consultant/Trainer
2011 Launching the Young Adult Internship Program
2008-2010 Learning from Case Experience: Content Analysis and Staff Interviews to
Understand Successful and Challenging Processes with Clients.
2007-2010 Supervisory Approaches to Enhancing Practice in Prevention Programs
2006-2007 Engagement and Service with Families
2005 Group Work Seminar
2004-2005 When the Buck Stops with You: Approaches to Professional Relationships,
Management and Team Building
2003-2004 Entry, Engagement, and Intervention: Serving Clients through an Integrated Service Delivery System
2002-2004,2007 Best Practices in Supervision & Supervisory Retreat Program
1992 Group Services Seminar

1998-2003 Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City: Consultant/Trainer
2005 Working through Loss
2003 Successful Group Mentoring Programs
2002 Looking for Answers and Solutions Post 9/11
2001 Coping in Crisis: Helping You and Your Clients to Heal
1998-2002 Closure Issues: Endings in Youth-Volunteer Relationships

1997-2005 New York Academy of Sciences
1998-2005 Judge, Social Science Projects, New York Academy of Sciences’ Expo.
1997-2001 Advisory Board Member, SP3ARK Program
1997 Consultant/Trainer: Building Teams for Institutional Innovation


1997-2006 Social Work Board of New York State
2004-2006 Chair, Licensure Committee
2002-2004 Chair, Social Work Board of New York State
2001-2002 Vice Chair of the Board
2000-2002 Chair, Practice Committee of the Board
1997-2006 Member, Social Work Board of New York State
2001-2003 Member, Practice Analysis Task Force, Association of Social Work Boards.

Licenses & Certifications

1984-Present Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) New York State License Number 31520.
1977-Present Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW), National Association of Social Workers.