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Ph.D., Economics, Columbia University (1984)
B.A., St. John's College (1972)

Recent Courses

Industrial Organization
Labor And Public Policy
The National Economy
The Price System

Personal Statement

"With a very strong light, one can make the world disappear. Before weak eyes it will become solid; before still weaker eyes it will acquire fists; and to eyes yet weaker, it will be embarrassed and punch the face of anyone who dares to look at it." -- Kafka

Teaching Specializations/Interests

History of Economic Thought
Industrial Organization
International Trade
Systems of Political Economy

Research Interests

Social Semiotics (inter-disciplinary)
Labor Economics
Classical Value Theory
Systems of Poitical Economy
Maritime History: Titanic


David Gleicher (2006). The Rescue of the Third Class on the Titanic: A Revisionist History. St. John's, Canada: International Maritime Economic History Association.

David Gleicher and Lonnie Stevans (1991). A Classical Approach to Occupational Wage Rates. New York, NY: Praeger.

David Gleicher and John Alcorn (1988). Piano e mercato nell'economia socialista (Plan and Market in Socialist Economies). Rome, Italy: Salvatore Sciascia Editore.

Refereed Articles

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David Gleicher (1982), The Historical Bases of Physiocracy: An Analysis of the Tableau Economique. Science & Society, 46:3, 328-60.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

2002, Consultant to and major appearance in "Titanicís Ghosts," Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary, produced by Engel Brothers Media. US Premiere, November 20.