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Ph.D., Rutgers University (1999)

Recent Courses

Developing World Class Human Resources
Management Of Human Resources
Organizational Behavior

Personal Statement

I teach human resource management and management courses. My research focuses on issues related to balancing work and other life demands, with emphasis on flexible work arrangements. I am the faculty advisor for the Business School's Human Resources Society.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Human Resource Management

Research Interests

Flexible Work Arrangements
Work and Family Balance

Grants/Sponsored Research

Risk Exposures in Employment and HR Practices- with Dan Verreault. Proposal approved by the Research Committess of the IIA. Funded with $2000 to cover expenses.

Book Chapters

Hyland, M.M. & Jackson, S. J. (2006). Measuring Work and Family Outcomes. In M. Pitt-Catsouphes, E. Kossek and S. Sweet (Eds.). Handbook of Work and Family: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Hyland, M.M. (2003). Flextime. In Ellen Kossek & Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes (Eds.). Sloan Work and Family Encyclopedia.

Hyland, M.M. (1999). Benefits: Current Challenges in Providing Cost-Effective Employee Supports. In Kossek & Block (Eds.). Managing Human Resources in the 21st Century: From Core Concepts to Strategic Choice. (pp. 18.1-18.25). Southwestern.

Caligiuri, P. M., Hyland, M. M., & Joshi, A. (1998). Families on global assignments: Applying work/family theories abroad. In A. Rahim, R. Golembiewski, & C. Lundberg (Eds.). Current Topics in Management (Vol. 3, pp. 313-328). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

Refereed Articles

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Hyland, M. M. and Prottas, D. J. (2016), Looking at spillover from both sides: An examination of work and home flexibility and permeability. Community, Work, and Family.

Yang, M. & Hyland M. (2012), Similarity in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions: Imitation, Uncertainty and Experience among Chinese Firms. Journal of International Management, 18,4, 352-365.

Yang, M. & Hyland, M. M. (2012), Re-examining Mimetic Isomorphism: Similarity in Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial Service Industry. Management Decision.

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Hyland, M.M. & Verreault, D.A. (2003), Developing a Strategic Internal Audit-Human Resource Management Relationship: A Model and Survey. Managerial Auditing Journal, 18, 6, 465-477.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Audrey Reichman, Laura DeRose, and MaryAnne Hyland, Adelphi University (2012). The Association Between Maternal Feelings Towards Employment and Maternal Mental Health and Well-Being. In Work and Family Researchers Network Inaugural Conference. New York, NY.

Hyland, M. and Prottas, D (2010). Testing Relationships of Work and Home Flexibility and Permeability with Cross-Border Spillovers. In Academy of Management 2010 Conference. Montreal, Canada.

Prottas, D. & Hyland, M (2009). Is High Involvement at Work and Home So Bad? Contrasting Scarcity and Expansionary Perspectives. In Academy of Management 2009 Conference. Chicago, IL.

Prottas, D. & Hyland, M (2008). Communicating Across Domains: Relations with Positive and Negative Spillover between Work and Home. In Academy of Management 2008 Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

Buckle, P. M. & Hyland M. M. (2007). Learning Assessment in Business Schools: A Stakeholder Analysis. In Academy of Management Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

Natale, S., Sora, S.A., Hyland, M.M. & Zaccaria, P. (2004). The Basis for Interconnectedness. In 4th International Business-University Workshop. Tokyo, Japan.

Verreault, D. & Hyland, M.M. (2004). Managing your Risk Exposure in Employment and Human Resource Practices. In Institute of Internal Auditors' Enterprise Risk and Control Self-Assessment Conference. Toronto, Canada.

Hyland, M.M. (2004). Presentation as part of panel discussion on International Internet Collaboration. In 2002 Academy of Management Meeting. Denver, CO.

Hyland, M.M., Caligiuri, P.M. & Joshi, A. (2004). A Theoretical Framework for Examining the Relationship Between Family Adjustment and Expatriate Performance. In 1997 Eastern Academy of Management Meeting. New Brunswick, NJ.

Caligiuri, P.M., Hyland, M.M. & Joshi, A. & Bross, A.S. (2004). Testing a Theoretical Model for Examining the Relationship Between Family Adjustment and Expatriates' Work Adjustment. In Academy of Management 1997 Annual Meeting. Boston, MA.

Honors and Accomplishments

Best Paper Award, Human Resources Division, Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management 2003 Conference

Professional Activities

Academy of Management, Member
Society for Human Resource Management, Member