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Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (2001)
Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Adelphi University (1990)
Ph.D., Adelphi University (1980)

Recent Courses

Adult Psychopathology I: Clinical Conditions
Mental Health Counseling One

Personal Statement

Teaching and scholarship go hand in hand and influence each greatly. The questions raised by my students inform my scholarship, and my scholarship give me new ideas to raise with my students.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Psychopathology, Psychotherapy, Personality theory

Research Interests

Psychotherapy Integration


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Book Chapters

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Refereed Articles

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Goldman, R. E., hilsenroth, M. J., Owen, J. J., & Gold, J. (2013), Psychotherapy integration and alliance: Use of Cognitive-behavioral techniques within a short-term psychodynamic treatment model. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 23, 373-385.

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Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Many book reviews such as:

Gold, J. (2013) An Essential Primer of PTSD. Review of: Post-traumatic stress disorder by Stanley Krippner, Daniel B. Pitchford, & Jeannine Davies. PsycCritiques/Contemporary Psychology, Vol. 58. Issue 3.

Honors and Accomplishments

Consulting Editor, Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, 2011-

Editorial Board, PSYCCRITIQUES/Contemporary Psychology, 2006-

Editor, Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 2000-2011

Associate Editor,
Journal of Integrative and Eclectic Psychotherapy, 1992-1998

Professional Activities

Member of APA, NYSPA, SEPI