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Ph.D., New York University (2001)
M.S.W., New York University (1989)
B.S., Northwestern University (1974)

Recent Courses

Social Work Assessment And Diagnosis
Social Work Education: Issues And Processes
Social Work Practice In The Prevention And Treatment Of Substance Abuse

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Social Work Practice, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Social Work Pedagogy

Research Interests

Substance Use Disorders, Social Work Pedagogy

Grants/Sponsored Research

March, 2009 – President’s Faculty Development Award, Adelphi University. Research grant awarded to support evaluation of a training for substance abuse counselors.

July, 2007- July 2009: Council on Social Work Education Gero Infusion Grant. Principal Investigator for a $40,000, two-year project to evaluate the effectiveness of innovations to infuse advanced-level MSW courses with gerontological content. Co-investigators: Philip Rozario, Patrica Joyce and Bradley Zodikoff. Funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation.

June, 2004-June 2005. Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Behavioral Science Training Program, National Development Research Institutes/Medical Health Research Association, NY, NY.


Fenster, J. (2004). Book review of: Cannabis: Report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs. International Criminal Justice Review, 29 (2).

Fenster, J. (1999). Book Review of: Kadushin & Kadushin’s The Social Work Interview. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, 8 (1), 51-53.

Book Chapters

Fenster, J. & Temme, L.J. (2013). The use of complementary and alternative approaches to treat clients with substance use disorders. In S.L. Straussner (Eds.). Clinical Work with Substance Abusing Clients (3rd Edition). NY, NY: Guilford Press.

Fenster, Judy (2011). Treatment Issues and Interventions with Adolescents from Substance Abusing Families. In S.L. Straussner & S.H. Fewell (Eds.). Children of Alcohol and Other Drug- Abusing Parents: Treatment Issues and Interventions. NY, NY: Springer Publishing.

Fenster, Judy (2005). Substance Abuse Issues in the Family. In G. Mallon & P. Hess (Eds.). Child Welfare in the 21st Century. NY, NY: Columbia University Press.

Refereed Articles

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Fenster, J. (2016), Evaluation of an Avoiding Plagiarism workshop for social work students. Journal of Social Work Education, 52 (Issue 2), 242-248.

Araujo, B.D. & Fenster, J. (2015), Web-based social work courses: Guidelines for development and implementation of an online environment. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 35, 365-377.

Fenster, J. (2013), Evaluation of a clinician training on referring chemically addicted clients to mutual aid groups. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 31.

Temme, L.J., Fenster, J., & Ream, G.R. (2012), Evaluation of meditation in the treatment of chemical dependency. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

Fenster, J., Zodikoff, B., Rozario, P., & Joyce, P. (2010), Implementing a Gero-Infused Curriculum in Advanced-Level MSW Courses in Health, Mental Health and Substance Abuse: An Evaluation. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 53.

Fenster, J. (2009), Challenges to tracking subjects for follow-up research: A case study. Child Welfare, 88 (Issue 4), 57-75.

Fenster, J. (2006), Postdoctoral fellowships for social workers: My year at NDRI. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, 6 (3), 125-127.

Fenster, J. (2006), Characteristics of Clinicians likely to refer Clients to 12-Step Programs vs. a Diversity of Post-treatment Treatment Options. Drug & Alcohol Dependence, 83.

Fenster, J. (2004), Can welfare mothers hack it in college? A comparison of achievement between TANF recipients and general population community college students. Journal of College Student Retention, 5 (4), 421-430.

Fenster, J. (2004), The relationship between optimism about race relations, black awareness, and attitudes toward transracial adoption. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 13 (3), 45-67.

Fenster, J. & Rose, L. (2003), Testing a curriculum to teach cultural competence to non-mainstream college students interning in mainstream agencies. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 23 (3/4), 127-142.

Fenster, J. (2002), Race, religion, altruism and the transracial adoption debate: A survey of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish social workers. Social Thought, 22 (1), 45-61.

Fenster, J. (2002), Transracial adoption in black and white: A survey of social worker attitudes. Adoption Quarterly, 5 (4), 33-58.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

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Fenster, J. (2014, August). Featured Faculty Speaker. Matriculation Day, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.

Fenster, J. & Araujo, B.D. (2013, November). Online social work courses: How do we get from here to there? Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, Dallas, TX.

Fenster, J. & Stein, L. (2011, October). Using web-based learning to enhance the delivery of MSW course content. Council on Social Work Education, Annual program meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Fenster, J. (2009, June). Infusing gerontology content into graduate courses in mental health and substance abuse. Eastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, James Madison University, Staunton, VA.

Fenster, J. (2009, June). Addressing academic dishonesty in the academy. Eastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology, James Madison University, Staunton, VA.

Michael, S., Fenster, J., & Cohen, C. (2008, November). Developing a comprehensive strategy to address academic dishonesty: A case study. Annual program meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Philadelphia, PA..

Fenster, J., Zodikoff, B. & Bulin, T. (2008, October). Piloting a gero-enriched curriculum in advanced level MSW courses. Annual program meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Philadelphia, PA..

Fenster, J. (2008, June). Fenster, J., Working with older adults with substance abuse problems. NASW Addictions Institute, Fordham University, NY, NY.

Fenster, J. (2006, June). Fenster, J., Making the right referral: Assessing clients for post-treatment services. NASW Addictions Institute, Fordham University, NY, NY.

Cohen, C., Chernack, P., Fenster, J. & Barasch, N. (2005, March). Expanding opportunities for community and organizational assignments in foundation social work education. Council on Social Work Education, Annual Program Meeting, NY, NY.

Dissertation Chaired

Leslie Temme (2010). The effect of meditation on risk for relapse among those in treatment for chemical dependency. Adelphi University.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work

Fenster, J. et al. (2010) Adelphi University Teaching Modules. Published online by the Council on Social Work Education.

Fenster, J. (2007). Substance abuse and child welfare: Promising practices and ethical dilemmas. Permanency Planning Today.

Honors and Accomplishments

May 2014 - Teaching Excellence Award (Tenured Faculty), Adelphi University

July, 2004- July 2005 - Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Development Research Institutes (NDRI)/Medical Health Research Associates (MHRA).

March, 2002 – President’s Faculty Development Award, Adelphi University. Research grant awarded to support study on substance abuse aftercare.

May, 1999 – Fahs Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation. Grant awarded to support study on social worker attitudes toward transracial adoption.

Professional Activities

Editorial Board, Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions (Hayworth Press), 2006-present.

Editorial Board, Journal of Teaching in Social Work (Routledge, Taylor & Francis), 2009-present.

Community and Corporate Leadership

Service on Advisory Boards, Task Forces, and Board of Directors:

• NASW Welfare Reform Task Force, NY, NY, 1999-2001.
• Board of Directors, Single Parent Resource Center (non-profit agency providing services to single parents and their families), NY, NY, 2001-2008.
• Advisory Board, AUSSW Continuing Education Program, Postgraduate Certificate in Addictions, 2009-2010.
• Advocacy Council, Citizen’s Committee for Children of New York, 2002-2003.
• Alcohol, Drugs and Violence Advisory Board, Garden City, NY, 2002-2005. This task force spearheaded the piloting of the PRIDE questionnaire in Garden City schools, as well as other drug and violence prevention programs for the Garden City community.