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PhD, Brandeis (2003)
MSW, University of Maryland (1997)
JD, University of Maryland (1996)

Recent Courses

Advocacy For Families And Children
Cross-National Perspectives On Social Provisions
Issues In Social Welfare II: Inequality,Inequity And Social Justice

Personal Statement

My main goal as a teacher is to help provide my students with critical thinking skills that will ultimately enable them to practice clinical, administrative or community social work. I also enjoy teaching them to analyze current social welfare policies and to understand the role that they can have as both citizens and professionals in helping to shape policy. In addition, I enjoy teaching an elective in social work and the law. In this elective, students learn how the law and the legal system work and how they directly affect the field of social work in all areas including child welfare, health, disability, and aging.

As a researcher, I seek to shed light on existing social problems and the impact of current policies on the populations that they are intended to serve. I hope the finding of my research will add to current policy debates and agency practices.

Teaching Specializations/Interests

Civil Rights and Federal Law, Education Policy, Disability Policy, Family Policy

Research Interests

Disability and Family Policy

Grants/Sponsored Research

Faculty Development Award Spring 2005-January 2006 $5,000


Palley, E and Shdaimah, C. (2014). In Our Hands: The Struggle for US Child Care Policy. NYU Press.

Book Chapters

Palley, E (2009). Teaching Law and Social Work. In Cohen, C. Gimein, T., Bulin, T. & Kollar, S. (Eds.). Real Cases: Integrating child welfare practice across the social work curriculum. New York, NY: New York City Social Work Education Consortium..

Refereed Articles

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Madhu Sudhan Atteraya1, Shreejana Gnawali2, Elizabeth Palley (2016), 1Women’s participation in self-help groups as a pathway to women’s empowerment: A case of Nepal. International Journal of Social Welfare.

Palley, E (2016), Pregnancy Discrimination and the Law: Implications for Social Work. Affilia.

Palley, E. (2016), Pregnancy Discrimination. Social Work.

Yoo, J. and Palley, E. (2014), The Diffusion of Disability Rights Policy: A Focus on Special Education in South Korea. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 61.

Lane, S.R., Altman, J.C., Goldberg, G.S., Kagotho, N.K., Palley, E. & Paul, M. (2012), Inspiring and training students for social action: Renewing a needed tradition. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 32, 532-549.

Palley, E (2012), Expected Struggles: US Child Care Policies. Children and Youth Services Review.

Shdaimah, C. and Palley, E (2012), Baby Steps or Big Steps?: Elite activist perspectives on US child care advocacy. Journal of Policy Practice.

Palley, E and Shdaimah, C (2011), Child care policy: A need for greater advocacy. Chlidren and Youth Services Review, 33, 1159-1165.

Levy, T and Palley, E (2010), Education, Needs, and a Feminist Ethic of Care: Lessons from Discomfort with Academic Giftedness. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State and Society.

Palley, E (2010), Who cares for children?: why we are where we are with American child care policy. Children and Youth Services Review, 32, 155-163.

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Palley (2008), At Risk Youth and Federal School Law. Journal of School Social Work, 33, 16-34.

Kelly, D. and Palley, E (2008), Severe Sexual Maltreatment and Social Inclusion: A Case Study on Insecure Attachment. The Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 43, 79-92.

Invited Presentation/Lecture

Elizabeth Palley (2015, September). Seeing Backward: Moving Forward. Early Care and Learning Leadership Summit, Albany, NY.

Conference Presentations/Papers

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Palley (2015). Pregnancy Discrimination. In Policy Conference II. Austin, TX.

Palley, E. and Shdaimah, C (2014). Author Meets Critic: In OUr Hands the Struggle for US Child Care Policy. In Work Family Research Network Conference. NY, NY.

Palley, E. and Shdaimah, C. (2014). Elusive Public Support for Child Care. In Law and Society Association Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Lane, S., Palley, E., et. al. (2011). Social Action Day. In Social Work Action Alliance. Washington, D.C..

Yoo, J. and Palley, E (2011). Policy Diffusion and Korean Special Education Policy. In Law and Society. San Fransisco.

Palley, E (invited discussant) (2010). Impact of Global Crisis on labor and Welfare Policies. In Policy Studies as Social Engineering: The Korean Association of Policy Studies. Seoul, Korea.

Schdaimah, C. and Palley, E (2010). Who cares for children? In Law and Society. Chicago.

Palley, E and Shdaimah, C (2009). U.S. Family Policy: In whose best interests? In Law and Society. Denver.

Palley, E. (2007). Civil rights for people with disabilities: obstacles related to the Least Restrictive Environment mandate. In Law and Society. Baltimore, MD.

Palley, E. and Levy, T. (2007). Liberal Inadequacies and the Care Alternative. In Care, Ethics and Social Work. Yeshiva University, NY.

Levy, T. and Palley, E. (2007). U.S. education policy: liberal inadequacies and the care alternative. In Western Political Science Association Annual Conference. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Palley, E. (2006). Law and social work education in the United States. In International Social Work Conference on Health and Mental Health.. Hong Kong, China.

Palley, E. (2006). Challenging children and federal education policy. In State Policy Conference. Washington D.C..

Palley, E (2005). Interpreting the Concept of the Least Restrictive Environment. In Law and Society. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Palley (2005). The Legal Implications of the Least Restrictive Environment: Variations over the Lifespan. In National Organization of Forensic Social Workers. New Orleans, Louisiana.

Palley, E and Rozario, P (2004). Long Term Care: Disability and the Frail Elderly. In Adelphi University Conference: Social Policy: As If People Matter. Adelphi University.

Palley, E and Rozario, R. (2004). The Olmstead Decision: Implications for Elder Care. In International Social Work Conference on Health and Mental Health. Quebec City, Quebec.

Palley, E (2004). Implementing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: A Case Study. In International Social Work Conference on Health and Mental Health. Quebec City, Quebec.

Palley, E (2004). Children with Special Needs and Depression: What is the law?”. In Adelphi Conference on Health and Mental Health. Adelphi University.

Palley, E (2004). Challenges of Special Education and the Law. In Oxford Roundtable on At Risk Youth. Oxford, UK.

Palley, E (2003). The Basics of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Training For Juvenile Court Judges. In Georgia Juvenile Court Semi-Annual Training. Callaway Gardens, GA.

Palley, E (2003). Justice and Inequity in the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In Law and Society. Pittsburgh, PA.

Palley, E and Cameron Kelly, Diann (2003). Understanding Federal Law and Its Limitations Regarding the Identification and Treatment of Childhood Depression. In International Social Science Conference in Hawaii. Hawaii.

Other Scholarly/Artistic Work



Honors and Accomplishments

Keynote address to the Early Care and Learning Council for the State of NY September 2015

Fulbright Scholarship at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea Spring 2010 semester

Professional Activities

Member of the International Coordinating Committe for the International Social Work Conference on Health and Mental Health (2006)

Community and Corporate Leadership

Board Member of the Early Years Institute (2008-2014)

Licenses & Certifications

inactive member of the Maryland Bar