Virtual Health and Wellness Center at Adelphi University, Long Island, NY

The goals established by the Health and Wellness Committee are as follows:
  1. Promote awareness of wellness.

  2. Disseminate information about, and provide access to, wellness programs.

  3. Act as a clearinghouse for health and wellness projects.

  4. Recommend wellness guidelines, policies, and standards.

  5. Coordinate existing and new wellness programs on campus.

  6. Promote education and research in wellness.
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Covering Your Cough: The Story Behind the Sleeve
This helpful video from the John Hopkins School of Public Health explains a simple change we all can make to reduce the spread of infectious disease.
Watch the Video (via
The Sandwich Generation-Challenges of Caring for Parents, Children, and Yourself
Given by Katherine Fiori, PhD.
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Adelphi University 
Download the Sandwich Generation PowerPoint (PPT 6.2MB)

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