The academic affairs process at Adelphi is faculty-driven and overseen by Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Affairs.

Complete instructions and related forms are available to faculty via Adelphi’s eCampus portal (requires login) for the following processes:

Program Development or Changes

  • Initiating new programs, including:
    • new majors, degrees or certificates
    • a new track, specialization, cluster, or concentration within an existing program
    • new minors
  • Major changes to existing programs, such as credit requirement changes for a major or degree or changes of 1/3 or more in the course requirements for a degree.
  • Minor changes to existing programs, such as course substitutions in the requirements for a major or degree.

Course Development or Changes

  • Initiating new courses
  • Major changes to existing courses, such as changes in the number of credits of a course by 2 or more, a change of course sponsorship, significant changes to the content of a course, and two or more simultaneous minor changes.
  • Minor changes to existing courses, such as updates to the course description, course title or prerequisites.

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