Policy Statement

Adelphi University believes that its employees are its greatest asset and the key to its continued success. Although work makes up a large portion of an employee’s life, a healthy balance between work and non-work activities is essential to maintain quality performance and a positive work atmosphere. To support this philosophy, Adelphi has for many years provided a generous paid vacation policy for its employees.

Reason for Policy

The current COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home directives have impacted employee’s work-life balance, often bringing the work location into the home. As a result, many employees find that they have not been able to schedule vacation time as they normally would due to travel restrictions.

Who is Governed by This Policy

All employees of the University

Non-Union employees of the University

Employees of the American Association of University of Professors (AAUP)

Employees of the Benevolent Association of Security Officers

Employees of the Local 1102

Employees of the Local 153

Employees of Adelphi Physical Plant Workers’ Labor Union (APPWLU)


Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Adelphi University strongly encourages all employees to utilize the paid time off they have earned (vacation/personal/holidays, etc.) to establish a healthy work-life balance as well as spend uninterrupted time with families and friends.

Paid time off expires on August 31 – it does not carry over to the following year.

Vacation time must be taken in the same academic year in which it is accrued (no later than August 31st each year). No vacation days may be paid out if not taken in the vacation year earned.

There may be rare exceptions when the work demands of certain departments are so intensive that an employee may be granted up to five (5) carryover days after the 2019-2020 vacation year. However, this may only be done with prior approval by the appropriate Executive Leader in coordination with the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Any unused vacation carried over from the 2019-20 academic year will be exhausted prior to using any 2020-21 vacation time and this carryover will not be paid out should the employee leave employment prior to using it.

Union Employees will follow the vacation provisions detailed in their respective collective bargaining agreements (CBAs).


Academic Year – The academic year commences on September 1st and ends on August 31st of each year.


This policy requires that any request for an exception be approved by the appropriate Executive Leader in coordination with the Chief Human Resources Officer.

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Who Approved This Policy

Lucinda J. Donnelly – Chief Human Resources Officer

Policy Owner

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