By Matthew Gootman

Matthew Gootman

In response to the current pandemic, we have all had to adapt—including Adelphi’s extraordinary Physics Club. The pandemic has affected both the responsibilities of the club’s leadership and the activities performed in the club. To understand exactly what these effects are, I was fortunate enough to interview its president and former public relations officer, Katie G, and ask her about it.

Katie’s responsibilities as president involve orchestrating events for the club. Now, because of restrictions on the number of in-person participants at club meetings and social distancing regulations implemented due to COVID-19, the complexity of Katie’s job has grown. When planning events, she not only must consider the regulations imposed for the sake of limiting the spread of the virus, but also the health and safety of the club members. This has had the effect of forcing most of the Physics Club meetings to play out over Zoom—meetings like Physics Jeopardy, which traditionally would take place in person. In person, it is easy to take your team aside and discuss the answer to a question; but on Zoom, teams had to be sent into breakout rooms depending on the question asked—adding to the complexity of running such a meeting.

A concern that Katie shared with other Physics Club leaders was regarding the toll that not meeting in person would have on the tight-knit familial nature of the club that has existed in years prior. Thankfully, the camaraderie of the club persists, contrary to the fears of the club’s excellent leadership. The Physics Club prevails, proving that adapting to the pandemic does not mean losing to it.

Other Interesting News About the Physics Club

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