As a graphic designer for a beverage distribution company, she has had over 2.5 million fans view her artwork last season.

Member of Adelphi University’s Profiles in Success program.

Creative Director/Owner of IDZ94U,
Former Creative Director/Designer, Bond Distributing, Inc.

Favorite Professors: Sally Ridgeway, Sociology 

Personal Achievement: Sang The Star-Spangled Banner at a Major League Baseball game, Baltimore Orioles vs. Atlanta Braves in 2000.

Advice for students: “Don’t burn your bridges.”

A Designer with Many Fans

Last season, over 2.5 million fans saw Beth Tenser’s artwork. Many of those were inspired to then brave long lines for a cold drink.

To a graphic designer for a beverage distribution company, that is the true measure of a job well done.

Ms. Tenser designs and develops promotional advertising and signage for numerous Maryland venues including Oriole Park at Camden Yards; M & T Bank Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Ravens; and Pimlico Race Course, home of the Preakness Stakes.

She has also designed advertising and promotional materials for the NFL draft, the Fell’s Point Festival, the Johns Hopkins Spring Festival, Orioles Fanfest, and several annual Baltimore City festivals.

Always searching for a fresh look, she averages nearly 300 designs each week. Her ideas become CD and DVD covers, stickers, banners, life-size cutouts, and even tap handle knobs.

As cross-promotion, event advertising, and even guerilla marketing become increasingly common, creating eye-catching designs is an ongoing challenge.

“We live in a world where everywhere you look you find art,” she says. “I like to work with slogans or find a clever play on words. I really love what I do.”

Prior to joining Bond Distributing, Ms. Tenser designed event signage and retail storefront displays. Her first job after Adelphi was with a restoration studio. For several years, she restored collectible comic books, animation cells, and baseball cards, a topic on which she has also given professional lectures.

Ms. Tenser transferred to Adelphi from Elmira State College, selecting the University for its proximity to New York City. An active member of the student activities board and the residential life program, she quickly considered Adelphi a second home.

“I took graphic design classes before computers were a staple of the art,” she says. “I had an old Mac, which was really innovative at the time.”

Ms. Tenser believes in the value of giving back.  In addition to volunteering with several nonprofit organizations to raise money for the research and treatment of multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease, she is also her alma mater’s greatest supporter, sharing her time, talent, and knowledge with fellow alumni, current students, and the larger Adelphi community.

Even living in Maryland, over 200 miles away from Garden City, Ms. Tenser makes it a priority to come home to Adelphi often—whether it is to participate in Homecoming Weekend, volunteer at Commencement, athletic, and alumni events, or to plan for her brainchild, Creative Cups™.

Ms. Tenser is the proud co-founder of Creative Cups, an art exhibition and fundraising event created to benefit the Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program. “Creative Cups brings awareness and hope to those affected by breast cancer,” says Ms. Tenser of the project in which participants transform ordinary bras into works of art.  “It allows people to have fun and be creative for a really good cause.”

In 2009, over 200 bras were displayed and auctioned off at Adelphi to benefit the Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program.  The inaugural event was so successful that a second Creative Cups event was held in 2011, for which Ms. Tenser once again played an integral role in planning.  To date, Creative Cups has raised over $100,000 in support of the Breast Cancer Program.

Ms. Tenser was the leader behind BRAnanza, an event to benefit The Fund for Excellence in Women’s Health & Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in July 2014. BRAnanza is a gallery of distinctively created bras, all designed by local, artists, businesses and other individuals interested in supporting Mercy’s unique mission and service.

Ms. Tenser has established two endowed scholarships at the University—generous support which will make a difference in the lives of Adelphi students for generations to come.

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