The Horace McDonell Fellowship

Biology, chemistry, and physics students work with a faculty member on an 8-week full-time research project as a McDonell Fellow.

Important Dates:

  • February 5 – Applications are made available to students
  • February 19 – Preliminary applications are due to the department
  • March 5 – Students are notified of the application’s status
  • March 22 – Final proposals due to the department
  • March 29 – Students are notified about the Fellowship

For more information, please contact Brian Stockman, Chair of the Department of Chemistry at

Honors College Summer Research Fellowships

Honors College students from all majors work with a faculty member on a 6-8-week full-time research project as an Honors College Research Fellow. This can include research abroad.

Important Dates:

  • March 1 – Applications are made available to students
  • March 23 – Final proposals due to the Honors College
  • April 1 – Students are notified about the Fellowship

For more information about this fellowship, please contact Dean Susan Dinan at

The Honors College Summer Research Fellowship is a great way to prep for future Honors Thesis work. One of the best things about the Fellowship is that you get to pick whatever topic is interesting to you, regardless of your major. It’s a great way to practice intellectual and academic autonomy, hone your organizational and time management skills, and develop a connection with your faculty research advisor all while pursuing a topic of genuine interest to you and getting paid for it!

Meagan DeMaria ’20 English major and History minor

John Anglin – Disarmament and Its Consequences in Mandatory Palestine

Brandon Dove – Musical Perception: Intrinsic Features of Music and Internalization of Sound (MIT Media Lab)

Arthur Fain – Case in Kinase 1 Delta Regulation of Mouse Suprachiasmatic Circadian Clock (University of Massachusetts Medical School)

Matthew Halvatzis – Beyond the Anxiety of Influence: Relationships between writers and their predecessors in the Western Literary Tradition

Michael Khayan – Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Oliver Littleton – Heroes: What were they, what are they, what will they become?

Mahnoor Misbah – Justice in the 21st Century: An Analysis of U.S. Public Financing of Education

Bryan Montanari – In Search of Being, In Search of Time: Heidegger and Proust

Michael Nicholas – Contextualizing Jane Jacobs in Contemporary NYC Applications

Elizabeth Sam – An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of the Representation of Asian Women in Western Media

Jake Stamoulis – Planning and drafting a novella

Joseph Taglienti – Surveillance and Self-Consciousness in Dangerous Liaisons

Jaggar Community Fellows Program

This fellowship supports over 60 undergraduates to serve as interns with non-profit organizations during the summers. Honors student participants can gain invaluable experiences working with social justice, arts, environmental, medical, and other community-based institutions.

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